Step By Step Guide To Catch A Girlfriend Cheating

Step By Step Guide To Catch A Girlfriend Cheating

Starting a relationship with someone always feels bright and promising. It’s all about fun and exciting moments between you two. And then all the happiness is ruined when you find out your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Unfortunately, not all couples end up in a happy marriage. People break up, and it’s absolutely ok. But sometimes one person can’t get over a break up for a long time. The only advice here is to protect oneself from pain by being alert. The earlier you discover your girlfriend is not faithful to you, the quicker you get over it. Keep reading to find out how to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Pay Attention To Signs Of Cheating Girlfriend

Dinner together is a perfect moment to share the news with your beloved one, tell about things that happened to you today and laugh at the old episode of ‘Friends.’ You are lucky if you can talk to a girlfriend about anything.

But if you see she chatting with someone on her phone during dinner, this can be a bad sign. Of course, it’s difficult to find a person who is offline during meals. Sometimes you just need to answer to that e-mail.

Though, what can be more interesting and engrossing than real communication with someone you love? So, if your girlfriend prefers spending time on Twitter than responding to your ‘How was your day, honey?’, maybe there is a reason to be concerned.

She is unexpectedly too busy to see you

Some couples have a silent agreement that they spend weekdays together. Others though need planning. If you usually agreed on seeing each other in free time and on weekdays, you can be sure to see your girlfriend regularly.

What if she suddenly has other plans? Actually, it’s okay to change one’s mind. But if your girlfriend does it often and can’t find time to see you, she may be spending the weekdays with someone else.

It’s great when partners plan their time wisely to see each other more often. Try to offer your girlfriend to arrange dates three-four times a week. If she says she doesn’t like such a schedule, she might be interested in seeing another person.

She avoids all kinds of intimacy with you

Calling somebody a girlfriend or boyfriend, you imply that you have an intimate relationship with this person. Intimacy doesn’t appear from within. It is created by two people showing and maintaining their affection and love towards each other.

Intimacy means being close to somebody you love. It also means enjoying cozy evenings together, just the two of you. Having sex is also a kind of intimacy important in relationship.

Is my girlfriend cheating on me? If she’s avoiding intimacy with you, there is a chance she is not the faithful one. You shouldn’t get concerned if your girlfriend doesn’t feel like having sex a couple of times. She also may have some health issues. Though, it is a warning sign if she refuses to sleep with you and isn’t interested either in emotional no physical intimacy between you two at all. Maybe she has that intimacy with someone else?

She purchases an incredible number of new outfits

Some say all women love shopping. But in real life, not all females are alike. Some of them prefer comfy clothing when other girls like to be different and style each outfit with a pair of fabulous heels. What is okay for one person, is not usual for another.

If your girlfriend started buying so much clothing all of a sudden, think about reasons that may urge her to reconsider her style. Maybe she intends to renovate her wardrobe. Or maybe she tries to impress someone else with her looks?

If she usually doesn’t love shopping, her sudden interest in new clothes may be explained as the desire to change herself. The same is with make-up. If your girlfriend alternates her usual look considerable, this may a sign she does it for somebody special.

She doesn’t text you during a day

Modern messengers make it easy to find out how your beloved is doing at the moment. Saying ‘hi’ and asking how your day is, isn’t a time-consuming activity. In fact, the person who cares for you would text you several times a day and read your messages promptly.

If your girlfriend ignores your messages and doesn’t text you during a day, she may be having an affair. The person who loves you won’t be tired of sending one text to ask you how that important that meeting went. If she does, she doesn’t deserve to be the one.

She doesn’t make plans for the future with you

Planning a vacation together or arranging a party at your house for friends are exciting things to do with your girlfriend. But when she avoids planning some event with you, maybe she doesn’t believe in your relationship.

Do you like the idea of going to a concert of a favorite band with a colleague you don’t like? You obviously will prefer making plans with friends you love hanging out with. Your cheating girlfriend may have the same attitude.

Maybe she avoids talking about spending a vacation together because she already arranged a holiday with somebody else?

She spends too much time with men friends

It’s great if your girlfriend is friendly and can find something in common with your friends. You need other people to balance your relationship and bring some fun to your daily routine. That’s why time with friends is valuable for both of you.

If the majority of people she spends time with are men, you should be concerned. It’s not like your girlfriend can’t have male friends. But what if she bails on you to meet them?

Spending too much time with male friends instead of you, your girlfriend treats you like a second-place boyfriend.

Signs are important. But what can you do to prove your girlfriend is cheating? You need real evidence, and the mSpy app can help you get them.

mSpy app can help
Prove A Girlfriend Cheating With The Help Of mSpy App

Prove A Girlfriend Cheating With The Help Of mSpy App

Hiding your infidelity from the partner is easy. Firstly, you lock your phone with a password. Secondly, when the question like ‘Where was you last night?’ arises you deny all the suspicions and tell your partner you love them with all your heart. And all traces are covered. But not for mSpy.

mSpy is a monitoring application, which can be an extremely useful tool for you. It allows you to scan the device of your beloved ones for the evidence of infidelity. You can monitor your girlfriend’s device remotely, from the convenience of your home.

With the mSpy app you can get access to your girlfriend’s:

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other IMs

All the people use instant messengers to communicate. And probably your girlfriend is no exception. Check her chats with the mSpy app to make sure she doesn’t send her selfies to that guy from work.

Contacts list

mSpy will display contacts list of your girlfriend. Find out whose numbers she saved and who called her during a day. mSpy will help you distinguish an innocent call from a friend and long talk with her another lover.

Current location

The mSpy application tracks the GPS location of the person. Thus, you will know where your girlfriend is at the moment. Her real-time location will be reflected on the map of your area.

Multimedia files

Do you want to see the pics your girlfriend takes? mSpy will grant access to her photo gallery. You will be able to view all the photos and videos stored on the device of your girlfriend.

Browsing history

Find out what sites your beloved one visits. Maybe she intended to make a reservation at the restaurant for two? Check the browser history with the mSpy app to discover what she searched for online.

Installed apps

Monitor installed applications list on your girlfriend’s phone. Examine her phone for Tinder, OkCupid, and other dating apps. With mSpy you can be the first to find out she is looking for someone else.

Install the application and find more additional features of the mSpy. How to start using mSpy?

  • Purchase subscription – mSpy has three different packages to meet your requirements. Decide on whether Basic or Premium subscription is best for you. Note that some Premium features of the app require a jailbreak of your girlfriend’s iPhone. But mSpy offers a no-jailbreak package for all the users who don’t want to or can’t perform a jailbreak.
  • Install the application – mSpy can only start working when installed and set up on the device of your girlfriend. Thus, download the app and set up all the features after installation. Don’t worry, your girlfriend won’t notice a mSpy app installed on her phone. Remove the icon from the app menu, and she will never find out you spy on her activities.
  • Log in to your Control Panel – You need to log in to your mSpy Control Panel to view the recorded information remotely. Here all the collected proofs will be displayed for you. You can also print the comprehensive activity reports to present your girlfriend evidence of her unfaithful behavior.

The process of installation of the mSpy will take only several minutes. You don’t need any technical skills to set up the application. Follow the installation guidelines sent to your e-mail to ensure the process will run smoothly.

Is it ok to snoop on your partner’s phone?

Of course, many mSpy users consider this question before installing the app.

Imagine a situation. Your girlfriend leaves her device unlocked. You can now read all her chats and see all the photos. Would you do that? If the answer is yes, you are not the only in this.

For some people snooping means, their relationship isn’t built on trust. If there is a situation, when one partner has to snoop on another, there are apparent problems both of you have to talk about.

When the snooping is ok?

Sometimes snooping may save you from pain and disappointment. You can prevent a huge drama if you find out your girlfriend has another lover at the very beginning of your relationship.

If you are sure something’s going on behind your back and you already talked about it with your partner, nothing wrong can happen if you examine their mobile phone. Some people don’t mind when their beloved ones spy on their devices. Catherine Higginson admitted her husband installed spying software on her device to monitor her activity. The woman says she didn’t mind it because she had nothing to hide.

Catherine says her husband worked from home and thus wanted to know that his family is safe. She believes “If any of us did actually go missing then the app would prove invaluable – in that case it’s an intrusion well worth it in my opinion.”

Although, snooping is often considered a violation of someone’s privacy, sometimes your relationship can benefit from it. Apps, like mSpy, not only allow reading text messages of your partner. They can ensure you that your beloved one is safe and sound, providing you with GPS location and sending alerts whenever your partner leaves the predefined geofence.

Why Would She Stay With Me If She’s Not Loyal

Why Would She Stay With Me If She’s Not Loyal?

There can be many reasons why people cheat on their partner. They feel like love faded in a marriage, or maybe they lose interest in each other’s personalities. But why they are having an affair instead of leaving their partner and starting another relationship? Why do they stay with you even if they are not faithful?

  • Love – No matter how trivial it sounds, your cheating girlfriend may still love you. Why did she cheat on you then? Some people cheat because they’ve been tempted to, others believe they won’t ever get caught. Even if your girlfriend decided to date someone else, she might still have feelings for you. But her infidelity proves only one thing: she has no respect for you and your feelings.
  • Comfort zone – Comfort zone is a psychological state, which is centered around pleasant and familiar things. Usually, the comfort zone it’s something or someone we get used to. Maybe the relationship became a habit your girlfriend can’t say ‘goodbye’ to? It’s important to end the relationship that isn’t working. But when you two are delaying your inevitable breakup, some of you may end up cheating on another.
  • Fear – It is not always easy to leave the person you at some point like. You start being afraid to regret your decision and being unable to return your ex-partner back. It’s not like people who cheat don’t experience some emotional drama. They can face a difficult decision, which can change their lives completely and utterly. Sometimes the fear is the feeling that makes a cheater stay with the person they cheat on.
  • Smoking Gun – This concept is usually explained as something that’s considered hidden evidence of the particular action. In a relationship, infidelity may be the smoking gun. What does it mean?

If one partner wants to end the relationship but doesn’t know how to do that, they cheat secretly hoping that in the end they’d get caught. Sometimes they can’t even acknowledge this fact. But that’s what frequently happens – when the affair becomes apparent, it’s usually the person who was cheated on who ends the relationship. So, the unfaithful girlfriend shifts the responsibility for the break up onto the boyfriend.

Can your relationship survive cheating?

When the partner is cheating the break up is inevitable. But some couples try to start all over again.

Building trust after infidelity took place can be a challenge for both partners. And even if you manage to reach a successful recovery of your relationship, both of you will need to work hard for a long time to not repeat the mistake.

Infidelity is the devastating thing that could happen to a couple. Cheating makes the trust, the fundamental core of every relationship, collapse. Once a couple of steps on the recovery road, you should create a plan on how to rebuild trust and bring intimacy back into the relationship.

A complete change in the behavior of the partner who cheated is a necessary step towards recovery. The issues that resulted in infidelity have to be acknowledged by both partners. If a couple tries to reconsider what exactly went wrong and how can that be corrected, they will reach an understanding and forgiveness.

The story of one of the most remarkable American singer, Beyoncé, and her husband, Jay-Z, proves the relationship can be utterly reborn after infidelity. In her latest interview to Vogue, Beyoncé says “I’ve been through hell and back, and I’m grateful for every scar. I have experienced betrayals and heartbreaks in many forms. Through it all, I have learned to laugh and cry and grow.

Both partners should also address the problems of their parents to heal from infidelity completely. Ask yourself what behavioral patterns you and your partner adopted from your mothers and fathers. Have they been happy in their marriage? Take time to think about some hidden reasons for infidelity inherited from your parents.

How can a therapist help?

Don’t avoid therapists. An expert, who has no personal interest in your relationship drama, can help you reach an understanding of your issues and assist you in developing a practical approach to reborn the romance of your relationship.

All the therapists have a personal approach to deal with couples surviving infidelity. Though, many of them adhere to such practices:

Nonjudgmental treatment

All the experts try to maintain a neutral attitude towards both partners. They address each partner showing no personal opinion on the issue.

Avoidance of interference

Therapists don’t sway the couple into the possible direction of their relationship. The goal of the therapy is not for you to break up or to remain together, but to understand each other’s feelings and work on weak sides of your personalities.

Emotional openness

The couple is also encouraged to share their thoughts with each other on sessions. Both partners have to learn how to share pain they struggle from, without blaming or criticizing each other.

Reduce ruminations

It’s difficult for the person who was cheated on to control their feelings and obsessive thoughts. A therapist can help the betrayed partner manage their ruminations and get rid of them altogether.

Giving homework

Both partners have to complete specific tasks to help each other heal. The therapists usually leave the majority of work to be done by the unfaithful partner for the reason the infidelity was their decision. But the betrayed girlfriend or boyfriend is also assigned many tasks, which can help to develop a more wise and gentle way to treat another partner.

Sometimes family and friends can’t help resolve all your outer and inner conflicts. Getting help from a therapist can bring positive results for both of you. Monitor apps can also be a useful tool in surviving infidelity. The attitude of your partner to monitor app set up on their phone will show you whether they have secrets they don’t want to share with you.

Installing apps like the mSpy app on each other mobile phones, you will ensure complete transparency and trust in your relationship.

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  1. Joshua D thompson

    I have personally suffered a fair share of infidelity by my ex-wife who had multiple affairs during our marriage. I got a divorce after catching her in the act severally, however, I needed extra help to do this so I had to buy a mSpy app. Everyone knows that cheating partners are the most sneaky and her phone was always glued to her so I could not have physical access no matter how much I tried. The good thing is that this mSpy didn’t even need to physically have my wife’s phone to get in, It diverted all my wife’s messages directly into my phone. I really hate infidelity and I am trying to help everyone that is in such an emotionally abusive relationship so thank me later.

    1. Terry Castillo

      Hello Joshua,
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      Really sorry that your wife was cheating on you that’s awful. But Good that app helps you. Hope you will recommend this app to your friends.

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      Hello Stacey,
      Please, do not waste your time, install to her cell phone this Undetectable App, and start checking her phone.

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    How to catch my girlfriend if she is cheating or not on the phone are texting someone else

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      You can use this app.

  6. Mike

    I caught my GF cheating on me. It was a planned 3 day event and she bald faced lied to me about it. She had told me that it was a sister weekend. I told her that I was already having trouble trusting her but now, No way. That it would take a long time to rebuild trust. She has an iPhone 8. I want to be able to locate her and to be able to see if she is still talking to this guy. She say’s it was a guy she cheated with long time ago when both were married and that was it. Don’t believe it! She has changed her password on her phone now which I know in time I could see what it is as she types it in like I did before. What plan do you have that will allow me to do what I need to do for my piece of mind?

    1. Terry Castillo

      Hello Mike,
      You can try a phone tracking app. mSpy is a good choice. Using mSpy, you can track your children activity to keep them safe and limit access to websites and apps with suspicious content, spouse to keep an eye on his/her online activity to prevent cheating and employee activity to prevent them from wasting their working hours surfing the Net or chatting with their friends. The mSpy app is compatible with iOS and Android. The installation process is straightforward and takes only several minutes. As your girlfriend has an iPhone 8, mSpy will work perfectly.
      To get mSpy app, you should follow the nest steps:
      Choose the subscription package.
      To install and set up the app on your girlfriend’s phone.
      Log in and sign up your mSpy account to start tracking.

      mSpy has different features. It allows monitoring ingoing and outgoing calls, call history, SMS, messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder, LINE, email, app usage, multimedia files, internet activity, browser history, the most visited sites. So, with the mSpy you will be keep an eye on your cheating girlfriend and will be aware of her activity online, whom she chats with, what sites she visits more often, where she is, when she isn’t at home and many other things that will allow you to know whether she is cheating on you or not.
      Undetectable Phone Tracking App

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      You can install remotely by sending to her link with the installation. But how to do it correctly, please contact support.
      Thank you!

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