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Skype Hacking: The Easiest Ways to Crack a Skype Account

Everyone’s Must-Read For Hacking A Skype Account In 2019

Over 40 million people use Skype daily, with a monthly average of 100 million people. These numbers are no surprise as the platform lets users communicate via voice, video, and instant messaging. On Skype, users can share photos and videos with family and friends.

If you want to keep track of a person’s activity on Skype, your best option is to hack their account. We’ve put together the easiest ways to crack someone else’s Skype account and see all they’re up to.


While we offer reliable information on hacking a Skype account, we do not, by any means, support compromising a person’s account for profit or other malicious purposes.

Hacking a Skype account can be a useful way to protect your children from potential harm online. It also helps you discover which employee behaves irresponsibly when you’re away from the office. Read on to learn how you can carry out a Skype account hack without stress.

How to Hack Skype Account Without Stress?

Hacking Skype – How To Start?

If you must hack a Skype account, it should be for legitimate reasons like ensuring your kids’ safety or recovering a lost password. You can also hack a Skype account to monitor your partner and relatives. The first thing to do is to initiate an account recovery process.

Skype, just like other mobile apps, knows that users can lose access to their accounts. The account recovery process makes it possible for users to regain access. Performing a Skype hack involves using this account recovery process to change a person’s login details.

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Skype, now owned by Microsoft, uses two-step verification to protect users’ accounts. That notwithstanding, you can follow the methods we’ve discussed below to hack a Skype account.

How to Hack a Skype Password?

Skype users can reset their login password when they lose it. They have to provide the email address, username, or phone number associated with the account. Usually, Skype will request for an additional email address they can send the recovery details.

If you have the email, username, or phone number of the target person, you can reset the password. The first step is filling the recovery form with the correct details. Skype will then send a mail to the additional email you provided. The mail will contain the account recovery link and verification code.

You should have no problem with this step if you enter the correct details on the recovery form. But what’s the alternative if you don’t have the person’s username or email address? We discuss that below.

How to Hack Skype ID?

A Skype username or ID is necessary to log in to the account. It’s also an essential piece of information when hacking a Skype password. If you don’t know the ID of the target account, your best bet is recovering it. Tap More sign-in options on the login page and select Forgot my username. Enter an associated additional email address or phone number in the box that appears.

Microsoft will then send a security code to the phone number or email address you entered. If you don’t have access to the target’s phone, it’s best to enter the additional email address. That also might present a problem if you can’t open the email address connected to the account. You can fix that problem by simply hacking the email account.

Enter the code on the box that appears, and Skype will present the accounts connected to the email address or phone number. You can then click on Sign In to log in to the target account. This process is easy if you already have the password to the account. Otherwise, you’ll have to go through the password recovery process to set up a new password for the Skype account.

The Best Skype Hack Tools

Reading through the article, it’s pretty apparent that hacking a Skype account without additional tools is quite a challenge. For example, you’ll need to hack into the person’s Gmail or Yahoo Mail account to get the recovery link and code. One app that makes that possible is the Keylogger.

The keylogging app captures every word a person types on the keyboard on-the-go. Whenever the target enters their password on the phone, the app records and sends it to you. However, the app cannot capture passwords already saved on the target’s phone. For example, if the target doesn’t have to enter their Skype password every time they log in, the Keylogger will have nothing to record. That underscores the importance of using more sophisticated apps that offer far-reaching hack functionalities.

Mobile monitoring software offers a convenient way to crack someone else’s Skype account. Skype apps collect information on all the activities a person carries out on their mobile devices. Spy apps track phone calls, text messages, GPS locations, social media apps, and IMs like Skype. Their ability to do a lot of things at the same time makes them the most viable monitoring option.

With spy apps, you can monitor the text messages sent and received by your target on Skype. The apps also take screenshots of your target’s Skype chats. Additionally, you get to see all the contacts on the account and the timestamps of every conversation. The apps also record keystrokes your target enters on the app, allowing you to set keyword alerts.


While Skype’s inundating security measures can make any hacking adventure rocky, our detailed guide can make the process seamless. Taking advantage of the account recovery process to reset a target account’s password is an effective way to hack a Skype account.

Alternatively, you can depend on spy applications to remotely track your kids, spouse, or employees on Skype. These tracking apps do more than show you the target’s Skype activities; you also get to see other details like incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, live GPS location, and social media activities.

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