How To Hack Instagram Account: Guide From Real Hacking Pro

How To Hack Instagram Account: Guide From Real Hacking Pro - mSpyLite

The Instagram hack has been an interesting topic to discuss for many users. From the moment, Instagram introduced direct messages, and many users get curious – how to hack an Instagram account. Many hacking enthusiasts want to crack the social media account and test the security levels of the platform.

Not only programming gurus are interested in the Instagram hack. Some parents are curious to find out who their children texts with on Instagram. So, they also ask about the Instagram hack. Let’s not to forget about jealous partners who want to know everything about their better halves!

For our keen users and other readers who want to find how hacking works, we present this guide. It will help you to hack an Instagram account like a pro!

Instagram Hack – What Do You Need To Know?

Instagram is a pretty simple social media. It stores all your media files nicely and stylishly and keeps your data protected. Instagram offers three ways to help users to restore their passwords.

The hack should be performed the way you would recover the password. So, to start cracking Instagram account, you need to try restoring the password using three options from Instagram. These are recovery using username, an email address, phone number and Facebook account. Continue reading to find out how to hack anyone’s Instagram without a fuss.

Step 1: Try Restoring Password Using Username

If you know the username of an account you want to hack, you can try restoring the Instagram password. Open the Instagram app, and tap Get help signing in. Enter the username of the account you want to hack. Then tap Send log in link. Instagram will then send a letter with a recovery link to the email associated with the account.

Then the confirmation pop-up appears. It will contain the email address they have sent a recovery letter to. But Instagram only shows the first and the last letters of the email address. So, you won’t be able to check for recovery email, unless you know the full email address of the user. If you don’t, we advise you to use a monitoring app to capture the email on the user’s smartphone. Here is how to do it.

Step 2: Capture Recovery Email On The User’s Device

To capture the recovery email, you need to install the monitoring app on the user’s device. Don’t worry: it’s 100% invisible on the smartphone. Once the app is set up, it will catch the received emails for you to see them instantly.

You don’t even need to know the email address – the app enters the phone’s data remotely and “download” the data stored on the memory. So, the Instagram recovery email letter go straight to you! Open the email and tap the password reset link. Set a new password and you are done with the Instagram hack!

Don’t forget to delete the email afterwards not to leave any hints.

Step 3: Recover The Password Using Email

If you don’t know the username, you can recover the password using an email address. Open Instagram and tap Get help singing in. Enter the email and submit the data. The confirmation banner that contains the email address will appear.

Going back to step 2, use the monitoring app to see the recovery email. Open the letter and tap the reset link. Create a new password and confirm. After that, make sure to get rid of the letter in the user’s inbox.

Step 4: Recover The Password Using Phone Number

The last option is recovering the password using the phone number of the user. If you do know the number, it will be no difficulty for you to reset the password. Repeat the actions described in step 1, but tap the Phone tab or Send an SMS if it’s Android.

Instagram will send the reset link in the SMS. Open the message to tap the link and create a new password. If you have no access to the user’s phone, we know the method that helps to intercept messages. You need the good old monitoring app to see the reset SMS and hack an Instagram account. The process is confidential so that the user won’t suspect anything.

Use Facebook Account To Recover The Password

The last but not least method that can help you to crack an Instagram profile is to use the Facebook account for it. Though, we should warn you: this method may not work for you if the Instagram account is not linked to Facebook profile. But you could try.

Open the Instagram app and tap Log in with Facebook. The window with already inserted credentials will appear. Tap Ok, and you will be able to navigate someone’s Instagram account freely.

Final Tips For Hacking An Instagram Account

Reading this guide, you may end up with the thought that it’s impossible to hack an Instagram account without a unique tool, which is a monitoring app. Why is it so often mentioned about?

The truth is no one can crack an Instagram profile without a particular app. There are a lot of websites and services that claim they can help you hack the account in a minute. But most of them don’t work. These scam companies are only meant to trick people into believing that hacking is easy.

Hacking is a complex process, and it can’t be performed without tools. Yes, you need to install the particular spy app. It’s the only trustworthy solution to the problem. With the smooth and useful mobile app, you can get hidden access to an Instagram account.

Be it your kid, partner, spouse or family member – you can spy on their activities remotely! Install the app to hack an Instagram account, leaving no traces behind.

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How To Hack Instagram Account: Guide From Real Hacking Pro
How To Hack Instagram Account: Guide From Real Hacking Pro 1

The Instagram hack has been an interesting topic to discuss for many users. From the moment, Instagram introduced direct messages, and many users get curio

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