Top 6 Incoming and Outgoing Call Trackers for your kid’s iPhone

Top 6 Incoming and Outgoing Call Trackers for your kid’s iPhone

Keeping kids safe is the number one priority for every mom and dad. Early exposure to electronic devices brings a lot of potential threats. For instance, they could become a victim of cyberbullying or interact with an online predator and you wouldn’t even know.

Thus, it is important for parents to have a frequent conversation about online dangers and set clear rules. Also, parents should regularly check who their kids communicate with via calls and texts. Here is the list of top 6 incoming and outgoing call trackers for iPhone that can bring you peace of mind.

Best iPhone trackers

Spyzie app mSpyLite

1. Spyzie App

Spyzie is one of the best call trackers for iPhones which allows you to check all incoming and outgoing calls of your kid. Using Spyzie parents can:

Spyzie App dashboard - mSpyLite

View Call History

Spyzie shows a complete record of all the calls on a monitored device. It displays type of call (incoming, outgoing, missed or rejected), contact name, phone number, duration, and timestamps.

Analyze Call Logs

Spyzie displays top 5 the most called people, call duration and date and time of every call on the monitored device.

So, if you are looking for a reliable tool to track calls on your kid’s iPhone, Spyzie is an answer.

mSpy app mSpyLite

2. mSpy App

mSpy is a global leader of monitoring solutions that help parents to keep their kids safe since 2010. The mSpy is a reliable call tracker for iPhones which enables parents to:

mSpy App dashboard - mSpyLite

Check Call History

Parents can view complete call history on the monitored device, including incoming, outgoing, missed and rejected calls.

View Call Details

Parents can access complete information about every call made on their target device. They can view call type, contact name and number, and timestamps.

Block unwanted numbers

Parents can protect their kids from annoying calls of telemarketers or people they don’t want to reach their kids simply by adding their number to the restriction list.

So, if you need a tool not only to monitor the calls on your kid’s iPhone but also to restrict the unwanted ones – mSpy is the best option for you.

FoneMonitor App dashboard - mSpyLite

3. FoneMonitor App

The next app you may use to track someone else’s calls is FoneMonitor. It is an effective tool for monitoring incoming and outgoing calls. Besides, it can even show the deleted ones. To be more specific, FoneMonitor helps parents to:

FoneMonitor App dashboard Call mSpyLite

View call list

With FoneMonitor it is possible to stay in the know about every made or received call that took place on the target device.

Monitor call details

With FoneMonitor parents can view call name and number, duration, timestamps and check whether a call was incoming or outgoing.

FoneMonitor is a good call tracker for iPhone, but if you need a call restriction feature, better consider another app.

Mobistealth app mSpyLite

4. Mobistealth App

Mobistealth is an effective call tracker every parent need. Combining the high-quality features, it guarantees peace of mind for every busy parent. With Mobistealth parents can:

Mobistealth App dashboard - mSpyLite

Check call details

Using Mobistealth, it is possible to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls on the target iPhone. Also, parents can view a name, number, timestamps and call type (incoming or outgoing).

Record calls

Mobistealth can record every call made and received on your target device. Every call is uploaded to your Mobistealth account, so you can listen to them anytime from anywhere.
Mobistealth is a great choice for those who need to have a call recording option. But before you download this app, make sure you checked federal and state wiretapping laws in your area to avoid criminal prosecution and money damages.  

FlexiSpy app mSpyLite

#5. FlexiSpy App

FlexiSpy is one of the call trackers for iPhone the market can offer. This app has a great number of monitoring options and helps parents to:

Check call details

Parents can view who their kids are talking to by checking their call history. They can view name, number, call type (incoming or outgoing) and timestamps to have a full picture of their kid’s interactions.

FlexiSpy App dashboard - mSpyLite

Record Phone calls

It is also possible to record every incoming and outgoing call that took place on the target iPhone. Besides, parents can check whether the call is incoming or outgoing, view call name, phone number, duration, and timestamps. Every call recording is saved to the dashboard and can be downloaded at any time from anywhere.

FlexiSpy App dashboard Call recording - mSpyLite

Like MobiStealth, FlexiSpy also has a call recording option. But before starting to record a call, you need to ensure that your intentions are legitimate from a legal standpoint, otherwise, you may face criminal prosecution and money damages.

Highster Mobile app mSpyLite

6. HighsterMobile

HighsterMobile is another monitoring app that can track incoming and outgoing calls on your target iPhone. HighsterMobile helps parents to monitor:

  • A full call history;
  • Whether a call was made or received;
  • Duration and time of every made or received call;

HighsterMobile is a powerful source of information when it comes to targeting device interactions. It allows parents to easily check when and with whom their loved ones talked and reduce the risk of unhealthy connections.

Now you know that checking iPhone call history is not rocket science. All you need is to have a right call tracker for iPhone to keep your kid safe and sound when you are not around.

In this article, we presented top 6 call trackers for iPhone. Apart from their main option to track call history, each call tracker is unique and has outstanding features. The mSpy app can restrict unwanted calls, Mobistealth and FlexiSpy can record incoming and outgoing calls. So, go get one that complies with your wants and needs the most right now.

Top 6 Incoming and Outgoing Call Trackers for iPhone
Top 6 Incoming and Outgoing Call Trackers for your kid’s iPhone 1

These top 6 incoming and outgoing call trackers for iPhone can easily keep you in the know who your kids communicate with. Choose the best for your needs.

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