Easy Way To Monitor Kid’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing

Easy Way To Monitor Kid’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing

Nowadays, most of the parents are concerned about their kid’s digital safety. Children use the internet daily and often get contacted by cyberbullies, scams and even adults who barely know them. Child predators know how to fool a kid and get what they want.

Luckily, you can protect your child from dangerous people. Start monitoring their text messages to detect who they communicate with. Here is an easy way to read your kid’s messages staying 100% undetectable.

How Can I Monitor Kid’s Messages On Android Without Them Knowing?

The majority of kids use their smartphones to text with friends. They bring them everywhere they go to stay in touch with their peers. If your kid has an Android mobile phone or tablet, you can easily monitor it with a mSpy app. Here are simple steps of how to do that:

Step 1. Subscribe

To view your child’s messages with mSpy, purchase subscription plan and wait for the welcome e-mail. In your letter, you will find link and login credentials to personal web-based Panel. Here all the text messages will be stored.

Step 2. Install the spy app

To get access to kid’s text messages on Android phone, you need to install the mSpy app on their smartphone. You can easily do that with the help of Installation Wizard. Many users find installation straightforward – you need to download the file on your kid’s device and install and set up the app following the on-screen instructions.

Step 3. Read sent/received messages

Once the app is set up, log in to your Panel. The text messages your kid sends and receives will be appearing here. You can choose the preferred update interval to get the latest SMS captured instantly.

How Can I Monitor Kid’s Messages On iPhone?

How Can I Monitor Kid’s Messages On iPhone?

If your child uses an iPhone or iPad, you can read their iMessages with mSpy. It isn’t required to install the spy app; you only need to set it up following the instructions:

Step 1: Purchase a plan

There is a No-Jailbreak subscription plan designed especially for iOS devices monitoring. Once you submit your order, you will receive a confirmation letter with login credentials to your Panel and a link.

To set up the spy app on kid’s iPhone, you need to get their iCloud credentials and type them in the field provided in your Panel. Make sure iCloud backup is enabled on the target iPhone or iPad.

Step 3: Read sent/received iMessages

mSpy will capture all the sent and received messages on the iPhone of your kid. The activity logs will appear in your Panel within 24 hours since the latest backup. Log in to your Panel to read the messages and view the details such as recipients’ name, time and date.

Please, note that 2-factor authentication has to be disabled on the target iOS device. If it’s not, you will need to gain direct access to the device for 5 minutes.

Stay 100% Undetectable With mSpy

Stay 100% Undetectable With mSpy

With mSpy you can be sure that the kid won’t notice the spy app installed on their mobile phone. After setup, the icon of the app will be removed from the dashboard. To monitor the latest messages of your child, you just need to enter your Panel. No direct access is required!

Using mSpy, you will stay updated on your child’s activities in the most secure way!

4 thoughts on “Easy Way To Monitor Kid’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing

  1. Regina Deemer

    My kiddo is too much into this smartphone. I have no issue on she dating someone, but there are cases where I feel that she is hiding a lot from me. I don’t know whether it is a drug problem or what but there is something very fishy going behind my back. I like the ideas you jot down here. Keep sharing such info. I hope these tricks will help me in keeping an eye on my kiddo. Cheers!!!

    1. Terry Castillo

      Hello Regina,
      Thank you for so cool comment! We will!
      Try to use this app on your child phone to know what is she doing.

  2. Jessica Lawson

    I had a question last few months “How Can I Monitor Kid’s Messages On Android Without Them Knowing?”, finally I found your article. Thank you!

    1. Terry Castillo

      That’s great!
      In this article, you can read also about “How Can I Monitor Kid’s Messages On iPhone?”.

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