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A few weeks ago, I discovered that my father is cheating on my mother. It shocked me much, as they’ve been married for 25 years already, and as it seemed to me, they were happy together. They never quarreled with each other, never shouted at each other. Their relations were an example for me as ideal ones, they were so supportive, understanding and stable, that I never thought that such a situation can happen in my family.

Once my dad forgot his phone at home and went to work. When he realized this, he asked me to bring it to him.  Without any joy, I threw the phone into my bag and went to the bus station. When I was on my way, someone saved as ‘Baby<3’ called him several times. I didn’t dare to pick up the phone. Some minutes later the message ‘Dear, can’t wait for you to come to me. Have you already told your wife that you’re leaving for a business trip next week?‘ appeared on the screen of his phone. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes, after a while, I  was so angry that I was ready to сrash this phone. I wanted to read his messages, but there was a password on the phone!

I didn’t know what to do next, I decided that there wasn’t enough evidence, one message can’t destroy our family. I made a decision to know whether there are any apps that allow monitoring someone’s phone. With their help, I’d be able to know more about his activity and to refute or to confirm my suspicions. Luckily I found a good spy app, that allowed tracking his text messages, calls, social media, and instant messages. I doubted whether I acted correctly, whether I had a right to monitor his phone without permission, but I wanted to clarify the situation, to be 100% sure before I tell my mom.

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Undetectable Tracker App

After the installation of the spying app, I was really surprised when I found out that he was chatting with this woman for an extended period. This app really was a discovery for me. Without any problems, I could anonymously track his phone. I didn’t know whether I should tell my mom everything or not, and if I should, how should I do this not to hurt her.

Pretending that everything’s okay was impossible, but I didn’t want to break up my family. I was always nervous and couldn’t keep this secret anymore, as it was unbearable to see how my father was deceiving and telling lies to my mother. I didn’t want to lose my dad, as we were close with each other.

One day we planned to dinner together, it was our family tradition to spend Friday’s evening together playing different board games, watching films or walking together in the park. My mother cooked an excellent dinner, but the father didn’t come. He said that he had an important business meeting with his Norwegian partners. My mother and I were upset. I suspected that he had no business meeting and he went out on a date with his, I don’t know how to name her, girlfriend.

I used the spy application to track his location and knew that he had been at his favorite restaurant, not at the office. I decided to went to that restaurant to be convinced that he had been here with that woman.  That was the final straw, I couldn’t pretend anymore. That evening I decided to tell everything to my mom. I got tongue-tied, couldn’t compile my thoughts and didn’t know how to start.

When I told her everything, she couldn’t believe her ears, burst out crying and asked me whether I had some evidence. I showed her the app, where there were a call history, lovesome messages, their photos. My mother was confused, but she said that she had suspected that. I feel guilty of breaking up our family. I don’t know whether I acted correctly.

It was a difficult period for my family, now we are living in harmony with my mother, and I regularly communicates with my father, our relations are in good repair. I don’t blame him, he made a mistake, but who doesn’t make them? I want to give some tips to those who are in the same situation:

  1. Don’t get into the relationship of parents, let them solve the problem between themselves.
  2. Whatever happens, they are still your parents, that love you more than anything else in the world.
  3. Don’t blame anyone, it is all in a lifetime.

It was difficult for me to accept the challenge, but I was mature enough to understand everything. Now my primary duty is to care about my mother, support and love her.

As anyway, it’s difficult to pass through cheating. However, she tries to dissimulate her feelings, I understand how it hurt her and how she feels.

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  1. I had to divorce my husband coz he became a narcissist. Nothing could budge him from his selfish demands. He kept seeing the girl n cheated over n over again. I tried every possible communication both personally n routed through friends and relatives but didn’t work. This happened after being in a marriage of 5 years. But the relationship couldn’t last even a year after marriage coz I came to know all that he was doing behind my back.
    If u feel the person might be cheating discuss right away and don’t wait for the person to realize.

  2. In my own case, I thought my relationship was one of a kind, I was blinded by initial thought, I believed him when he always says he loved me, I never believed my daughter when she said her dad was seeing another lady, I found out her reasons when I caught my man cheating on me. All thanks to a mspy app for their investigative and service that helped me gain remote access to all his phone activities. I was totally shocked by how much fake people can pretend to be real, we broke-up and I never regret it because it’s been decades ago. today I have a happy married life and kept everyone else out of my marriage, I don’t give them head to start on their deceit.

  3. I notice my dad has been cheating on my mom. I hacked into his phone forwarding all outgoing and incoming messages into my phone, I got all sort of info, access to social networks, icloud, and many more. Viber chats hack, Facebook messages and yahoo messengers remotely, call phone GPs location tracking, spy on whatsapp messages. Now I know what I will do with this informations!


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