Top Reasons Why You Need to Track Installed Apps on Your Phones

Top Reasons Why You Need to Track Installed Apps on Your Phones

Our phones are a gateway to another dimension with each app opening up a new world. Whatever happens in that world is, unfortunately, kept hidden from everyone. Moreover, if it’s a malicious app, even the user can’t know what’s going on in the background. Herein, lies the problem with not being able to track installed apps on phones.

You just don’t know what they’re up to. Majority of concerned parents and individuals have faced situations because of it. Not being able to figure out what their loved ones are doing on their cellphones raises problems. Cyber Security is one huge concern out there and here are a few reasons you should consider it too.

Track Installed Apps for Malicious Activity

You don’t necessarily need to hack a device in order to have enough access to it. You just need a couple of smart apps installed in the target device to be able to monitor it remotely. The reason you want to monitor your devices is not just for the device’s security. Sure, you can prevent a lot of malicious spyware from being downloaded and remove unwanted bloatware.

However, worrying parents have often found it useful to keep track of installed apps on their kids’ phones. They were able to know exactly what their kid was engaging with on his cellphone. Intervening at the right time prevented what the parents described as a possible catastrophe.

Track Installed Apps for Malicious Activity

What Threats Are There?

When we install any application on our phone, we are asked to allow certain privileges and accesses to the app. Many applications are misusing these permissions. For example, an application that was supposedly for receiving and sending calls was requiring access to media files. Now, we might be able to catch the perpetrators in the act here and deny the installation.

However, what if some app was using its accesses and permissions heinously? What if someone was checking into your device and stealing all your information? You wouldn’t like to risk that, would you? Also, did you know that apps can track you even after you uninstall them? Here are a couple of things that you should consider staying clear from as they cause much harm.

  • Apps that demand a lot of permissions
  • Third party installations
  • Anything not on the official market place
  • Ads and downloads from within applications
  • Links and attachments from unknown sources

For a long time, the open-sourced operating systems like Android were receiving many uploads in the market. These uploads were from developers launching new applications every day. The intention of some of these applications was sole of cracking and hacking into devices. The criminal minds behind these apps were aiming to collect information like emails and credit cards.

Many cases of blackmail and extortion came up when the information was being used against the victims. A lot of people reported their credit cards being used in places they had never been to. People blamed Google for not regulating the security measures of the marketplace. Hence, the conglomerate added extra security features.

Now, even updates that require new permissions are explained in detail to the user before they you install them. However, that really doesn’t seem safe enough, does it?

The Best 6 Apps That Can Help Track Installed Apps

The Best 6 Apps That Can Help Track Installed Apps

If you’re one of the concerned ones, you should consider trying monitoring apps. These provide the features and accessibility to monitor a device remotely. You can do so even without alerting the target device’s user of your administration. You can use the privileges of the apps to monitor the target device’s location, app data, even keystrokes, and touches.

Furthermore, you can analyze every application and even monitor the flow of data through that particular app. This helps you gain access to all the files that are being downloaded from the app as well. For example, you can look at your son’s browser downloads or media files from social media apps. Here are a few applications you should consider if you want to monitor and track installed apps on another phone:

  • Spyzie
  • Mobile Spy Agent
  • mSpy
  • PhoneSheriff
  • FlexiSpy
  • MobiStealth

If you’re worried that these apps might just be available for Android devices, you can stop worrying. These apps are compatible with all the latest devices of both the operating systems. You can track android devices and similarly, track installed apps on iOS devices as well. Along with other features that vary with different applications, you can choose to monitor a lot.

Like FlexiSpy, apps can allow you access to the device’s hardware, allowing you to switch anything on at command. You can turn on cameras and microphones whenever you want from your remote admin device. Screen mirroring can enable you to cast the screen of the target device to your device. This gives you a live stream as to what is going on, on the target device.

Effective Ways to Track Installed Apps

Effective Ways to Track Installed Apps

Safety is everybody’s top priority, and it should be yours too. You don’t want to put yourself, your kid or your loved ones at risk. There are a lot of miscellaneous apps that can control particular things on a device. However, if you know what you’re looking for and what you intend to do with it, you can find it.

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