Why You Need the Best Fitness Tracker for Kids

Why You Need the Best Fitness Tracker for Kids

Parenting is a difficult job. Any parent can relate to the worries of their children’s health. Between running the house and completing the house chores, health gets overlooked. Both for the child and the parent, maintaining a proper diet along with exercise is essential. However, we rarely find the time to monitor it all.

That’s a problem that technological innovations solve. Now, thanks to fitness trackers, we now have gadgets that can monitor our health for us. Up till now, people have thought that fitness trackers are for adults and fitness freaks or the elderly. However, that is changing with the trend of getting the Best Fitness Tracker for Kids. Why not let our kids be healthy too?

How are they the Best Fitness Tracker for Kids?

How are they the Best Fitness Tracker for Kids?

Some people have reservations about trackers seeming like handcuffs or monitors for prisoners. But that’s totally absurd. In fact, several kids equipped with fitness trackers have shown remarkable interest as well as progress. Kids were not only excited about completing the goals on time; they wanted to set records for themselves to break.

These attitudes further lead to a healthier lifestyle if encouraged correctly. The Best Fitness Tracker for Kids is going to do just that. By helping them feel motivated, they encourage them to complete exercises and setting rewards and points for achieving every goal.

LeapFrog LeapBand

If you want a great babysitter always guiding your kids to do healthy exercises, you need LeapFrog. These things are built so big and strong; you can rely on them to survive any child’s onslaught. They even work underwater, so you can stay worry-free about the children hitting the pool without taking their trackers off. These LeapBands are a great gadget that gets your kid to do exercises like dancing, pounce like a lion, wiggling like a worm.

There are fifty exercises in the gadget, those when completed reward the kids. They can use the reward points on their virtual pets that the gadget provides, cheering them on through each task. These LeapBands also act as great teachers for the kids by teaching them how to tell the time. The bands tell the time in a digital format as well as an analog one.

Garmin Vivofit Jr 2

A pretty cool gadget for kids of ages 6-10. It comes in many famous superhero themed colors and is entirely digitally capable of being modified to fit your needs. Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 doesn’t just track the steps taken by the kid; it also helps them do their homework. As we discussed earlier, this fitness tracker also encourages your kids to do all their chores and exercises on time to receive a special mission. These special missions are great fantasy role play acts that kids have loved to do.

You can choose to make the daily tasks for your kids using the app that comes with the gadget. By using the app, you can set timers, missions, tasks, and instructions for kids that the device will help monitor. The finest part about it is, it comes with 1-year battery life. So, you don’t ever have to worry about charging them.

Fitbit Ace

Fitbit Ace is designed specifically for teenagers who don’t necessarily respond to conventional motivations. These smart fitness trackers aim to appeal to teenagers to wear them and use them. The Fitbit Alta is a prime example of some of the Best Fitness Tracker for Kids out there. It has a clear interface that allows parents to monitor the child’s performance, health, and activity. With the application on your phone, you can choose to set goals for the child.

The Fitbit developers even put in a little competition system that lets the family compete in a “step-off” competition. The parents can set rewards. Lasting almost five days on every charge and being water resistant, these bands become great companions for your kids.

Fitbit Zip

Many people don’t like the concept of wearing bands. For those kids and adults, Fitbit Zip is a great gadget that can be buckled on your belt or even your backpack. Keeping a log on the number of steps and lasting almost 5-6 months without the need to be recharged. These devices are a great simple way to keep yourself on the right track of staying healthy. Although it doesn’t provide a reward system, it doesn’t mean you can’t have one for yourself.

Fitness Tracker for Kids  Conclusion


The Best Fitness Tracker for Kids are the ones that keep them healthy, interested, and active. You need a device that can act as a safety monitor, babysitter and a guardian. Try to get your kid the latest equipment that can encourage them to do their best.

Motivate your kids by handing out fun rewards and even trips for attaining good grades. Have them do various exercises and practices that keep them active and healthy. Moreover, as always, leading by example is the best way to go for any parent. So, set the right models in front of your kids.

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