Learn how to Secretly Spy Browser History on Android and iOS

Learn how to Secretly Spy Browser History on Android and iOS

There are various safety concerns when it comes to the internet. Parents, friends, and siblings can all relate to the problems of not knowing what their loved ones are going through. Some might call it a breach of privacy. However, it can help to know that your friend is going through something rather than finding it out later. Psychological causes of depression and traumas could be treated if someone close to the person knows what they are going through.

Spy on browser history can reveal a lot about a person. Of course, you can use that knowledge to either help or break the person. However you plan on using it, the process of doing it is straightforward, contrary to what people might say.

Best Apps to Spy Browsing History

Best Apps to Spy Browsing History

Many people might think it difficult to be able to spy browser history. In their assumption, you would have to take the device from the person and check the browser and open the history logs there. What if you were to find out that all this can be done remotely and with anonymity?

That’s right. There are some apps out there that are specifically designed to monitor a target device. You can choose to have it hidden from the user and not worry about them ever finding out. Some of the apps like mSpy, Spyzie and flexispy even offer more advanced monitoring capabilities. You can choose to monitor:

  • The location of the target device
  • The status of the target device
  • The call logs and text messages received and sent by the target device
  • Keystrokes with keyloggers that come with the app
  • Location and media files of the target device
  • Hardware such as cameras and microphones by remotely turning them on.

Accessibility and Reliability

You might be wondering all the possible hacks a smart user might be able to use to dodge these surveillances. However, to reassure you of the effectiveness of these apps, here are a few important notes.

These apps act as third-party monitoring surveillance that you can install on an Android or iOS device (all the latest models as well) and provide access to an administrator or parental account. This access can be gained by logging on to the Spyzie or related app’s account and there, from the dashboard, you can choose to monitor anything.

You can turn the device on or off, mirror the screen of the target device to see what the user is viewing.

If you wish to access personal media files such as the gallery photos or videos, you can do so by browsing through the device’s contents from your remote computer. Most importantly, you can check the history of the device. If you wish to spy browser history in Chrome or any other browser or call logs and messages, you can keep track of everything without giving out as much as a beep to the targeted device’s user. In fact, you can even check the deleted browsing history of the target device.

Secretly Spy Browser History on Android and iOS Advantages


Many parents have complained about the dangers of the internet. The effect of exposure to the internet on their kids worries them. They don’t want them growing up before their age and not to have suggestive content displayed to them before the age of maturity. In situations such as these, spy and monitoring apps become very useful as they can allow you to do more than just look at what their kids were looking at.

They can choose to block certain sites and categories of content that they think their child shouldn’t come upon. With a very simplistic approach towards designing the interface of the software, the app will prove very easy and helpful to worried parents.

Similarly, friends who worry about friends can use the app’s features to figure out what their friends are going through. As discussed earlier, this can help prevent a lot of psychological traumas and depressions from getting worse. Friends have often used similar apps to find their friends using the location services in the app. By using the GPS on the target device, you can track the location can on your remote device with just a click.


Although these apps offer extensive features, you should be sure of how you want to use them. You can have much control over someone’s device and eventually, their life. You can know their browser history, call logs and their current location along with their current activity. This is a great help for single parents. Getting the ability to spy browser history and personal files is overwhelming.

Therefore, it should only be used when no other option is there and merely talking to the person isn’t working. Please go for the one providing the most extensive features as it will allow a lot more control. You don’t want the target to know of the admin control, and you surely don’t want to let them know that there is something installed on their phone. So, go for a good app that has all the features you need before you go and install it on the target device.

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