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How do you catch a cheater without them suspecting a thing? Their phone has all the answers! Get remote access to their messages, calls, media files, and location history in less than 5 minutes without installing anything on their phone.

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View WhatsApp chats and calls
Read Snapchat messages
Spy on Facebook messages
Check all incoming and outgoing calls
See the device's location in real-time
Look through their photos and videos
Access their browser history

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Works without installation

No need to download anything on the targeted device, the app syncs up with the device remotely.

100% undetectable

The owner of the device will have no idea you are monitoring their phone. The app works in a stealth mode.

Keylogger feature

See everything that's being typed on the device - passwords, messages, web searches, etc.

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3 Ways to Start Spying on a Cheating Spouse


Install the app remotely

Don't have the target phone with you? Not a problem! Our team can help you to install the app remotely, no matter where in the world you are.


Sync up with iCloud

Don't want to risk it and install anything on the device? Add the device through your control panel by connecting it to iCloud.


Download the app to the target device

You can download the app directly to the phone you'd like to spy on. Less than 5 minutes and you're ready to go!

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FAQ on How to Catch a Cheater

What is emotional cheating?

For every couple, the definition of "emotional cheating" will be different since the relationship boundaries differ from couple to couple as well. Generally speaking, emotional cheating means having a strong emontional bond with someone other than your partner while at the same time trying to exclude your partner from your personal experiences.

What is micro-cheating?

Micro-cheating is a fine line between emotional and physical cheating. Being flirty with a co-worker or an ex-partner, purposefully dressing up when going to see a certain person, lying by omission - all of the above can be considered micro-cheating.

How to tell if a partner is cheating?

Cheaters always give themselves away, in one way or another. Here are the most common signs that your partner is cheating on you:
1. They hide their phone from you and never leave it unattended;
2. They care about their appearance more than usual and dress up for no particular reason;
3. They don't want to talk about their day and the details of their whereabouts;
4. They get easily agitated when you try to have a conversation and get defensive if they think you're suspecting something;
5. They leave the room to answer the phone calls or text messages.

How to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on WhatsApp?

A tracking app will give you access to all activity on WhatsApp - from chat messages and calls to deleted texts and contact details. The app is quick and easy to set app, so you'll be able to start monitoring in less than 5 minutes.

How to catch a cheating spouse using a cell phone for free?

You can install a spying app on their phone that will allow you to read their chat messages, see call history, track their location, and watch browser history. Such an application will give you more than enough evidence that someone's cheating.

How to tell if someone is lying about cheating?

Most cheaters come up with a cover-up story and recite it every time they get suspected. Still, if you start bombarding them with tricky questions and catch them off-guard, they'll start mixing up their facts, and their whole facade will fall down like a house of cards. Pay attention to their gestures - if their hands get fidgety or they start touching their face a lot, it's a clear sign they are hiding something.

Can I track his phone without him knowing?

Yes, a tracking app works in a stealth mode and is undetectable on the target device. It can only be removed from your control panel, where only you have access to. So the owner will have no idea someone has been spying on their phone.

How common is cheating in marriage?

Multiple studies and surveys show that around 25% of married individuals engage in sexual relationships outside of their marriage. More than 22% of married men and 15% of married women have admitted to being unfaithful at least once in their life.

Can I track the phone if it's in another state?

The app can be installed from any part of the world as long as both yours and the target device have access to the Internet.

What is the best way to catch a cheating spouse?

The best way to catch a cheater red-handed is to spy on their phone with a tracking app. That way, you will have access to their messages and calls even if they get deleted from the device itself.