How to See Who Your Boyfriend Is Texting Without Him Ever Suspecting You

Who is my boyfriend texting?

Have you found yourself frequently asking this question recently? Is your boyfriend acting suspiciously and giving you a reason to believe he may be being unfaithful? Although he may be totally innocent and just chatting to his friends or family, it can be worrying to see him always on his phone, and even more so if he is being secretive or acting differently. To ease your anxiety and get the truth once and for all, it could be a good idea to look at his messages. Before you do, let’s look at some classic telltale signs that suggest your man may be cheating.

Why Should I Spy My Boyfriend’s Texts?

If you already feel a desire to check his messages, you’re probably acting on a good instinct. If you want to confirm your suspicions, check our list of questionable behavior that may suggest your boyfriend is cheating. You have cause for concern if he is:

how to see who your boyfriend is texting
  1. Being overprotective with his phone. If he suddenly never leaves it lying around or changes his password and won’t tell you what it is, he may have something to hide. Check his body language when he uses his phone: does he point himself away from you, subconsciously trying to create a wall of secrecy? This is a classic sign of trying to cover something up.
  2. Being vague about where he spends his time. If he doesn`t tell you what he does and where he is when he’s not with you, this could indicate bad behavior, particularly if he becomes angry and defensive when questioned. You don’t deserve to be made to feel bad for wanting to know what he’s up to! Another signal of wrongdoing is if he starts acting jealous and accusing you of being unfaithful – this is a manifestation of his own guilt.
  3. Not answering calls in front of you. Putting distance in between himself and you is a sign that he might be seeing someone else. A typical example of this is leaving the room to answer phone calls, which implies that he doesn’t want you to know who he’s talking to, or what he’s saying to them.

If you recognize one or more of these in your boyfriend’s recent behavior, he may have something to hide, which means it’s time to act.

How to See Whom Your Boyfriend Is Texting Without Him Knowing?

There are a few ways to know for sure if your boyfriend is being unfaithful, and some are more effective than others. Let’s have a look at your options:

1. Confront him

A good relationship is founded on trust and open communication, and ideally, if you suspect your man of foul play, you should be able to ask him outright. If he’s innocent, he’ll be able to put your fears to rest and assure you that he loves you and is not lying to you. Nevertheless, if you’re already feeling vulnerable and insecure, you may not have the confidence to initiate this conversation right now. What’s more, if you truly suspect him of straying, it might be pointless to confront him and only give him an opportunity to lie and hurt you further.

2. Ask your friends

It’s good to get an outsider’s objective opinion to help you gain some clarity and check the facts. Consulting your friends will help you understand if you are being rational or not, especially if they know your boyfriend well and can judge his behavior. If he’s acting very strangely, you could consider asking his friends. However, this is risky as they might tell him that you were snooping, which could damage the relationship if he turns out to be innocent.

3. Hire a detective

Hiring a detective will definitely give you the answers you need about whether your boyfriend is seeing someone else. They can keep an eye on him from a distance, provide you with information about where he goes, what he does and whom he sees and therefore settle your worries about his fidelity. However, private investigators don’t come cheap and they can take weeks to gather enough evidence to come to a conclusion, so this might not be a realistic option if you want answers quickly and don’t want to break the bank.

4. Spy on your boyfriend with mSpy™

If you need evidence that he’s being unfaithful, you’re almost certain to find out on his phone. Want to know how to see who your boyfriend is texting? The simplest and safest way to do it without him knowing is by using a spy app to check his messages. There are lots of examples of this technology around today, but they are not all verified, so it helps to do your research before choosing the right one. One of the best is mSpy™, which allows you to read your boyfriend’s messages, check his calls, and locate his phone without him suspecting a thing.

How Do I Spy on My Boyfriend’s Texts?

mSpy™ is easy to use and incredibly effective. Follow these five easy steps, and you can finally stop asking: “who is my boyfriend texting?”

Step 1 – Register your mSpy™ account

To start, you need to register your account on and choose your subscription. The price starts at only $1 a day – less than you spend on your morning coffee and worth every cent to finally see who your boyfriend is texting.

how can i see who my boyfriend is texting for free

Step 2 – Provide information about the device you want to monitor

Make sure to check the compatibility of your boyfriend’s device, as there are different setup processes for iPhone and Android.

who is my boyfriend texting

Step 3 – Run the application and accept the permissions

mSpy™ collects data from the device and displays it in the Control Panel, which you can access from any browser. You’ll need to get access to your boyfriend’s phone or iCloud account initially to be able to install the mSpy™ software. It doesn’t matter if your device is different from his, you’ll still be able to see his messages, so long as you can access the mSpy™ Control Panel.

Step 4 – Delete the application from your boyfriend’s device

Make sure to remove the mSpy™ app from the device after setting it up as this way, you can access his phone without him having the slightest idea.

Step 5 – Login to your Control Panel and start tracking your boyfriend’s phone

Once everything is set up, you’re totally free to see his calls and messages, track his GPS location and look at his multimedia files via your mSpy™ Control Panel, accessible via any browser.

track my boyfriend by phone number

Feeling like your boyfriend is seeing someone else can be heartbreaking. You may not want to believe it, but if he is displaying some or all of the signs outlined in this article, he could well be betraying your trust with another woman. If you have reason to suspect, you’ll want to act quickly and the easiest way to get answers is to see who your boyfriend is texting.

Using an app like mSpy™ is the best way to get real, solid proof about who your boyfriend is talking to and about what. He won’t be able to lie if you present him with cold hard evidence gathered from the top of the range technology used by this mobile spying app. Affordable and undeniable, let mSpy™ help you get to the bottom of whether your boyfriend is cheating or not, so you can move on to a more healthy and loving relationship.

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