Top 25 ways to catch a cheating boyfriend

Top 25 ways to catch a cheating boyfriend
98% of partners will find out if their significant other cheats on them after reading these actionable tips.

How to know if your boyfriend is cheating? It’s never been so easy to spot a cheat. But one thing is sure: nowadays technology helps out.
You can install a tracking app on your partner’s device, and it will deliver the most accurate information about who they are interacting with.

For the record, according to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, 15% of wives and 25% of husbands have had other lovers at least once in life.

In Great Britain, a 2015 YouGov survey for the Sun reported that 1 in 5 Brits had had an affair, 15% confessed having had two affairs, and 20% have had 3 or more.

Does your intimate join this “Hall of Fame”? Let’s learn how to find out if your boyfriend is cheating.

With an assistive technology like the mSpy App, here are top 24 ways of how to tell if a boyfriend is cheating:
  1. Read iMessages. This could be intimidating, but on behalf of your relationships and for you to have a behavior strategy, it might be a way out.
    mSpy allows monitoring instant messengers, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram, Kik, Line, even Tinder. Direct messengers is where the whole magic happens. So, you can view every chat they had with somebody else and even look through shared multimedia files. Photos and videos speak volume, don’t they?
    Magazines like Cosmopolitan call Snapchat a guilt-free way of cheating because of its gone-in-10-seconds nature. Altogether with this “quick” opportunity, companions where one is a cheater usually communicate via direct messages. This is where it’s possible to catch a cheating boyfriend – by viewing chats.
    Logan Strain, a safety expert at Truthfinder (a company which explains its activity as such that “gives you access to details about the people in your life”) says that in recent years he’s noticed an uptick in partners who got to know about their cheating significant others via Venmo operations, Snapchat check-ins and dawn Uber tours.
  2. View text messages. Old-school romantic mates might use a “spavined” way of communication – texting. They can send multimedia files, nice photos, xoxo kisses, etc. which might be the evidence of their infidelity.
    Is a 2 am platonic “I miss you” text a stray material? Definitely! Does all texting mean betraying? If flirting is engaged, and texting is becoming sexting, it smells like somebody’s straying.

    So, how to know if my boyfriend is cheating when texting

    So, how to know if my boyfriend is cheating when texting?

    First, he hides. He’s not texting in front of you. Women are used to thinking “if it weren’t an innocuous activity, he wouldn’t have hidden it”.
    Second, too much attention to texting means he invests time and energy into somebody else. It can be a signal he crossed the line.

  3. Check his GPS location. Your boyfriend may be lying to you about dinner or drinks. But you can always check his real-time whereabouts. Moreover, you can find out the exact time of every single movement.
    Boe McCrimmon Jr. used to be a playboy for years. He was always seeing at least with two women, and all of them thought she’d been the only girlfriend in his life. Besides those two, Boe was flirting with multiple others on Instagram and Twitter. He was caught three times. McCrimmon says about the GPS location feature that cheating is a piece of cake, but it’s easy also to be caught thanks to a tracking tool incorporated into a phone.
  4. View installed apps. Another way to find out if my boyfriend is cheating for free is to check if there are dating apps on his device. With mSpy, you can view all installed apps on the monitored device and block them.
    At a time, Boe McCrimmon Jr. was into serious relationships and got caught. His ex-girlfriend saw his chats with other women on a dating app for black singles (we won’t name it intentionally). The most popular dating app is Tinder. mSpy tracks it as well. In 2015, the research firm GlobalWebIndex found out that 30% of Tinder users were married, while another 12% were in a relationship.
    When googling about Tinder, you may stumble on the site sharing affairs expertise and guidelines and one of its article “Why Tinder is an ideal app for affairs”. Later, we’ll find out how to catch this kind of content your partner might be searching on the web.

  5. Narrow down the search with Keylogger. The feature tracks every single word or phrase on the target device. It becomes really eye-opening and even dangerous in the hands of wrong people.
    If it’s still about how to catch a cheating boyfriend for free, then it will certainly help. You can identify who’s “sweetie” or “hot” by viewing keylogger logs from your control panel.
    Keylogger is an excellent addition to every monitoring feature mSpy has. Whatever the target person is doing – whether it’s texting, chatting via direct messages or instant ones, writing something on social media’s walls, commenting or leaving a feedback – it’s all visible from the mSpy account.
  6. View Internet surfing. Any website, article, page, or web search might be viewable to a suspicious person who is obsessed with the question “Is my boyfriend cheating on me?”.
    No action is possible without a web browser, is it? It’s a sort of ‘’tell-all”. You can’t even go to a dating site without using a web browser. So, mSpy makes every single search evident. It literally translates what site with what kind of content was visited. You can even check when exactly it happened because mSpy provides day and time stamps.
  7. Check stored multimedia files. Looking through photos, videos, screenshots, downloaded snaps might come in handy as well.

    There’s no doubt women are used to checking their lovers’ phone. But there’s a more “safe” way of doing it – from the mSpy control panel without a physical access to a target device. Isn’t it great? At least, for those women who want to catch a cheating boyfriend.
    If you go to any relationship-related forum, you’ll find hundreds of stories like “I found chicks full leg on my hubby’s phone” or “I found a sexy selfie”. If your honey is doing a shady stuff, you have all the odds to find out it without letting him know. After that, the question asks itself “Can you forgive a cheating boyfriend”?

  8. View calendar activities. This will reveal additional activities a man might plan when having another woman in his life. How so?
    Amy Cuddy, the Harvard Business School professor, says that cheating means lying. Lying is complicated and can’t be held without “leaking”. In other words, the cheater’s behavior changes. He might be putting more efforts into looking good and going to the gym. Or, he might be taking up some other activity and planning it on a daily basis. In a nutshell, if there’s something new in his life, you can always find out by monitoring his calendar activities.
  9. View bookmarks. Looking through bookmarks and seeing what kind of articles he got interested in is also powerful. Getting back to the site with affairs guidelines about “how to cheat without being caught”, imagine you’ve found its bookmark? Isn’t it hard-hitting?
    Or, your significant other stuck on a dating site, can you answer now “Can I trust my cheating boyfriend”?
    Like Keylogger, this one is a perfect addition to mSpy web filters in general.
  10. View calls and contacts. Perhaps, when monitoring contacts in a phone book, you’ll think that there are too many Johns, Mathews, Andrews, etc. Or, you’ll find out that this John calls too often.
    To track the John and the Mathew, you can use mSpy call logs monitoring feature. It will save calls and their details (day, time, and duration) and deliver to your control panel. So, instead of asking “Who is my boyfriend cheating on me with”, you can check it remotely.

The above-mentioned points are practical actions you can do right now to know if a partner is playing around and answer the question “Can you trust a cheating boyfriend again?”.

If you need more “boyfriend-cheating” tell-tale signs, besides using the mSpy app, you can analyze your boyfriend’s behavior

If you need more “boyfriend-cheating” tell-tale signs, besides using the mSpy app, you can analyze your boyfriend’s behavior.

However, before naming points to make an assessment, let’s make it clear – we’re talking about infidelity as a physical one and an emotional entanglement. Since the two mean something to people and it’s hard to loom the line which one takes place exactly, we’ll consider both as cheating.

  1. You’ve been urged multiple times by family or friends that your boyfriend is cheating on you. Sometimes, people see better because they are not looking at him through rose-colored glasses. So, there could be a huge possibility that he is straying.
  2. He comes home and doesn’t want to discuss what happened during a day. The reason is because he’d already talked about it with another person. If you encounter it periodically, this could be definitely a sign.
  3. He rants about somebody from work or talks obsessively about a colleague. Of course, there a lot of people, even of the opposite sex, that inspire with their achievements. But an emotional attachment might lead to something more. When you ask your man about his friendship with another person and he gets defensive or even evasive, it speaks volume.
  4. He reconnects with somebody from his past and keeps it in secret from you. He’s doing it by phone or on social media. If your boyfriend is keeping his phone with him at all times and using it out of earshot, that’s a signal.
  5. He stays late at work. If you saw a new enthusiasm for job, there are two possible variants: he’s moving toward his career accomplishments or he’s having somebody there. There is something amiss with him.
  6. He’s changed his appearance. If he puts more efforts into his looks, it seems like he’s trying to impress somebody. Otherwise, if it’s about career promotion, nobody pays attention to how a man looks rather than how he works.
  7. He’s giving presents more than ever. Or, he’s acting in a way that gives an impression of him feeling guilty. If you feel like he’s redeeming himself, it’s time to ring alarm bells.
  8. You have your sex life changed. Experts and psychologists say that this shift may be negative as well as positive. If you don’t find a reasonable explanation for it, maybe it’s time you checked whether your boyfriend is cheating on you.
  9. His behavior might be unstable. He’s nice and aggressive; flies off the handle when you have a peaceful talk about your relationships. That’s is because he feels guilty.
  10. He accuses you of being paranoid, crazy, or too much jealous. Cheaters often try to turn the table and make their partners feel guilty. For example, when you argue, your boyfriend’s fallback position is about your relationship ending.
  11. He is not present while being physically near. You feel he’s somewhere astray, checking his device and not listening to you or pretending to listen. There could be multiple reasons for that, but one of them – infidelity. It might be a high time to ask yourself how to dump a cheating boyfriend.
  12. He lies about relationship status on social media. That’s certainly a kick to detect how to change a cheating boyfriend or how to forget a cheating boyfriend at all.
  13. He leaves his wedding ring off purposefully. When you bring it up, he comes up with an excuse like, “I overlooked”, or “I took it off to work out in the gym”.
  14. He suddenly takes up new occupations. For example, a boyfriend has started attending yoga, swimming, Latina dancing to be closer to the person he is attracted to. There could be changes in routines, habits, or behavior.
  15. He acts differently. Multiple discrepancies via different channels of communication may occur providing you with tiny hints “that’s it”. For example, facial expressions, posture, and speech have changed.

If you realized your “the one” was playing away and you can’t let go of a cheating boyfriend, you should ask yourself “Can you survive this or when to forgive a cheating boyfriend?”.

Here’s the checklist of tangibles the mSpy App team provides to think of why to forgive a cheating boyfriend
Here’s the checklist of tangibles the mSpy App team provides to think of why to forgive a cheating boyfriend.
  1. Do you feel worried at the thought of his leaving you? Are you both comfortable with sharing feelings, relying on each other, being inseparable?
  2. Are you asking yourself “Can a cheating boyfriend change?” or do you accept him for who he is without trying to change him?
  3. When fights arise, do you argue with respect and without comparing, annoying or, worse, insulting?
  4. Does your significant other think more in terms of “we”, “us” rather than “me”, “I”? This simple thing can translate whether he still sees you as a couple.
  5. Do you agree to trust each other with passwords to social media? After surviving the crisis of infidelity, can you still trust a cheating boyfriend? To check it, ask him to provide credentials to accounts. You might not use them, but his response will make things clear.

These questions help identify whether you can save your relationships or, perhaps, you should expose a cheating boyfriend and avoid him.

Whatever the situation is, you need healing. Here’s how to get over your boyfriend’s cheating on you:

  • You’re not alone. There are thousands of women around the world who suffer from being betrayed. It’s not about you, it’s about the nature of the cheating person. Some cannot live without playing away. You can be the most beautiful woman in the world and still be not enough good. Just look in the mirror and say: “We’re going to be ok!”
  • It’s not because of you. Instead of asking how to teach a cheating boyfriend a lesson or how to revenge, think that it all poisons you. Be above it! Let it go! Move on and start over! Let new things and people come into your life.
  • Be decisive. Don’t be afraid to leave a cheating boyfriend or even forget him. First, you’ll feel uncomfortable because you got used to him. Later, you’ll feel relief because no one serves as a trigger to compromise your dignity and self-worth.
  • Own it. Accept the fact of infidelity and forgive a cheating boyfriend. Once Oprah said, “Forgiveness is accepting the fact that things couldn’t have been any different”. In other words, it happened because it couldn’t have been another way. It’s just life as it is.
  • Speak out. Talk to him and tell what you feel. Find a person to open up to. Don’t hold the grudge. Just pour it out in a peaceful manner.
  • Cry this away. Women are emotional human beings. They need to mourn the dead relationships. It’s ok to cry and even scream. In order to start over with a new person, this can be helpful.
  • Find healthy occupations. You need a new experience. Take up interesting hobbies, arrange trips to unknown places, meet new people. You need to make sure you’re ok and you’re good at relationships. So, new ones (not obligatory romantic) will help you understand that.
  • Take a pause before going into a new affair. After healing and “fixing” your self-esteem, just reflect on what’s your takeaway from the old one. Somebody once said, “Life is not what happens to us, but for us”.
  • Do not go down the same road. If you found your previous partner in a bar or on a dating site, think twice before making the same mistake. Maybe, that way of finding a person doesn’t work for you. Anyway, it’s not the rule but simply requires some reflection.

There’s a great Wiz Khalifa’s “when boyfriend cheated” quote saying that it’s actually a favor if another woman has stolen your man because good men cannot be taken away. So, the best revenge is to let it happen.

Furthermore, fidelity is not about being brutally honest with a partner, but having integrity and respect for who another person is in your life.