How to Forgive a Cheater – Top Tips

How to Forgive a Cheater – Top Tips

When your partner has cheated on you, it’s hard to remain calm and hide those feelings of hating him for this. Your emotions scream at you to never forgive him while you yourself burn at heart keeping those feelings inside your heart. Even if you try hard to forgive, your mind does not allow you to do so but with some tiny efforts of your willpower, it is possible for you to determine how to forgive a cheater.

You will be surprised to see that forgiving will give you great relief within yourself to turn your negative feelings into positive ones. Once you forgive the cheater, you will find that you have been benefited more than the cheater. If you do not, all the feelings of anger and hating someone will act like a poison in your life. Forgiveness, on the other hand, will work as medicine for you. So, how can you forgive a cheater and how to achieve forgiveness?

Here are some of the top tips on how to forgive a cheater and you will be able to do this successfully to begin your life journey again from the start:

Accept that He Has Cheated

Before you can even know how to forgive a cheater, you must accept that he has cheated. Sometimes, you find it difficult to accept that you have been cheated by someone you truly love, and this makes things even more difficult for you. This leads to you cry and cry all day long resulting into making your life miserable. Not accepting may cause depression since the initial stage of feeling the grief and denial could turn into serious depressive thoughts which could overpower your desire to forgive someone. To avoid yourself reaching the phase of depression, you need to first accept that you have been cheated so that you can move on in your life after the feeling of grief is over.

Take your Decision to Forgive

Now that you have accepted that your loveable partner has cheated on you, you can take your decision to forgive him. To find out how to forgive a cheater, you should first understand how powerful forgiveness is. There are many benefits of forgiving a cheater. You will not only find it comfortable, but this may get your relationship back on track. This will free yourself from all the pain and feelings of being hurt.

Secondly, your partner may change himself and become a part of your life again. But before you know how to forgive a cheater, the question you can ask yourself is to decide whether you are ready to forgive him. While you have the option to forgive, you are not obligated to do so. It may be the case that you are not ready, or you are just not comfortable with it right now. Forgiving someone is a personal decision and each relationship differs. Hence, you should think deeply before taking about this as this could be your first step to forgiving someone.   

Have Open Conversation with your Partner

If you know how to forgive a cheater and are trying to forgive someone, do not try to hide your emotions from him. Find a suitable time that works for you and your partner to meet somewhere. Be honest to yourself and to him for having an open conversation about your feelings. You may talk openly with or without taking help from an external professional on how to forgive a cheater.

Discuss what has happened, why he has cheated on you, how felt about this, tell him you want to forgive and talk about how you want the relationship to go forward. If your partner wants to come back in your life, think whether he can be trusted and if he is likely to cheat on you again. If he is open about sharing his feelings, lies, and secrets about the relationship and you find him eliminating all the misunderstandings, you it’s a high chance that you will be able to forgive him and get him back on track in the relationship.

Find Out What Went Wrong

When you would like to have an open talk with your partner, discuss and explore what went wrong with your relationship with him. But before going into the conversation, keep in mind that it was your partner who has cheated on you and you have not done anything wrong. So, you should keep the blame away from you. In your conversation with him, you need to talk about the reason why he cheated on you.

Find this open discussion as an opportunity to examine the cause of your broken relationship. There could be several reasons behind this. Your partner might have disconnected from you emotionally or he might not have simply devoted enough time and energy towards the relationship. After finding the actual reason for broken relation only that you can find out ways on how to forgive a cheater and how you can work on improving your relationship

Forgiveness will Take Time

Once you know how to forgive a cheater and have decided to forgive, you will have to bear all the pain and suffering from your relationship for the fact that you have been cheated by your partner. You should also keep in mind that forgiving someone will not happen in a day or two. Forgiveness is a process that will take time and hence be gentle to yourself. You need to understand that you will have to bear the pain all alone yourself.

To stop this pain getting spread to your friends and relatives, you have to be patient and work deeply with this feeling of grief within yourself until it has vanished to an extent that you are comfortable finding peace within. Bearing the pain is not a bad sign but reflects that you are a strong person who knows how to forgive a cheater and be stronger than the cheater and the effects thereby.

Forgiving is Not Going to be Perfect

To experience forgiveness, you do not have to be perfect. Being human, the feelings of grief and hating your partner for cheating you is pretty much obvious. Hence, do not expect yourself to be perfect forgiver though you can try to be so. It is not uncommon that you will experience the feelings of anger that may dominate the feelings of emotional relief you want to experience. But you need to continue your practice of forgiving which is going to help you stay away from depression. Knowing how to forgive a cheater will provide you all the emotional comfort you are seeking. Forgiveness also helps in boosting up your self-esteem and providing you peace from within.  

Your Partner may Need Help

Ending a relationship is not easy. After you know that your partner has cheated on you, it is not only you who need help in knowing how to forgive a cheater, but your partner may also need help. You can help him to get individual counseling or seek couple counseling for yourself and him. Medical counselling or therapy would work wonders in the crucial stage of forgiveness as this will aid the process of forgiving. If the breakdown has caused serious effects such as depression, counseling and therapy are the best ways to deal with the consequences of cheating.

This will help you and your partner to come out of the hurting and painful situation and rebuild all the essential aspects of your relationship. Therapies may not completely solve your problem but would provide you relief to a large extent. This brings down all the aftermath effects of cheating and helps you heal your emotions that could even improve your relationship over time.

How to Forgive a Cheater – Top Tips
How to Forgive a Cheater – Top Tips 1

When your partner has cheated on you, it’s hard to remain calm and hide those feelings of hating him for this. Your emotions scream at you to never forgive

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