How to Locate My Wife`s Cell Phone Without Her Knowing

Nowadays, our smartphones are with us at all times. For this reason, in order to know where a person is, being able to locate their personal phone will give us the answer we need. But how can you locate a phone?

In this article, we’re going to go over some simple ways you can use to track a cellphone in case you’re wondering where your partner is, as well as provide useful information as to how to better use those resources.

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Why Locate My Wife’s Phone?

How can I secretly locate my wife by phone” is a pretty common question. There are several different reasons why a husband could be trying to locate his spouse’s phone. Maybe you just want to surprise her, or perhaps you’re worried about her well-being and you want to check on her, but she’s not answering her phone.

Sometimes though, the reason isn’t so optimistic, and you’re actually looking for a way to find out if your wife has been telling you the truth regarding her whereabouts or if she’s cheating on you. If that is what you’re suspecting, then accusing your wife directly or starting a fight won’t get you anywhere.

A good option in those cases is getting a tracking app and gathering the information, so you can then confront your wife. Keep in mind that pointing fingers and addressing the situation in an accusing way is never a good solution and, before you decide to do anything, you should always make sure you have enough proof to support your case.

Regardless of your reasons, these tracking methods will give you the key to the answers you were looking for. Find out whether your wife is at work like she was telling you or if she’s somewhere else entirely, thus lying to you.

Before we start describing each method, let me give you some advice on things you should consider before choosing a tracking app:

  • Features: each method we’re about to show you has different characteristics and offers different features. If possible, try to pick the one that provides more options.
  • Installation: consider how easy it is to install each app and which one suits your situation the most.
  • Price: some methods will be free of charge; others will include different plans. Remember that even if you need to pay a small price, some methods offer more features than others.

Methods to Secretly Locate My Wife’s Phone

Let’s now start with some different methods to easily locate any smartphone. All of these options are valid and offer useful features you can use to achieve your goal.

Find My Device for Android

This app from Google is extremely easy to download and install. Once you get a hold of your wife’s phone, you can find it in the Play Store, all you need to do is click on ‘download’ and you’re set. The next step will be logging in and make sure the location option is turned on.

Remember to also log in to the same Google account in your computer to be able to access the phone’s location remotely and check your wife’s whereabouts comfortably from your mobile device or laptop.

Find My Device for Android will work pretty well as long as the phone is connected to WIFI or mobile data and, other than telling you the phone’s location, this app will offer other features such as:

  • Remotely erasing the phone
  • Remotely locking the phone
  • Remotely playing a sound

As the last comment on this method, we’d like to say that this app also works on tablets and smartwatches.

Find My Device for iOS

If your wife owns an Apple device, then a good way to track it is through the Find My Device app. This app is already installed into any Apple phone; therefore, you won’t need to actually download it on your wife’s phone.

Thanks to Bluetooth signals, this app will help you find your wife’s phone even if the device is offline or running low on battery, allowing you to see their location on a map through iCloud.

With Find My Device, you can also set up notifications in order to know when your wife leaves or arrives at a place, this way you’ll know for sure when she gets off of work and if she comes straight home or takes a suspicious detour.

All you need to do is access your wife’s phone and secretly share her location with you. After that’s out of the way, you only need to sit back and monitor what happens.

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Besides showing you the location of your wife’s cellphone, Find My Device also allows you to:

  • Play a sound on the device
  • Put the device in lost mode
  • Track iPads, Macs and AirPods as well
  • Erase the device

Locate the Phone Using IMEI

“How can I locate my wife’s cell phone without touching it?”

The answer to that question is the IMEI Tracker. IMEI is short for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity and it consists of a 15-digit number which is associated with a specific phone number.

The only thing you need to do before being able to track the cellphone is to find out the IMEI number and then insert it in the online IMEI platform. The location of that specific phone number will then appear on a map.

find my wife`s cell phone with imei

You can get your wife’s IMEI number from her phone operator and, once you have it, just go online and fill in the information related to the phone the platform requires before tracking the device.

Be aware that IMEI only shows the position in a precise moment. Therefore, if the phone is in motion, this method might not be accurate at least until the phone stops moving. Sometimes, refreshing the page multiple times is needed to find the correct location of your wife’s device.

Use mSpy Application

Out of all the methods we described, this is definitely the most valid and comprehensive one. The mSpy app is specifically designed to track and monitor iOS and Android devices. It will not only show you the location of the phone, but it’ll also allow you to access text messages, social media, and a lot more.

It’s one of the most reliable monitoring software options and it has more than a million users worldwide.

mSpy is a paid service, but offers free trials and affordable buying plans:

  • Basic Version for $29.99 per month, which includes all the main features.
  • Premium Version for $69.99 per month with all the available features included in the plan.

Once you purchase one of the two plans available, you’ll need to install the software and log in to your Control Panel. Afterward, detailed instructions will help you move forward and start monitoring your wife’s device.

In case your wife owns an iOS device, you won’t need to actually install the software on the phone, but you can simply synchronize the app with your wife’s iCloud credentials. If the phone you need to track is Android, you just have to get a hold of the device for 15 minutes in order to get authorized physical access.

how to locate your wife`s cell phone without her knowing

If you’re wondering what main features mSpy offers, here is a quick list:

  • GPS Location Tracking: Be aware of your wife’s location at all times, thanks to mSpy.
  • WhatsApp Monitoring: Get access to one of the most popular text messaging apps to check if some of your wife’s conversations sound suspicious.
  • Call Logs: Know who your wife calls and how long the calls are. This feature works for both outgoing and incoming calls.
  • Snapchat and Instagram Monitoring: Monitor these popular social media to see if anything is going on.
  • Media: With mSpy, you’ll also be able to see the pictures and videos your wife takes.
  • Text Messages Monitoring: This feature lets you see all the messages your wife sends or receives. Moreover, you’ll also have the chance to see the messages that are deleted.
  • Browsing History: Know which websites your wife visits, as well as the emails she sends or receives.

Besides these main features, mSpy allows you to be aware of all the activities that take place in the selected device. For these reasons, this is the best method to adopt if you suspect your wife is cheating on you.


After analyzing these methods, we’d like to recommend mSpy as the best way to monitor and track a phone. Although the other methods might be free of charge and easy to install, they’ll only show you the location of your wife’s phone.

Instead, mSpy can tell you so much more about everything that happens on that phone, from the location to phone calls and text messages. Moreover, installing mSpy isn’t complicated, and it will help you gather the information you need in order to confront your wife about everything that’s happening in your relationship.

We hope this article could help you find the right tracking method for you and that you’ll soon find the answers you were looking for.

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