How to Catch a Cheating Husband Using Mobile Spy Apps

Catch a Cheating Husband

Finding someone that makes you tick is the most incredible thing ever. It’s even more beautiful when you both decide to spend the rest of your lives together. Immediately, you launch into thoughts about the beautiful future you hope to share. You dream of the kids you are going to raise, and the many fascinating memories you’re going to create.

Therefore, it’s unsurprising how devastating it is to find out your partner is cheating on you. The complex mix of sadness, disappointment, pain, anger, and confusion can be shattering. While it naturally takes a while to process such information, it’s a reality you have to accept eventually.

So if you suspect your husband is having an affair with another woman, you have to confront him. It’s the very first step to knowing what to do next. It determines how you move on with your life – if that’s the end of the road for both of you together. But you can’t just accuse him of cheating on you without hard evidence. You need to have concrete proof, like text messages, social media chats, or emails, of his communication with another woman.

Hence, if you’re one of the women that are continually searching “how to catch my husband cheating” on the Internet, we’ve put together this article to help you. Here, you’ll learn how you can easily catch a cheating husband using the mSpy app. You’ll learn what to do afterward.

How to Find Out If Your Husband’s Cheating

How to know if your husband is cheating

Before the advent of tracking software like mSpy, it was challenging to know if your husband was cheating. You’d have to follow him around and catch him right in the act. Thankfully, modern apps save you that trouble by keeping tabs on your husband’s activities without moving a limb.

If you suspect you have a cheating husband, you can easily gather evidence from his conversations with the other woman. To further substantiate your argument, you need to look out for signs that he’s cheating on you.

Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

When the body is sick, it usually presents with observable signs and symptoms. Similarly, when your relationship is heading for the rocks, it lets you know.

So you may ask, “what are the signs my husband is cheating?” Men are possibly the worst pretenders. Hence, it shouldn’t be hard for you to notice some of the following signs if he’s indeed cheating on you.

●  A Sexless Relationship

Healthy sex life is one of the hallmarks of a thriving relationship. When your husband consistently refrains from having sex with you, there’s a problem. Less sex in a marriage could result from a variety of factors, but when one partner begins to feel his or her sexual needs abandoned, it’s a wrong sign.

There’s a likelihood that when your husband cares less about making love to you, he’s getting the pleasure from someone else. Beyond the act, pay attention to the enthusiasm, passion, and frequency. They could lead you to something significant.

●  He No Longer Enjoys Your Company

When the laughter and chatter are no longer there, when daily episodes of sighs and frowns come into the scene, you should be concerned. Cheating husbands tend to distance themselves emotionally from their wives. It becomes tough for them to get very friendly and enjoy their company. They limit the conversations to avoid spilling the bean of their affair.

Hence, you must look out for any sign of withdrawal, including brief conversations, restricted communication, date cancellations, and late-night outings.

●  He Begins to Spend More Time at ‘Work’

When your husband is cheating on you, he’ll use the excuse of work to stay out late. While you’re at home thinking he’s working his butt off, he’s busy cuddling another woman. Take note of a sudden change in work hours. Such could signify the beginning of a downward trend in your marriage.

However, you shouldn’t rush into conclusions just yet. You have to find a way to know if he’s truly spending the extra hours at work or in another woman’s arms.

●  He Doesn’t Let You Use His Mobile Phone

Partners who are genuinely committed and faithful to each other have no problem sharing their phones. However, if your husband is cheating on you, he’ll become very uncomfortable with you using his phone. The reason is simple: he doesn’t want you to see the conversation he’s having with other women.

If this is the case, you will notice the anxiety that plasters his face anytime you ask for his phone. Also, you’ll see how he avoids receiving some phone calls where you are. One of the most remarkable signs of a cheating husband’s cell phone is the presence of a security password. However, that’s not enough to conclude your husband is having an affair.

●  A Drastic Change in His Finances

Marriage partners are financially accountable to each other, so it’s not out of place to keep an eye on your husband’s finances. If he is having an affair with another woman, he’ll be spending more money than he used to.

Except there’s a project he’s funding or investment he’s making, a sudden change in his expenditure is a sign he’s using the money on another woman. Hence, you have to be alert to that.

●  He Starts to Keep Bags of Secret

What’s a marriage without honesty and trust? When your husband starts to keep things away from you, then trust is waning in your relationship. That’s only one side of the problem. The other part is that he’s likely opening his heart to another woman.

If a cheating husband doesn’t want his wife to know what he does outside, who he spends his time with, and all that, he will become highly secretive. That way, they leave the wife guessing what’s going on.

●  He Defends Infidelity or Completely Uninterested in Such Topics

If your husband gets defensive when you bring up topics on infidelity, there’s a huge chance you’re in trouble already. There’s absolutely no reason anybody could give for defending extramarital affairs. The only exception is that they’re right into it.

You should also take note of any sign of disinterest when you bring up such issues. A cheating husband will find discussing such topics very uncomfortable.

●  Lack of Emotional Connection

How well do you connect with your husband emotionally? Is there a gap in your commitment to each other? There has to be a solid connection for your relationship to flourish. If you no longer sync with each other, his heart is likely somewhere else.

A break in your emotional connection can push him into the embrace of another woman.

Other Signs to Look Out For

Apart from the signs we’ve considered so far, there is other evidence you can gather that your husband is cheating. For example, there’s no explanation you can give for a lipstick stain on his shirt other than cheating. If you notice a different cologne smell on him every time he comes home, that should ring a bell.

How to Know If Your Husband Is Cheating Using the mSpy App

How to know if your husband is cheating with mSpy App

While it’s good to look out for signs that your husband is cheating on you, they provide no concrete evidence. What if there is a better way to catch cheating husbands? That way would be having access to his conversations with other women via calls, SMS, social media, and chat applications.

With monitoring apps, like mSpy, you can easily find out if your husband is cheating. Of course, knowing that he’s seeing another woman can be devastating, but it saves you from investing so much in a marriage headed for the rocks.

Catch a Cheating Husband With Android or iPhone Using mSpy App

While infidelity can cost you your marriage, falsely accusing your husband of cheating can also do so. So if you suspect your husband is having an affair with another woman, it’s vital to get your facts right for two reasons.

One, you have to ensure you don’t depend on just assumptions to determine if he’s indeed cheating on you. Two, you need hard evidence to confront your husband with. You just can’t roll out the accusations without anything to back them up. Since you can’t follow him around with a camera or have access to his phone every minute, how will you catch him?

mSpy is simply the answer. The app provides you with functionality that allows you to find out if your husband is cheating. mSpy is an application you can install on his mobile phone to monitor his phone calls, SMS, web history, location, social media activities, etc. So if you want to catch a cheating husband, mSpy is exactly what you need.

Pros of the mSpy App to Catch a Cheating Husband

What are the advantages of using mSpy to catch your husband cheating?

1. Easy to Install

mSpy is easy and fast to install on the target phone all by yourself. That way, you can keep the tracking a secret. Stick to the installation guide on the website, and you are good to go.

2. Affordable Subscription Plans 

With mSpy, you enjoy amazing functionality, without having to spend a fortune. There are three subscription plans – Basic, Premium, and Business – you can select from. You can effectively monitor your husband using the Basic plan of just $39.9 per month.

3. Speedy Gathering of Information

Tracking apps work by gathering information about the activities of the target person. mSpy wastes no time in fetching these crucial pieces of data, and putting them together for your use. Also, you can be sure of getting accurate information.

4. Efficient Monitoring of Target’s Activities

mSpy efficiently tracks all your husband’s activities – calls, texts, chats, media files, and even location. If your husband is truly cheating on you, there’s no way mSpy is going to let that skip your notice.

5. Location Sharing

One of the most incredible features of the mSpy app is that it shares your husband’s location with you. So if your husband claims to be working late at the office, you can easily tell if he’s telling the truth on your mSpy dashboard.

6. Efficient Tracking of Media Files

What kind of images is your husband sharing with other women over the Internet? mSpy keeps track of all photos, videos, and documents your husband sends and receives. To make it even more interesting, you can still access these media files even if he deletes them.

How to Read Text Messages From Another Phone Without Them Knowing?

If you’re one of the women that ask, “How can I see my husband’s text messages without his phone?” mSpy is the answer you need. To read your husband’s text messages with your phone, install the application on his phone and put your tracking shoes on. If your husband has more than one cell phone, install it on the phone, he uses the most to communicate with other people.

With the mSpy app properly installed on your husband’s phone, you get live updates of his online activities – regardless of where he is. You can view from your Control Panel the people he’s texting, what the messages contain, and even the time he sends them. You get to see his call long, and how long he’s spending on every conversation.

That’s not all, as mSpy goes a step further to note any change in your husband’s voice during a phone call. The GPS location feature shows you the exact addresses of the places he visits and how often he goes there. You also get to keep tabs on his contacts and media files he shares online.

So you can monitor your husband’s activity without having to go through his phone. If your husband is cheating, there’s no better way to find out than installing mSpy on his phone.

Other Apps for Android

The Spybubble

The Spybubble is one more software that allows you to catch a cheating husband. If you feel that your husband’s behavior has changed, The Spybubble is a thing you can lean on. All you have to do is install the app on the husband’s Android phone and keep track of what he’s doing on his phone. The app stands out from the crowd by its reliability, a vast list of features available, and around-the-clock customer support. With such advanced software, you can keep track of who your husband is communicating with, record all his phone calls, and even track his current location. However, if you wish to block telephone numbers or web applications and websites, you need to bypass The Spybubble.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is a type of software that lets you catch a cheating husband. Hence, if you think that your husband is not faithful to you, Mobile Spy comes in handy. With it, feel free to check all his phone calls, text messages, and social media apps. If you face difficulties with installing such software, its customer support will gladly assist you. However, in order to keep track of WhatsApp or Facebook, you are required to root your husband’s Android phone.


Hoverwatch is an efficient app, which comes in handy if you deal with the husband’s infidelity. Just install it on your husband’s Android phone, and keep track of all his phone’s activities. While spying on a man’s phone, you can be pretty sure that he will not find out about actions since the app hides once installed and runs in the hidden mode. But again, in order to enable the software to work, you must physically access your husband’s phone.

Other Apps for iPhone

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is an advanced software that enables you to keep track of your husband’s activities on his iPhone. Hence, if you suspect your husband’s cheating on you, this app will reveal all your doubts. All you have to do is install it on your husband’s iPhone, and it runs in a hidden mode so that you won’t be detected. Mobile Spy lets you keep track of all his messages, phone calls, browser history, social media apps. However, if you are willing to take full advantage of Mobile Spy, you must jailbreak your husband’s phone.

The Spybubble

The Spybubble is the right software to choose from if you’re worried about your husband’s fidelity. While catching a cheating husband, The Spybubble will pass all the information to your user-friendly Control Panel. With it, you can access all the information you need, from text messages to social media apps. However, you should take into consideration that app’s price at the upper range. Hence, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly software, you need to bypass The Spybubble again.


XNSPY is an excellent choice if you wish to catch a cheating husband. Such software collects all the moves your husband does on his iPhone. All you have to do is install the app, and it will run in the hidden mode. Note that if you wish to use the app without limitations, you are required to jailbreak your husband’s iPhone.

Tips on Dealing With the Situation That Arises After Using mSpy

Now you’re more than certain your husband is having an affair with another woman. What are you going to do? The truth that your husband is cheating on you, if not handled properly, can plunge you into depression. To avoid that, you have to be clear-headed on what to do next if your husband has a thing going on with another woman.

Undoubtedly, dealing with such a situation can be extremely difficult and emotionally distressing. However, here are tips that can help:

Talk With Your Husband About the Revelation

This is one of the most difficult conversations you will ever have, but it’s essential to do it. Confronting your husband about his cheating is the most crucial step in healing from the pain and moving on with your life.

With enough evidence in your hands, this step becomes a lot easier. You’re not just accusing him based on mere assumptions, but concrete evidence. It’s also vital to use the right approach when bringing the subject up. That could just be the saving grace of your marriage or the calamitous doom.

Take Time Out to Think About the Situation

The period after discovering your husband is cheating on you is a critical one. Therefore, it’s important to be in the right frame of mind to make the best decisions. Naturally, your emotions will pump up following the revelation, and rash decisions would be just a stretch-of-hand away. However, you have to calm down and think.

Take some time off to process what you’ve just experienced. Such moments allow you to put things in better perspectives and arrive at workable solutions for your life and marriage. Staying away from him for some time can also help, although there’s no guarantee for that.

Overall, it’ll allow you to analyze the situation in the best possible way. Remember that his act of infidelity is not your fault, and you have no blame to take. Even some of your actions and behavior might have pushed him a step closer to the act; the decision to cheat on you was entirely his. Allow him to bear the full weight of the blame.

If you choose to overlook what has happened, and continue with the affair, ensure you’re doing so for your happiness.

Quit the Marriage

Saying goodbye to the marriage you’ve put in so much to build could be the most challenging decision. The decision to quit will eventually come from a variety of factors and considerations. But your husband’s attitude is a strong deciding factor.

If he is remorseful, for example, and is willing to let go of the other woman, there might be light at the tunnel’s end. If, on the other hand, he’s adamant about continuing his episodes with the woman, you might have to start packing.

Talk to a Professional

We all deal with hurt differently, and one that comes from infidelity can be life-shattering. If it helps, seek professional help from a therapist or a marriage counselor. They may not be able to bring your marriage back or erase the act, but they can help you get over the hurt. Talking to such professionals can save you from falling into depression.

What to Do If You Decide to Keep the Marriage?

What you should do in case you decide to stay with a cheating husband

For many women, the first thing that comes to mind when they find out their husbands are cheating is leaving the marriage. However, some eventually think things over and decide to stay, or talk with their husband and decide to give him another chance. If you choose to take this route, there are essential tips to help you live with a cheating husband.

Find Support in Others

No matter how much you try to live in denial, infidelity leaves a deep hole in your heart. This hole is filled with distrust, fear, paranoia, and inadequacy that threaten to swallow you. That’s why we don’t recommend dealing with such a situation on your own.

You can make use of professional marriage counselors and therapists of high repute, support groups, trusted family members, relevant online resources, and any other trustworthy form of support.

Rekindle Your Relationship With Your Husband

While you have to deal with the feeling of betrayal, he’ll most likely be overwhelmed by a sense of guilt. So more than ever, you both have to be close to each other to rebuild the relationship. While getting close to each other again can be difficult, it’s the surest way to heal from the pain.

He Has to Fix His Mess

Your husband must understand that what he’s getting is another chance to become a better person. That means he has to do away with every tendency of infidelity. He should understand you’re not going to put up with his mess if he isn’t ready to do anything about it.

Build Sexual Intimacy

Sexual intimacy with a cheating husband can be awkward. Yet, it is an effective way to recreate the spark in your relationship. While your husband’s thoughts of making out with another woman might come now and then to plague you, sexual intimacy is a goal you should gradually build towards.


You’re not alone in the world of wanting to know if your husband is cheating on you. Several signs suggest the possibility that your husband is having an affair with another woman. However, the best way to find out is to use tracking software that monitors all of his phone activities.

Here, mSpy comes into the scene, as it’s the most powerful and reliable way to keep track of your husband’s calls, messages, social media activities, contacts, location, etc. With mSpy, you can easily find out if your husband is genuinely cheating or not – with little or no effort.

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