Catching a Cheating Spouse: How Can mSpy Help?

Catching a Cheating Spouse: How Can mSpy Help?

No cheating in human relationships is worse than a marital infidelity. Since fidelity is the heart and foundation of all marriage relationships, cheating drives a wedge between married couples. With the world becoming more morally loose, marital infidelity is fast becoming a norm. In fact, the architects of modern perversion have made every effort to downplay the effect and gravity of infidelity.

If you are a keen observer of trends, you will notice that the word “adultery” is soon losing meaning as a vice. Instead, they have baptized it with other words like “extramarital sex.” The implication here is not that of a morally unacceptable behavior or a vice. Instead, they are telling us that “sex is sex, the only difference here is that it is extramarital.”

With this kind antisocial engineering and deconstruction, the emphasis now shifts to “sex” while leaving out other more important issues such as broken trust and the words it creates. The truth is that marital infidelity involves more than just sex. It entails the wastage of time, commitment, sacrifice, and efforts combined to build a life. Therefore, it is naïve and insulting to tell a cheated and betrayed spouse that the cheating was just another “extra act of sex” done outside the marriage bed. That is why it is necessary to establish its gravity in its relational and moral context before bringing in a cheating spouse app.

With this definition in mind, it is right to call marital cheating “anti-marital sex” since it goes against the sanctity of marriage and the wellbeing of all its stakeholders—betrayed spouses, children, and the couple’s families. So, join me as we take a long journey that will show you how you can use modern technology to catch a cheating spouse.

Catching a Cheating Spouse Using the mSpy App: Why Do Spouses Cheat?

Catching a Cheating Spouse Using the mSpy App: Why Do Spouses Cheat?

Having seen the gravity of the problem, we now have a basis for discussing why people cheat in marriage. In this section, we look at some of the leading reasons for cheating.

  • The prevalence of sexual immorality and moral decay;
  • The casual way in which people treat marital infidelity as being an “extra” avenue of fanning one’s sexual looseness;
  • Sexual incompatibility among couples;
  • Carelessness among couples;
  • Lack of self-control—inability to say “no” to sexual advances;
  • Materialism;
  • Unresolved marital issues that accidentally drive one into a stranger’s bosom. For instance, a woman with an uncaring husband can easily fall into the hands of a caring man even when she was not planning to cheat on her husband.

Cheating spouse app: Why mSpy app advocates for fidelity

But despite all the possible reasons people have for cheating, none of them is justifiable. The reason is that all marital problems have a solution if couples are willing to resolve them. Moreover, trying to treat marital problems using sex is putting off a fire using petrol. That is why this portion of our discussion will share out reasons why marital infidelity is wrong to cheat. It will show you why it is easier, safer, and cheaper to remain loyal to your spouse than it is to cheat on them.

It is harder to restore broken trust

Before cheating on your spouse, you need to understand that you are risking the world’s most expensive commodity—trust. Cheating may seem cheap in the meantime until it dawns on you that you lost trust with a person who innocently trusted you. Moreover, broken trust has victims since it wounds your spouse. Besides, it hurts the two families engaged in the marriage as well as the children who sympathize with their cheated parent. It is easy to secure forgiveness because it is a gift of love. However, trust is not a gift of grace, and hence, you have to earn it. This means that your spouse can forgive you out of love but trusting again could prove difficult.

It is easier to satisfy one woman/man than lie

A Spanish saying goes that “He who loves one woman (in marital fidelity) loves all; but he who tries to love all loves none.” If you thought it is easier to cheat on your spouse, then think twice. It takes more emotional and intellectual struggle to deal with a secret lover than one’s official spouse. With cheating, you need to keep cheating to maintain the main lie.

Moreover, all lies have a short lifespan, and hence, you need to keep inventing more lies to keep hiding the original lie. All this takes sweat and stress besides the prison of fear you sentence yourself to.

You risk being caught

Another reason why fidelity is the only option for spouses is that you will one day get caught. In this world where your spouse can use a cheating spouse phone tracker, it is a matter of time and chance that he/she will catch up with your randy ways. Remember, even if you think you are too clever to be caught using tech, then be sure that the world is a small place. If you are not sure that you know all the people who know your spouse, then rest assured that they will catch up with you.

If you don’t believe, just ask all the men and women who have been caught. Even if you do it at the White House or the Buckingham Palace, it will eventually emerge. If you don’t believe it, then ask Prince Charles (he finally caught Princess Diana) and Bill Clinton they will tell you. These two incidences remind me of the African (Swahili) saying that goes, “A liar’s path is short.” If you want to run and hide, it will be short-lived.

You don’t have a monopoly

Do you want to cheat? Remember, you don’t have a monopoly of cheating. Your spouse can still retaliate and give you a bitter doe of your medicine!

You are not immune to STIs

As you plan to cheat, remember that STIs are still with us, and HIV/AIDS is their killer ring leader. Do you want to die prematurely? Then go ahead and cheat.

Cheating Spouse Tracker

Cheating Spouse Tracker

Using the mSpy App to Detect a Cheating Spouse

We now know why people cheat and why they should not cheat. But before we see how mSpy can help you to catch a cheating spouse, how do you detect an infidel spouse? In this part of our extensive coverage, we look at some of the signs and symptoms of a cheating spouse. Cheating spouse text messages on iPhone and Android using mSpy App: How to detect marital infidelity. This is how a cheating wife or husband behaves. Use these symptoms to catch a cheating spouse.

He/she goes missing in action

When a spouse starts cheating, they usually withdraw from you. You will notice that they are conspicuously missing in action. They will give you blackouts that will keep them away from you for long periods. At times, they will keep disappearing without telling you where they have been and what they have been doing. And when they try, they give you explanations that don’t add up. Instead of answering your questions, they only raise more questions than the ones you had asked initially. When you start noticing such behavior in a spouse who has been available, committed, and transparent throughout the years, then you have a reason to doubt them.

He/she loses interest in sex

Has your spouse suddenly lost interest in sex? This could be one of the cheating spouse signs you need to look for. However, lost interest in sex could be a sign of another medical or psychological problem. Therefore, you should examine the matter properly before concluding that your spouse has been “grazing out.” For instance, people can lose interest in sex due to medical reasons or if they are stressed. Women, on the other hand, can also lose interest in sex due to most of the contraceptives we have today (any married man knows what I mean). If you rule out any of the above underlying reasons, then most likely your spouse is cheating on you.

A sudden and suspicious flush of “generosity”

A sudden flush of “generosity” is another cheating on spouse sign to look for. If you have a husband who is not used to giving gifts and suddenly he has become “Mr. Gift,” you have a reason to be suspicious because he could be hiding something from you. They can create a false impression that they really have you “at heart” so that you don’t suspect that they have another woman they are seeing. Some of them could as well start taking you out to make you feel that you are the sole queen of his life.

However, I don’t mean that these actions in themselves/ are cheating symptoms. Instead, you need discernment to see through the motive of the actions so you don’t judge your husband based on mere actions. The reason is that some of them could have changed for good. For instance, a man who has been uncaring could reform and suddenly start acting responsibly towards his family. I know (and probably you know some) men who converted to religious faith and made immediate and radical changes in their lives. If you notice such sudden positive changes, you should examine their sourceinstead of responding suspiciously. For instance, if your alcoholic and irresponsible spouse gets born again, you would notice a cluster of reforms cutting across his life. So, the best way to deal with this case is sitting down with your husband and maturely/wisely asking him what has lately transformed his life.

No more interest in the family

A sudden loss of interest in the family and family events is one of the signs of a cheating spouse you should look out for. But it is necessary to look for the root of the sudden withdrawal before concluding. The reason is that it could be a temporary disruption stemming from another problem. For instance, if a husband becomes unkind and violent to his wife, she could lose interest in a marriage she has invested her everything into. This does not mean she is outrightly cheating, but rather, she is disappointed. On the other hand, if a man has a rude and stressful wife who is making his home a living hell, he could withdraw and spend his time out with friends. Therefore, spouses need to review how they are treating each other when such behavior crops up suddenly.

His/her phone becomes a touch-not product

Before engaging the details of how to track cheating spouse cell phone, it is necessary to note that the phone is one of the leading tools for infidelity. One of the leading signs of a cheating spouse is when they suddenly turn their phones into mine-only tools. If your spouse suddenly becomes over possessive of their phone, then something fishy is going on. For example, a spouse who used to leave you with their phone could start locking it with passwords.

Some of them will never allow you to access some sections of the phones such as social media accounts. Others may start receiving some calls in private to hide the contents of the conversations from you. Also, some people could buy new lines their spouses don’t have to use them for conversations and then remove them immediately.

He smells different colognes

He smells different colognes

If you notice that your husband comes back home with his clothes smelling different cologne from the one he uses, then you should smell a rat. This is a clear sign that he passed through “somewhere” and caught the perfume.

He/she backslides

If your spouse was deeply religious and suddenly backslides, then check out well. This could be a sign of something he/she is hiding.

They become secretive

Has your spouse suddenly become another CIA agent in your life? Do they want to know everything about you and yet they remain mysterious? Then, check out for possible infidelity.

You catch an STI

If you catch an STI without straying into adultery, can you guess who infected you? Your guess is as good as mine. Your spouse infected you.

Cheating Spouse Cell Phone Solutions and mSpy App

Having established the core of marital infidelity and how to detect it, let us now look at how technology can help you to confirm your suspicion. In this section, we examine how a cheating spouse app for android can assist you to track an adulterous spouse. We will explore how it can assist you to do so using different features and capabilities. Finally, we will return where we started and wrap up with how to transition from a technology-discovered problem to a human way of resolving it. Keep reading to discover how our cheating spouse tracker comes into the picture.

How to track cheating spouse cell phone: What the mSpy app can do for you

Our mSpy cheating spouse spyware can assist you to track an errant spouse in many ways. Here are some of its capabilities:

GPS tracking location

I hope you know of spouses who lie about everywhere they have been. For instance, if you ask them where they have been, they answer you “nowhere in particular,” and yet, they cannot tell where they were “in general.” With this capability, you don’t need to worry asking the where
they were “in particular or general.”

You only need to use it to track their location anytime they disappear for those “job seminars.” This feature on tracking a cheating spouse with a cell phone is great for catching spouses who flee to other states or cities with their paramours and lie about their location.

Phone call recording

Another way of catching a cheating spouse using mSpy is tracking their phone call records. They could be clever enough to delete all the incoming and outgoing call logs and even delete all built-in recordings. But with this feature on your phone, you don’t need to worry about this anymore. You just need to utilize this capability to outsmart them in their own game using their own game plan.
Moreover, you can get all the numbers the person calls and receives calls from. The reason is that the app records these conversations and uploads your cheating spouse cell phone records to your application’s control panel. This means you can access them online anytime and anywhere. Moreover, you can download them to your desktop as evidence. This way, you will have concrete proof to confront your lying spouse with.

View all WhatsApp chat conversations

Chatting is one of the leading and “discreet” ways spouses use to flirt with their anti-marital lovers. With our mSpy tool, you don’t have to fret about their chatting secrets in your cheating spouse texts. The app records all the names and numbers of the persons your spouse chats with. Moreover, it shows you their exact dates and times. If they exchange images and videos in their dirty conversations, you will also see them clearly. Just like call recordings, you can also access this crucial evidence to confirm your suspicions.

SMS spying

Besides instant messaging, SMS is still a favorite tool for communication among many cheating spouses. Since they have become clever, they know when to lie, and never send or receive SMS messages in their spouse’s presence. Also, they are smart enough to delete their messaging evidence. However, you no longer need to worry about this anymore.

With our solution, you can read the contents of any message your spouse sends and receives. You can also see the numbers that send to and receive messages from your spouse’s phone. So, how do you access your cheating spouse texts? You only need an Internet connection and you are ready to retrieve your cheating spouse text messages from your control panel.

Contact log spy

Is your spouse too clever to allow you to access their contacts? Perhaps they heard about some men and women who steal their spouses’ phones and start calling all the numbers demanding to know who the contacts are. If your spouse is this smart, just remain calm since our tool on how to catch a cheating spouse on Android and iOS allows you to catch them.

With this app, you can go through their phonebook entries and get all the numbers and names of people they have stored in their phonebook. You can also get other details they have saved such as email addresses and birthdays. Just like the other features, the app uploads all these details to your mSpy control panel. You can access them online anytime and from anywhere you will.

Operate in secret

But what if your spouse discovers you are monitoring them? Well, you also need to relax because everything takes place in stealth mode. This means that the program works discreetly and silently behind the scenes.

Alerts and notifications

What if they keep changing SIM cards? No need to lose your cool again! The reason is that the app notifies you of any such changes and tells you their new number. This makes your mission on how to track cheating spouse cell phone easier since SIM card changes don’t affect its effectiveness.

Track Internet browsing history

What about their browsing history? With this app, you also don’t need to fret about this. If your spouse is using any online platform to communicate with their secret lovers, the application will show you. Even if they are clever enough to delete all their browsing history, the application can retrieve it for you.

This means your efforts to track a cheating spouse free will have a broad-based impact because you will monitor them both online and offline. To access this information, you have to visit your control panel to download it. You only need to go online and retrieve it anytime you want.

What do you do with your discovery?

What do you do with your discovery?

So, you have done all your investigation and have evidence that your spouse is cheating on you. What happens afterwards? This question is fundamental and requires urgent answers before concluding this matter. The reason is that if you don’t handle the process wisely and proactively, you could end on an anticlimax note. That is why you need to determine what you want to do with the information you will discover and how you plan to do it. The reason is that mSpy will only help you to discover the information you need to know about your suspicious spouse.

However, it takes human wisdom, and not technology, to recover broken trust. Approaching the process this way will give you a safe landing that will benefit both of you, your children, and families. So, pay particular attention to this closing section of our post since it carries the purpose of your spying mission.

Know when to disclose the discovery

Since you have your cheating spouse caught red-handed, you should tread carefully with the evidence. We strongly recommend you don’t react to the discovery. This is usually a big challenge to our women because they can react emotionally. The same way you were patient and discreet enough to gather all this evidence without interruption, you need to approach this stage that way. So, know the most appropriate time (timing) to approach your spouse. We advise you take enough time together and raise the matter with them. You can expect them to go down in shock at the discovery and remain speechless. Some of them could turn violent and defensive.

Whatever the reaction, make sure you remain calm, firm, and objective. Ask them questions regarding why they went that far and be ready to listen if they explain apologetically. Also, be ready to assist them if they have an addiction to sexual looseness bearing in mind that the person could have married you when they had a “zip” problem. For instance, if your spouse has such a background where they cannot settle down with one person and they have confessed, then be ready to assist. If they come out honestly and say your misbehavior drove them to another man or woman, also be ready to shoulder the blame. For example, a very honest man could fall into the hands of another woman if he has a rebellious, quarrelsome, and disrespectful wife. He only needs to interact with a woman who honors and appreciates with without nagging him all day to succumb.

Set new rules of engagement

Once you have gotten to the root of the issue, you have to set new rules and terms of engagement. Both of you have to agree that your spouse must stop all the things he/she used to do when they were cheating on you. For example, if they had a million passwords on their phone, you have to agree that you will access any part of their smartphone whenever you wish. If they had begun coming home late and kept lying that they were from work, and yet, they were 15 kilometers away from the office, they must stop. You also have to demand that they commit to the resolutions you have agreed upon.

Seek help

Since you have caught the offender, be careful not to enter another trap. The reason is that all infidelity has a high cost and can have disastrous implications on its victims. If the effects are too hard to bear despite your spouse admitting and agreeing to change, you have to ask for help. For instance, it is not strange to hear voices shouting inside you saying, “All men/women are dogs and cheats; I will never trust them again. I am only remaining in this marriage for our children’s sake…” Such feelings are very normal to many people. However, if you find it too much to carry the pain of betrayal, then, seek assistance. For instance, you can seek the counsel of your spiritual leaders or professional counselors. Otherwise, you could live with a condemning and suspicious mind that could hinder your spouse’s recovery process.

Go for an STI test

Since you cannot be sure who your spouse has been sleeping with, you ought to stand firm and demand both of you go for an STI test. This is critical because your spouse could have caught an infection. It is possible for them to have gotten treatment but for your case, you remained behind. The reason is that since they were hiding something, it was difficult for them to face and tell you they have an STI.

Resume sexual relations slowly

People respond to infidelity differently. Some of them could react by repelling their spouses sexually out of the disgusting revelation they were sharing them with strangers. If you feel you no longer want or feel to sleep with your spouse, it is necessary to explain it to them and resume your sexual intimacy slowly. If your discovery leads you to this level, then accept it as a normal reaction to avoid interfering with the healing process.

What if they refuse to admit?

We end it here because this has to be the last option and result you should expect. However, we don’t rule out that your spouse can refuse to concede or stop their adulterous behavior. Here, you will need to tread carefully since the decision lies in your hands. If they definitely continue with their cheating, you have a right to terminate sexual relations with them (if you still have them) as the first line of defense since they could infect you. Also, you could go for separation as you wait for them to reform. But ultimately, you will have done your part to prove their errant behavior and approached them. Here, you will have washed your hands.

We end our long discussion on how our mSpy app can help you track a cheating spouse and help you initiate a recovery process. If you have such doubts, we welcome you to try it and confirm whether your fears are real or a figment of insecurity and jealousy.

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