Most Powerful Tool to Spy: Sim Tracker Technology

Most Powerful Tool to Spy: Sim Tracker Technology

For all those people who think they know the limits to what can be accessed remotely, think again. Up till now, people have been using mostly GPS tracking apps that require two devices to connect online. With these, some applications were developed that helped crack social apps and text messages.

However, one of the few things that always remained out of your access was the Sim Card, wasn’t it? Well, now you can use a Sim Tracker by merely purchasing a subscription online! Many companies have had ideas to expand to the idea, but few have actually endeavored to do so.

Concept of Sim tracker

Although this software is still under development and researchers are enhancing the experience. However, it is still a remarkable innovation in the commercial market. Throughout time, we all were under the impression that security agencies or our telecom operators can only attain this sort of access.

But that’s not the limit and developers have proved it. Sure, they’re risking many privacy factors, but it’s nothing that can’t be justified with security. Nobody would be against the idea of getting better protection in the long run. This is the principle that should be in mind when using Sim tracker as they will amaze you.

Capabilities of the Software

By just installing the software on the target phone, you can get access to many files on it. Although, it does matter how much access the target phone is allowing the app. That means that to get the full accessibility of the app, you need to give access to it through the target phone. Simply stating, you need to have your android rooted or your iPhone is jailbroken.

Sim tracking apps are so advanced; they can get you the real-time position of the phone. Whether the target phone is on call or during a live session, you can get access to it. Moreover, as you gain access to the device, your presence will be discreetly hidden away from the target user. As these apps offer anonymity, they can guarantee that the target device won’t notify anything to the user of the device.

You can gain access to

  • Text Messages and offline logs;
  • Calls and live recordings of calls;
  • Social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and much more;
  • GPS location;
  • Geo-Fence Alerts;
  • Histories and log documentation on the target device;
  • Access to media files along with the ability to write and edit;
  • Gain hardware access to turn on microphone and camera and record;
Top Sim tracker You Should Go For

Top Sim tracker You Should Go For


One of the most powerful security and device monitoring apps in the world. CocoSpy has taken the idea of countermeasures and accessibility to a new level. Developers behind the project realized the limits commercially available security applications have lacked.

The concept for CocoSpy came with the idea of being able to track a Sim Card. That is, after all, the main chip we all are using when not online. This comes with a lot of capabilities. Generally, it enables you to check on the phone no matter where it is and what’s going on with it. All the features of a Sim Tracking app are available on this monitoring app.

The best part is, the device doesn’t even have to be on the internet for CocoSpy to do its job. Although, the developers are right when they say that gaining access to third-party apps requires root. iPhone users will have to jailbreak the device to get access to Snapchat, WhatsApp and more apps. CocoSpy is one of the few apps on the market that come with all the features mentioned above.


Spyzie, the popular spying app for couples, parents, siblings, and near and dear ones, also has a Sim Tracker. This application got a lot of great reviews because of its accessibility to the target device. This is the smart technology hacks we’ve been waiting for.

Spying and virtually accessing a phone from anywhere via any device with a working internet connection. Fortunately, the target device doesn’t have to be online. Spyzie provides its location tracking and can even track sim changes. This has taken numerous people by surprise and has helped catch a lot of culprits.

Spying Essentials: Sim tracker You Should Familiarize Yourself With

Spying Essentials: Sim tracker You Should Familiarize Yourself With

Sim tracker is an advanced security measure that allows even screen mirroring abilities. For all your safety or trust issues, you can rely on CocoSpy to keep you notified. You might not be able to prevent a situation, but you can prepare for it if you can come to know it. That’s the chief result that developers aim for.

Whether you’re a concerned parent, spouse with doubts, a sibling or even a grandchild. Sim tracker is available for everyone who can understand and afford it.

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