Inside the World of Serial Cheater: All You Need to Know

Inside the World of Serial Cheater: All You Need to Know

Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater!

“Once a cheater, always a cheater,” this phrase is spot-on when it comes to serial cheating which usually doesn’t stop. You may ask what serial cheating is. It is exactly what it says: when a person cheats not once, twice or more times being in a relationship or marriage. 

Serial cheating facts and stats 

According to the statistics of the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, the picture of infidelity is the following:

  • 41% of marriages accept cheating of one partner, either physical or emotional
  • 57% of men confirm being unfaithful in their previous relationships
  • 54% of women confirm being unfaithful in their previous relationships 
  • 36% of people accept having a love affair at work
  • 36% of people admit being unfaithful during business trips 
  • 2 years: is an average affair lasts for 2 years 
  • 31% of marriages overcome cheating
  • 74% of men and 68% of women accept they would cheat if they knew they wouldn’t be caught

At the start of any relationship, both partners wear pink glasses, trying to demonstrate their best sides. So, in most cases, it is almost impossible to guess whether this or that person is good for you. Trying to make a good impression on a first date, people often pass themselves off as something they are not. Some people pretend to be nice and innocent, but actually their behavior hint at something different. 

Let us say you knew that someone would cheat on you later in the relationship. Would you waste time on them? Obviously not. To stay away from such people here are the most popular signs of a serial cheater that you definitely need to know to stay safe:

They always keep things light 

In most cases, serial cheaters are interested only in having a whale of a time and avoid serious topics such as marriage or children. Serious cheaters don’t like to make promises and reassurances. They are afraid of developing a deeper connection and emotional attachment. And, usually, they are unlikely to give hope or any expectations. 

They never had long-term relationships

Monogamy is not typical for serial cheaters, and they take it for granted. They don’t care when to cheat or with whom. You may wonder whether serial cheaters can become faithful? Probably not since their inner gut is always longing for the thrill that comes when they get an affair with someone new. That’s why they never get long-lasting relationships. 

They feel like a fish in the water

A date without worrying and loss of words is a rare thing. If a person is very calm and confident on a first date, it may be one of the signs of a serial cheater, who has a polished approach to dating. 

They have a mind like a sieve

Dating a serial cheater is very disappointing since they are flakey and always break promises. They may forget about the upcoming date or your birthday. They usually even forget to return a call or answer a text when you are apart. If you expect that serial cheater can change later on, you are absolutely wrong. Their behavior will not improve, and they will not start to respect you out of a sudden. 

They are not transparent

A serial cheater will care about personal boundaries more than any other person. They are always secretive about their leisure hour as well as not willing to share when and how they spend their day. Also, they may quickly get annoyed when you ask to borrow their phone to make a call or surf the Net. Without doubts, if your partner hides their phone or shuts down the computer every time you enter the room are definitely signs of hiding something. 

They lessen the problem of cheating

If during a talk, your partner says that cheating is not a big deal or that “both men and women cheat,” it is a red flag of potential or actual infidelity. 

They don’t care about your well-being

It is uncommon for serial cheaters to ask about your day or what you are doing. They are just not interested in it. If you disappear for a few days, they are more likely not to notice it. 

They don’t want to change their behavior

Also, if the serial cheater knows that their behavior is disrespectful or hurtful, it is more likely that they will not change it as they don’t want to. 

They have low self-esteem

You may be surprised, but very often serial cheaters have lack of confidence or suffer from low self-esteem. That’s why they always need acceptance from others, and intimacy is one of its forms.  

They blame their EXs

If a person says that everyone before had a problem such as selfishness, meanness, jealousy, or rudeness, you can be the next in this list. In any relationship are always two people to blame.

They lie and don’t care of others

Serial cheaters still lie about even the smallest things. Furthermore, they neglect the rights of another partner of the relationship, always thinking only about their own interests.

They don’t have a guilty conscience or empathy

Serial cheaters believe that nothing is their fault. They obscure the feelings and needs of others. Besides, they refuse to make mistakes or deny hurting the feelings of their partner.

They’ve cheated in past relationships

If they already cheated in the previous relationship, it is more likely they will cheat on the next relationship as well. 

They experience delusions of grandeur

Usually, serial cheaters have megalomania and consider they are unique and special. Due to this, they expect a favorable attitude which complies with their expectations. 

Well, all these give a clear definition of serial cheating. Even if it may be difficult to identify serial cheating at the very beginning, the serial cheating traits mentioned above can help to find out the truth and understand whether they fit a profile of your partner. 

Why am I a serial cheater?

Why am I a serial cheater? 

In most cases, the confessions of a serial cheater have two main reasons. All these reasons are linked to self-doubt and short on self-confidence. 

Reason #1. A cheater is intimidated by their significant other

It is a common case for serial cheaters to feel intimidated by their partner. Well, in most cases, it is not actually what their beloved one does, but a cheater continues to be obsessed with this idea. As a result, they look for an affair with an inferior companion. They may choose a partner due to various reasons, e.g., physical or mental condition.

It can be a simple one-night stand with the one who is non-threatening or long-term connections that seem to regain understanding. Instead of self-doubting, serial cheater feels stronger, more powerful, and more confident. Besides, cheating is an act of resentments against their partner whom they consider as too powerful. But all these kinds of confession have temporarily effect on a cheater.

Reason #2. Common-spread sexual self-objectification 

The next reason that involves people into serial cheating is sexual self-objectification. A serial cheater always needs to have proof of being seen as sexual for others. It is not that a serial cheater has nothing common with being insecure about their sexual capabilities. It is because a serial cheater has nothing to offer apart from the sexual attractiveness.

Due to this, serial cheater feels a constant need to flirt or behave in an inappropriate way to hook people to whom he is attractive. Because such people feel themselves as sex objects, they frequently sexualize all the relationships, and business is not an exception. 

And they move from one relationship to another at ease. 

Can a Serial Cheater Ever Change? 

Regardless of the addictive behavior, even the most avid serial cheaters, can change. But both for cheater and his or her spouse it is crucial to understand that the problem is much deeper than only sex. The answer lies in psychological disorders like inferiority complex, self-doubt, and fear. It is only possible to overcome serial cheating by eliminating all these issues. It may be tough, but still, a beatable challenge that requires time for complete treatment. 

Additionally, it requires watchfulness. Even if a treatment is successful, an addict is vulnerable to sexual validation and are vulnerable when it comes to flirting or temptation that will completely disappear only in few years. 

Inside the World of Serial Cheater: All You Need to Know - FAQ


How to spot a serial cheater?

Being cheated on is heartbreaking, but there are some precautions to identify the deception. To reveal serial cheating, check the most popular signs of your spouse’s infidelity. 

How to forgive a serial cheater?

If you are thinking about forgiving a serial cheater, you need to understand that there is always a chance that your partner will slip up again. Make sure you forgive a serial cheater if they show efforts in fixing themselves, not just saying words that it will not happen again.

How to leave a serial cheater?

Is this not the first time your partner is cheating on you? Well, let us be honest if your partner doesn’t show any effort to get rid of constant affairs with others and keeps giving you silly promises. Unfortunately, you seem to be stuck with a serial cheater. They will never change. You need to pick yourself up and move on. 

How to handle a serial cheater?

Being cheated on is the most unpleasant scenario in any relationship. If you experienced it, the best outcome is to stop any connections with such person immediately. 

How to catch a serial cheater?

To spot a serial cheater, you need to be vigilant and pay attention to the signs of serial cheating. 

How to stop a serial cheater?

It is not your responsibility to stop the cheating behavior of your partner. It is a golden rule of every relationship to be honest and respect for each other. 

How to identify a serial cheater?

It is much easier to identify a serial cheater if you pay attention to these signs. 

How to change a serial cheater?

Serial cheating can be stopped only if an addict shows any efforts and desire to overcome those behaviors. In any other cases, all struggles to change a serial cheater will be in vain. 

How to love a serial cheater?

To be in love with serial cheating is like to fight a losing battle. It is better to stay the hell away from extra affectionate people. 

How to confront a serial cheater?

The best way to confront a serial cheater is to cut down all the connection with an unfaithful partner. 

How to fix a serial cheater?

It is only possible to overcome serial cheating by eliminating all psychological disorders like inferiority complex, self-doubt, and fear.  

How to recognize a serial cheater?

To recognize a serial cheater, you need to keep a watchful eye to these red-flags. 

How to get over serial cheater?

Getting over serial cheater requires time and effort, especially if you are in love with this person. First, you need to forgive your partner to move on. Second, you need to focus on something else, e.g., find a new hobby. 

How to tell a serial cheater?

Honestly, serial cheaters don’t feel remorse even when they are caught. To prevent deception that may last rather long, you need to pay attention to these signs. 

How to divorce a serial cheater?

If you are married to a serial cheater and done of continuous affairs, the best way is to get a divorce. 

How to cure a serial cheater?

To help your partner to stop serial cheating, you need to understand what lies behind. It is possible to cure cheating only by curing physical disorders. 

How to survive a serial cheater?

If you are faced with serial cheating, the best way for you is to stop the toxic relationship and focus on something else. 

How to date a serial cheater?

Serial cheater is definitely not the best match to share a life with. It is better to stay away from extra affectionate individuals. 

How to deal with a serial cheater?

Well, if you’ve become a victim of a serial cheater, take a deep breath and don’t blame yourself. Have a conversation to decide the reason and understand whether you want to continue this relationship. But actually, the best outcome for this scenario is to leave toxic relationships and start a new one with a person who respects and cares about you.

In Bed with Serial Cheater: How to Identify Toxic Relationships?
Inside the World of Serial Cheater: All You Need to Know 1

What can be worse than being cheated once? Being cheated on multiple times. Learn what serial cheater traits to look for to spot the confessions of a serial cheater.

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