How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone

Recently, a friend of mine was really concerned about her husband’s behavior. She noticed that her husband is continually texting with someone from his phone. Obviously, texting is an ordinary thing all people do, but if your loved ones become obsessed about it, it is definitely a red flag that something is not right.  Moreover, she noticed that his facial expression was changing, and he was continually sniggering, letting on that he was communicating with someone special. 

She was interested if there is any way to spy on her husband’s texts without access to his phone, so she asked for help. Being more tech-savvy, I gave her a bit-by-bit explanation on how to read her husband’s texts without having his phone. And guess what? She figured out that he was cheating on her with his colleague. Thus, I realized that teaching people how to read messages of another person without having access to their phone may help to reveal cheating and prevent heart-breaking consequences. 

Not to be turned into a fool, here is a complete guide on how to spy on texts without the target phone. Go through every part to figure out how everything works.

Is it possible to read text messages without the phone?

Is it possible to read text messages without the phone?

If you ever found yourself in situations like the following, the desire to read someone’s text is absolutely natural: 

  • You want to check whether your partner is cheating
  • You want to identify who your partner is continually chatting with
  • You want to view all sent and received messages on your husband’s/wife’s phone
  • You want to see what your kid is chatting about 
  • You want to track the company’s owned devices to ensure they don’t misuse working time

If you’ve ever been in these situations, the question “Is it possible to read text messages without a phone?” obviously came to your mind. There is only one solution to this problem – the text spy app. Fortunately, there are plenty of such apps available on the market. 

Generally, using text spy apps is much simpler than you may think. Advanced monitoring solutions provide a possibility to spy on text messages without having a target phone in your hands. Once you get started with text monitoring software, you can read someone’s text messages online and check other activities such as GPS location, browser history, instant messengers, etc. 

Below we will consider some options that may help you to read someone’s text without a need to access their device.

Part 1: How can I read someone’s text messages from my phone

“How can I read someone’s text messages for free” is a common search on the Net. But, reading texts on another phone is much simpler than you may think. But, obviously, not all people know how to do it. 

If you surf the Net, the search result will show you a lot of ways to spy on text messages without the target phone. Thus, not all solutions are reliable and will actually work. Moreover, some solutions are aimed to lure you into the trap of cybercriminals, steal your sensitive data, or infect your devices with hazardous viruses. 

So, you obviously want a trustworthy app that is able to work and comply with your demands. The icing on the top of this solution has additional features to ensure complete customer satisfaction. 

Generally, using text spy apps is much simpler than you may think. Advanced monitoring solutions provide a possibility to spy on text messages without having a target phone in your hands. Once you get started with text monitoring software, you can read someone’s text messages online and check other activities such as GPS location, browser history, instant messengers, etc.  

Now, let’s move to such a solution, which not only enables you to read someone’s text messages but also opens the door to other activities on their devices.

mSpy app mSpyLite

MSPY – Around-the-clock Text Spy App That Keeps Tabs on Every Single Thing

mSpy is the ultimate monitoring software that has everything you need. Working in stealth mode, it remains absolutely undetectable by the phone owner, so you don’t need to worry that they will catch you red-handed. 

Reading someone’s text messages enables you to keep a vigilant eye on who your loved one’s chat with when they do it, and what they talk about. 

The app’s functionality is not just limited to reading someone’s text messages, but also has a great variety of other monitoring features to stay on top of your loved ones’ activities. Call logs, browsing history, GPS location, and social media, and even more – with mSpy, you get it all. 

Though it may sound far-fetched, this app is a leading monitoring solution on the market, with 95% satisfied customers. Those people who have doubts in its trustworthy may use a free trial to read someone’s text messages and see whether it complies with their demands or not. 

Millions of users from more than 100 countries use mSpy, complying with wants, and needs even of the most fretful customers. You may ask what makes people choose mSpy. That’s simple. Here are some cherries on the cake that raise customers’ satisfaction on a day-to-day basis.

Complete Message Monitor

You can read text messages of another person without installing software on their phones. All incoming, outgoing, and even deleted text messages will be visible for you at any time and any place.

Beyond that, you can monitor multimedia messages and texts sent via instant messengers (Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.). Due to this, you can always stay in the know what and when your loved ones’ type and whom they communicate with.

mSpy Complete Message Monitor

No Jailbreak is needed

You don’t need to jailbreak your target device, which makes mSpy stand out from its competitors. It is definitely the joy of all joys since you can read texts without the target phone and monitor other things you are interested in, and don’t worry that you will be caught. Your target person will not know that someone reads their texts without their consent, as well as monitor other things. 

Quick Installation and Easy Configuration 

The app is simple to use, and has a very simple installation process. You just need to know the iCloud credentials of your target iPhone and just several minutes of your time. No technical skills or advanced knowledge is required. 

Simple Online Dashboard

The app has an intuitively simple interface. Thus, there is no need to waste days and weeks figuring out how everything works. As it was already mentioned, you can spy on text messages without installing software, so there is no need to worry that you might be caught at any moment.

The mSpy’s web-based Dashboard can be opened at any time from any browser, which makes it simple to read all incoming, outgoing, and deleted text messages and check their time stamps. Beyond that, from the Dashboard, you can access other monitoring features to have full control over every single thing taking place on the target device.

No Digital Trail is Left  

mSpy is absolutely undetectable. So, when it comes to reading someone’s text messages, you will never be at risk of being revealed and caught. It is the best-case scenario for those who want to go unnoticed. If your target device runs on iOS, you can read text messages without access to the target phone, only knowing iCloud credentials.

Once you enter login and password, you can not only check someone’s text messages online but also monitor call logs, GPS location, instant messengers, and other activities. The app will be working silently in the background, and the owner of the device will not see the mSpy icon on the Home screen. Moreover, the app neither kills a battery nor slows a target device down. So, no one will even have a thought that mSpy is installed on their device. 

High-quality Troubleshooting 

mSpy has absolutely incredible customer service available around the clock.  So, if you have difficulties reading someone’s text messages or the information is not updated for a long time, you can always contact them, even if it is 2 am. Your request will be processed within the shortest period of time.

Beyond that, they can answer all your questions and help to solve all the difficulties you came through. As a plus, you can always try a free trial to understand how to read SMS messages from another phone.

mspy Screenshot 24/7 support

How to Read Text Messages from Another Phone Without Installing Software

Reading someone’s text messages has never been easier than with mSpy. Since iOS is the most popular platform these days, let’s consider how to read text messages from another iPhone without installing software on it. The crux of the biscuit is that no physical access to the target device is needed. All you need is to know its iCloud credentials. 

Here is a bit-to-bit explanation of how to do it: 

  1. Create an account
  2. Enter iCloud credentials. 
  3. Here you go. Now you can read someone’s text messages without accessing their iPhone. 

Note! It is functionality not limited only to reading text messages on someone’s phone; beyond that, you can read all text content on your target device.

mspy Screenshot of successful installation

Let’s have a close look where exactly you can check text content.

Text messages

As it was already said, it is possible to read all incoming and outgoing texts on someone else’s phone. Additionally, time, date, and sender/recipient information are also visible. A cherry on the top that it is also possible to read deleted texts on another phone. So, you will always be aware of what, when, and to whom your loved one texts. 

WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and others

The app functionality is not only limited to the possibility of reading text messages on another phone. It also provides an opportunity to monitor instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, and even more. The other way the cookie crumbles are opportunities to read texts in someone’s Instagram Direct and Snapchat. It is probably the only one app on the market that can do this. 

Incoming and outgoing emails

Reading someone’s correspondence also gives meaningful insights into their out and about. It is possible to read incoming and outgoing emails and check who they are sharing emails with. Also, in case of additional expenses, it is possible to view bank receipts to shed light upon your suspicion. 

Keylogger activities

The main benefit of keylogger is that it can record absolutely every single keystroke which is taking place on the target device. It may intercept any text message from another phone, passwords, logins, web searches, and other activities. All records are neatly organized on the online Dashboard, so you can check them at any time and any place you want to get detailed info. It is definitely a feature that will not leave any hidden text on your target phone.

Part 2: How to Read Text Messages from Another Phone for Free

Obviously, mSpy is not the only one app to read text messages on another phone. There are some other solutions. Spyzie is one of them. It has everything needed to compete with other solutions that exist on the market these days. Now, let’s have a closer look at Spyzie and its functionality.

Spyzie: The Phone Spying App to Read Someone’s Text Messages

Spyzie has a significant number of monitoring features to compete with others. It can be used by employees, spouses, or even worried parents. Spyzie enables you to read anyone’s text messages as easy as one, two, three. 

This solution is definitely should be considered by people looking for an advanced possibility to read text messages on someone’s phone and monitor other activities. While it is a fantastic simple tool, it is not free. But, if you are looking for a low-cost solution, they offer a free trial. You can use it to read someone’s text messages without them knowing. Also, you can understand whether this app complies with your wants and needs. 

How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages Without Installing Software

Spyzie is one of the best solutions on the market for reading someone’s text messages without having access to their device. The app can be used from any browser, enabling you to check all necessary data. It is absolutely simple in use. Only a few clicks are needed to see text messages from another phone online.

It has more than 3 million active users around the globe, and mostly aimed at keeping your loved ones safe and sound. 

Here is what text content Spyzie can track: 

  • Text messages
  • Instant messengers (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.)
  • Notes, Reminders
  • Keylogger
  • Browsing history 

Here is how to read text messages from another phone without them knowing:

  • Step #1. First of all, you need to create a Spyzie account. For it, you need to go to their website and click on the Signup button. Then, you need to enter a valid ID and password. After, you will get an email confirmation with a bill and link to download software. 

Note! Unless you register for a free trial, a subscription purchase is compulsory. You need to select the subscription plan that suits best for your wants and needs. 

Screenshot of installation
  • Step #2. You need to install software on your target device. Note! Remote installation is not available. 
  • Step #3. Configure the application once the app is installed. 
  • Step #4. Access Dashboard to read someone’s texts and monitor other activities. 

Screenshot of Spyzie Dashboard As you can see, Spyzie is another good option for those who what to read texts on another phone. But, Spyzie requires physical access to complete the installation. So, this option is not suitable for those who want to spy on text messages free without installing the software.

Part 3: How to Read Someone Else’s Text Messages Online for Free

When it comes to text monitoring, the majority of people want to do it for free. That’s why the question “How to read someone’s text messages without their phone for free” is very common. If you go viral and type this question, you will see a lot of methods for monitoring texts on someone’s phone without accessing the target device. 

Going through the search result, you will see that some of them offer to back up text messages or use iCloud. But obviously, it is not that you are looking for. 

One of the apps giving an opportunity to spy on text messages for free without having access to the phone is the FreeForward app. 

FreeForward: Spy on text messages without installing on target phone free

Well, to begin with, FreeForward is an app that forwards texts from one phone to another. Also, it can forward even call notifications from your target device. 

Compared to such phone monitoring apps like mSpy or Spyzie, FreeForward has very limited functionality and performance. 

mspy Screenshot of the app

Now, let’s shed some light upon the FreeForward app. Even though many people say that FreeForward ensures free text message spy without installing it on the target phone, it is not true. Text forwarding is enabled once the app is installed on your target device.

Since the app required physical access to the target device, the app can be easily detected by the owner of the target device. For instance, you may be unexpectedly caught red-handed when performing the installation process, or a target person can find this software on their device. FreeForward doesn’t work in a stealth mode, which makes this app absolutely useless. And, it is what a free app is all about. 

The next inconvenience is that the app doesn’t work for instant messengers like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. 

The main drawback is that FreeForward is available only for Android devices. It doesn’t work on iOS.

So, even though this app is free, we advise you to consider paid versions like mSpy or Spyzie to make your demands meet. You can start with a free trial, at least to see how things work.

Part 4. SMS Spy Without Access to Target Phone Free Trial

Part 4. SMS Spy Without Access to Target Phone Free Trial

These days, a lot of software companies promise the moon and stars, but in fact, they are limited in their functionality. Beyond that, they are not as good as they say. 

Keeping it in mind, the best scenario is to choose software that has a free trial. It means that if you are not happy with what software offers, you may look for other options. The main benefit of the trial is that you pay nothing until it expires.

While some people say that it is not possible to spy for free on target phone texts without access to it, there is at least one reliable solution – mSpy SMS spy tool. 

It is one of the most powerful ways to read texts on someone’s device. It perfectly gets its job done. It enables you to read text messages on any iOS without a need to install it. In other words, it means that you can quickly obtain information about text messages on your kid’s, spouse’s, or employee’s device. 

It is very convenient since you don’t need to worry that you might be caught while installing a text spy software on the target device. 

We recommend, to see how the app works before purchasing a subscription, so the best option to choose software with a free trial.  The mSpy app is the best option that offers a 7-day free trial. During this time, you can get whether the app is right for you or not.

Part 5: Enter Cell Number Read Texts Free Without Installing on Target Phone

If you go viral, you will find a lot of solutions that promise to give you a chance to enter a cell number to read text messages on someone’s phone absolutely for free. The service is one of them. Obviously, this app is not as good as mSpy and Spyzie, but still, it does its work pretty well. Let’s have a close look at this service. 

It is a web-based method that gives you a privilege to spy on someone’s texts absolutely for free. Users can read the last 100 from the target phone – 50 sent and 50 received. Generally, it is more than enough to have an understanding of who your loved ones are chatting with and what they are up to.

sms mspy Screenshot of the app

To start intercepting text messages from another phone is relatively simple. First, you need to go to the website. Then, insert the required information into the empty fields. You need to type a country, email, and phone number of a person whose texts you want to read. After that, click “Get messages,” and here you go. Once the interception is done, you will be able to read texts from another device. 

This solution performs interception is a stealth mode, so you don’t need to worry that the owner of a target device will detect the process. 

Still, the service is not 100% trustworthy. Probably from time to time, it does its work, but not always. Generally, the interception takes a lot of time and effort or results in a database error. Also, before you see all text messages that were intercepted from the target device, you will need to pass through a significant amount of surveys and verifications. Thus, such inconvenience is commonplace when you use something for free. 

In a nutshell, you can test SMS-peeper, but don’t expect too much from it. Better to consider a better alternative to this software, which would be more productive and reliable than SMS-peeper. 

Final Takeaways

As you can see, reading texts on another phone is not a pie in the sky. These days there are so many ways to read text messages from another phone without installing software on it. But only those that work in stealth mode can make your demands meet. Otherwise, it is an absolutely useless thing. 

Next thing criteria upon which you need to choose the right text message spy app without installing it on the target phone is the ability to work without jailbreaking your target device. First, you may be caught while physically installing software on your target device.

Second, performing a jailbreak on your target device, you ultimately put its security at risk. Taking into consideration all these, the best option is mSpy. Beyond the ability to read someone’s text messages without installing software on it, it gives an opportunity to monitor all text content on your target device. Instant messengers, emails, and generally, all keystrokes will be at your disposal at any time and any place. Moreover, it provides a lot of other features to help you out when you need it.

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