How to Catch a Cheating Wife: The Right Way to Get Evidence

While it is easy to suspect that your wife is cheating, it is another ballgame entirely to catch a cheating wife. Most husbands are usually blindsided when they unwittingly catch their wives red-handed. This is because although women cheat, unlike their male counterparts, they go to great lengths to remove all the evidence. If you’re reading this, it means you have reason to believe that your wife is cheating. The bad news is: you’re probably right.

Of course, you don’t need to take my word for it. As earlier stated, a cheating wife would carefully cover her tracks by wiping texts, call logs, account for her time away from the house, and ensure never to return home drenched in strange cologne. But no matter how careful she tries to be, there are some subtle signs that you can spot if you’re observant. Let us call these signs the characteristics of a cheating woman. Even if you’re not a meticulous type, we will be discussing these characteristics below, so you know how to recognize them.

If this is not your first rodeo, you might be thinking, “She’d still not confess to cheating if all I have are my suspicions. She’d go to the grave denying the allegations”. You’re right. If you come at her with unfounded suspicions, the best-case scenario is that she turns around and accuses you of insecurity. So now, you’re not just apologizing for something you know she did, you’re also defending yourself. It is best to get actual evidence of foul play before confronting her, and there is the right app for this challenge. Even when she has deleted the proof of her infidelity, this app still makes the wiped data available to you. Read on.

Warning Characteristics of a Cheating Wife

Before you know there is a reason to dig for more proof, here are some characteristics of a cheating wife.

She Calls You by Another Name in Bed

No matter how careful she tries to be in her day-to-day dealings, a cheating wife can slip up and call you by her lover’s name during moments of heightened passion. Although this is a dead giveaway, it is not entirely enough as she can manage to drum up tales that would explain this mistake.

She Doesn’t Want You to Do the Laundry

Remember how I earlier talked about cheating wives not bringing home the smell of their lover’s perfume? One of the ways she can ensure this never happens is by always carrying a change of clothes. So she comes home and hides the soiled clothes among the other dirty clothes. What then happens when you offer to do the laundry? Realizing you’re going to unearth her secret, she’ll try her best to steer you to other chores. And if this doesn’t work, she will distract you with sex. The aim is to ensure you don’t see anything that would make you suspicious.

She Doesn’t Post Pictures of You Anymore

Maybe to protect her lover’s feelings, or just because you don’t excite her anymore, your wife might refrain from sharing loved up pictures of the both of you. You might notice that she has reverted to posting only selfies or photos of her and her girlfriends, the pet, or other family members. It might be all of these or only one, but you’re no longer in the picture whatever route she takes, literally.

She’s Staying Late at Work Too Often

Because your wife is careful to account for her time not to raise your suspicions, if she doesn’t have any female friends that would cover for her, she might resort to using work as an excuse. So you might notice that your wife has suddenly started spending more time than usual at work. She’d always blame her late nights in the office, even though there hasn’t been any change in her position, pay, or job description.

She Changed Her Passwords

I’d be the first to admit that there are a myriad of legitimate reasons to change your passwords, but if she used to share her passwords with you in the past but has suddenly stopped, there might be something fishy after all. Maybe she doesn’t want you going through her texts and transactions until she has had time to do a little cleaning.

She’s Overly Curious About Your Whereabouts

In order to effectively plan her activities, a cheating wife would need enough information about your own plans. So she might show an increased interest in your own schedule for the day and your whereabouts at every point in time. Armed with this information, she can ensure your paths do not cross and that she returns home well ahead of you, if possible.

She’s Going Into Excessive Details About Her Excursions

You have probably heard the saying about a clear conscience that fears no accusation. Well, the reverse is the case when dealing with a guilty conscience. Your wife might spend more time than usual, giving too many details about her excursions, because she fears that if she doesn’t, you will become suspicious. If she is uncharacteristically talkative, you should listen carefully. She might slip up and drop one or two clues.

Her Phone Is Always on Silent

While you are thinking, “How to catch my wife cheating through her cell phone?” she is permanently placing it on ‘Silent’ to ensure it does not ring when she is with you. This way, you will not notice her taking any suspicious calls. Because this is an effective way to screen her calls, your fears may never be allayed. However, if you notice that her phone never rings when you’re together, you might be onto something.

She’s Working Out More

An increased interest in keeping fit might not necessarily point to cheating but should not be overlooked. Especially so when it is combined with the other traits of a cheating woman. Of course, gym time might also be a good excuse for the time spent with her lover. You can’t in good conscience accuse her of breaking her marriage vows because she’s trying to be a fitter herself. Still, you should pay better attention to notice other sudden changes you might be overlooking. 

She Accuses You of Cheating

The offense as the best form of defense is a classic for a reason. To assuage a guilty conscience, a cheating wife might manage to convince herself that you’re also cheating and accusing you out of the blues. Or she might blame you because she cannot fathom how you would be faithful since she isn’t. Either way, if you find yourself denying allegations of cheating, you might need to wake up and smell the roses.

Her Relationship Status Has Disappeared

For some reason, she has cleared her relationship status off her social media accounts. So you’re wondering, “Is my wife a cheat?” While I cannot answer that definitively with only this sign, I can guarantee that something is definitely going on. You can either watch for other characteristics of a cheating wife, ask her about it, or conduct your own investigations to get to the root of the matter. Whatever you choose to do, you should get to the root of why your wife is suddenly no longer interested in claiming you.

She’s Avoiding Specific Restaurants

Going to the restaurants she frequents with her lover with another man is something every cheating woman tries to avoid. It is the easiest way for a wife who cheats to be caught with little or no effort on her husband’s part. You might notice that your wife always avoids visiting that new restaurant in town with you. This might be because she’s already been there with her lover on numerous occasions.

She’s Asking to Try New Things in the Bedroom

Trying out new things in the bedroom is not necessarily a bad thing. It can be a rather mutually fulfilling way of spicing up the relationship. Still, it can likewise be an indicator that she’s stepping out on your marriage. Where is she acquiring these new skills from? It’s probably not from her girls as she’d have you believe.

She Says She’s Unhappy

Discontent with one’s lot in life can lead to arbitrary behavior. When one tries new and seemingly exciting things in the same vein, they might suddenly become dissatisfied with the familiar. You should pay attention when she complains that she is unhappy. You might not be able to do much about it, but you can learn to know if you’re being shortchanged.

She’s Paying More Attention to Her Appearance 

Remember how she used to be concerned about her looks when you first started dating? The lengths she’d go to ensure she always looked her best? Then you got married, and she stopped caring. If she suddenly starts putting in as much effort into her appearance again, there might be someone she’s trying to impress.

You’re Spending More Time Apart

For someone who always comes up with fun activities you can both do together, your wife might suddenly need a lot of time alone. Even when you suggest a couple of activities, she’d have a handy excuse to avoid spending time with you.

She Talks About Cheating

In order to catch your attention or just to get a feel of your reaction, your wife might casually bring up cheating in a conversation. She might outrightly ask you what you’d do if you found out she is cheating, or she could create a hypothetical scenario where a colleague of hers is cheating and want to know your thoughts.

She Gets Mad at You About Everything

The grass is always greener on the other side, or so we humans seem to think. A cheating wife would invariably find a reason to blame you for everything. This might be due to the discontent she feels with your ‘settled’ life, or just because the guilt is eating away at her. So she lashes out at you to feel better. By blaming you, she can convince herself she has a good reason for cheating.

She Insists on Taking Solo Trips

Alone vacation time is a good indication that she might be seeing someone else. The reason she insisted you don’t tag along, or even intentionally planned the trip to fall when you’d be working might be because she’d rather be spending the time with someone else.

She’s Not Flirting via Text

Maybe in the past, you’d send erotic text messages back and forth throughout the day, to set the mood for when you see each other at night. But suddenly, she’s no longer interested. She replies to you in monosyllables or completely changes the subject. This is a red flag.

Another Smell

Previously, I mentioned that women are careful to ensure they don’t smell like their lover’s cologne. However, because they are human, they do slip up. She might even go as far as trying to cover up the strange fragrance by generously applying her own perfume. But if you’re paying attention, you should be able to detect the new smell.

She Often Walks With One Girlfriend and Stays With Her for the Night

If you have spent all your life believing that women do not cover up for each other, this would be a shocker. I hate to break this to you, but women do cover for each other, too, much as guys, unless they dislike each other. But your wife’s close girlfriend is most likely aware she’s cheating on you, and she’s a willing alibi. So all the late-night walks and sleepovers are probably not as innocent as you believe.

She Forbids Meeting Her From Work

There are numerous reasons your wife would not want you to meet her at work. If she has appreciated your thoughtfulness in the past, there might not be as much. Maybe she’s seeing someone at the office, her lover picks her up, or she has a rendezvous that you’d interrupt with your presence.

Work Trips Abroad

Work trips are an excellent way to get away from you and also get to be with her lover. If she’s frequently taking work trips abroad for a position that used to require little or no traveling, she might be up to something.

She Picks Fights With You

Fighting has never been a love language, unless you’re cats, of course. Since you’re not, if you find yourself always in the dog house for both real and imagined offenses, there is a chance she is dissatisfied with something else.

She Suddenly Has a Password on Her Phone

Password protection is a feature that lets one ensure that others cannot access their devices. If a device that used to be open to you is suddenly password-protected, it might be evidence of cheating.

Zero Eye Contact

If your wife is constantly going to great lengths to avoid making eye contact with you, she’s sure to be hiding something.

She Pays a Lot of Attention to Her Phone

If she’s spending more time on her phone than usual, constantly texting and smiling, she might be up to something. While this might not be much as she just might be looking at memes, it can be quite a lot when combined with other traits.

How to Catch Your Cheating Wife?

If you have found yourself wondering, “How to catch my wife cheating?” or thinking of how to catch a cheating woman, you will be pleased to know that there are apps that will let you keep tabs without leaving digital footprints. These applications are called spy apps or cell phone tracker apps. Spy apps are software applications that use advanced technology to enable you to access information on your wife’s device.

These spy applications are countless, so the trick to find the one that actually does what it claims to do. To guarantee functionality and stealth, I recommend the mSpy app. Although this is a paid app, and it is reliable as the risk of detection is non-existent. With the mSpy app, you can conveniently access the information on your wife’s phone without leaving any digital footprint.

mSpy — The Best App to Catch a Cheating Wife

The mSpy app is an application that combines affordability, excellent customer support, and efficient features. Compatible with both tablets and smartphones, it is one of the best apps to catch a cheating wife as it can let you access her phone remotely. Unlike most free applications, the mSpy app can be used without rooting the device. 

Easy to install, this application lets you do a lot of things and get nearly all the information from your wife’s phone.

Check Her Calls

The outgoing and incoming calls on your wife’s phone can be a treasure trove of valuable information. mSpy gives you access to this information. If necessary, you can even restrict a particular number from calling her.

Check Her Text Messages

Most cheating women never get caught because they consciously delete incriminating text messages. This makes it somewhat impossible to confirm your suspicions. With the mSpy app, you’re able to see her text messages, including deleted ones

Check Her Contacts

Want to see the numbers she included in her Contact List? Think a particular contact was saved with misleading information? Well, you can check out that contact yourself using the mSpy application.

Check Her Social Network

mSpy lets you track and monitor your wife’s interactions on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc. By giving you access to her chats, you can know who she’s been interacting with and what she’s been saying. Even if she restricts individual posts from your profile or outrightly blocked you, mSpy lets you check her social network.

Check Her Location

So she told you she was working late at the office or hanging out at a girlfriend’s house? By merely checking her location, you can confirm if she is where she claims to be and put your mind at rest. The GPS location feature of the mSpy app gives you detailed information on your wife’s current location. With the aid of a detailed map, you can even access her route history for a while

Check Her Apps

The mSpy application lets you view all installed applications on your wife’s device. It also offers the additional feature of allowing you to restrict her device from accessing specific applications, if necessary. This way, you can proactively make all the dating sites unavailable for her.

Check Her Keyboard Entries With the Keylogger

If you’re a very busy person and would rather just get notified when your wife uses specific keywords, this particular feature will be of interest to you. By activating the keyword alert feature, you can create a list of target words or keywords and keep tabs on her use of these words, whether in emails, chats, text messages, or posts

Control Her Wi-Fi Networks

It might not seem like much, but clues are like bread crumbs. One little crumb can lead you to another, and before you know it, you’ve gotten the information you want. The mSpy application lets you check the Wi-Fi networks she has connected to in the past. You can also restrict her use of some networks.

Check Her Photos and Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words. How much more is a video? By accessing your wife’s photos and videos, you can see who she was with while she was on that work trip. Even if she has deleted them, the mSpy application will let you see the memories she made while on that trip.

How to Get mSpy on Her Phone?

With most devices, you will need to physically access the target phone, but there are some exceptions. Worthy of note is the fact that this application is super easy to install and compatible with most platforms, including Android or iOS devices.

For Android Devices

Installation on Android consists of these few simple steps:

  1. Buy the mSpy subscription and get the relevant device.
  2. Root the phone for increased functionality (optional).
  3. Go to the mSpy Control Panel.
  4. Select the Android platform.
  5. Download and launch the mSpy app in the bt.apk file on the relevant device.
  6. Follow the installation instructions.

Even if you’re not tech-savvy, with the mAssistance service by mSpy, you’re guided through the installation and rooting process.

For iOS Devices 

To access your wife’s iPhone, you have two options. You could remotely access the device, known to be jailbroken, or physically install the application after jailbreaking. A jailbroken device lets you enjoy all the advanced features of the mSpy app. The installation process is also faster. But if the detection risk is too high or the device is password-protected, you can opt for the option without jailbreak. With this, you can still access enough information to confirm your suspicions.

Without Jailbreak

  1. · Enable iCloud backup on the device.
  2. · Buy an mSpy subscription. Your username and password will be sent to your email address immediately.
  3. · Go to and log in with these details.
  4. · Tap on “Set Up New Phone.”
  5. · Click on “iPhone (without jailbreak).”
  6. · Fill in your wife’s iCloud login and password, and click on “Verify.”
  7. · Click on “proceed” to complete the process when the name of the iPhone and the time of the last update will be shown. 

With Jailbreak

  1. Ensure the device is iOS 7-9.1.
  2. Jailbreak device and install mSpy application.
  3. Access the mSpy Control Panel.
  4. Select “iPhone” and complete the installation process.

Please note that if the device is not jailbroken, you will only have access to a limited number of applications: call logs, WhatsApp messages, iMessage, GPS location, and a couple of other apps. On the other hand, jailbreaking the device gives you access to all applications on her iOS device.

Keeping tabs on your wife’s activities, you can tell if she’s texting someone she shouldn’t while still physically keeping your distance from her phone. The following are some other ways to catch your wife cheating without touching her cell phone.

Ask Your Neighbors

This might be a tad difficult if you live in an upscale neighborhood, but every neighborhood usually has that one neighbor who makes it their duty to know every other person’s business. The trick is to find that person and talk to them. Asking indiscriminately might also get the job done, but most people would rather mind their business than speak to you when you ask, “How to catch my wife cheating?

Come Home at Odd Times When You’d Usually Be Out

You can also try to catch her red-handed by coming home unexpectedly. Because she’d usually arrange her schedule around yours, with any well-timed change, you just might confirm your fears.

Try to Find Out the Truth by Talking

Peaceful dialogue is another way to bring matters to a solution. Instead of confronting her, calmly ask that she either confirm or allay your fears. If she is convinced that you’d be willing to forgive her offense, she might decide to confess her sins and put herself at your mercy.

Hire a Private Investigator

Hiring an investigator is a tested and trusted way to catch a cheating wife. But while that worked excellently in the past, using the mSpy app is way cheaper and also more efficient. All the same, it is an option available. 

What to Do If You Catch Your Wife Cheating?

After you have confirmed that your wife is cheating, you’re most likely going to find yourself wondering what to do with a cheating wife. It is a valid question. Reactions vary from one individual to another, but here are some traditional ways to resolve an unfaithful wife’s issue.

Confront Her: Once you have sufficient evidence, it is best to confront her with the truth, while laying all your cards on the table, so she knows not to lie. When faced with reality, her reaction would often help you decide your next course of action.

Attend Family Therapy: If cheating is not your dealbreaker, it is nothing therapy cannot solve. By attending couples therapy, you can heal through the hurt and find peace and happiness on the other side.

Apply for a Divorce: This might seem so final, but sometimes it is the only possible means of conflict resolution. Your peace of mind comes first, so take whatever actions that would protect your peace of mind and happiness in the long run.

Under no circumstance should you take the law into your hands. By doing that, you’d be opening yourself up to lawsuits.

How to Catch Your Wife Cheating on Tumblr?

The best way to catch a cheating wife is by installing the mSpy application on her device. This application lets you access her multimedia, key logs, and social network, including Tumblr accounts. Once the mSpy app has been installed on her device, you do not need to hover around. Nor do you need to go to the trouble of creating your own Tumblr account just to monitor her.

Final Words

“Does my wife cheat? I want to catch my wife cheating,” Those are probably not the sentences you ever thought you’d find yourself uttering, but here you are. Sometimes life does serve us lemons. All we can do is make the most of it. Instead of leaving yourself open to STDs, HIV, or even more severe repercussions, you can allay your fears by installing the mSpy app on your wife’s phone. Armed with the best app, you can try for free and an arsenal of tips, you can now know how to catch a cheating wife.


What Is the Best Way to Catch a Cheating Wife?

The best way to catch a cheating wife is by installing the mSpy application on her phone.

If My Wife Looks at Others, Is It Considered Cheating?

Looking at others is not cheating, but it can be a precursor.

If My Wife Visits Adult Sites, Is It Considered Cheating?

No, visiting adult sites does not count as cheating. But it may also mean she is unhappy with your sexual life. This may eventually lead to cheating.

If My Wife Is Flirting With Others, Is It Worth It to Worry About?

Yes, you should be. Indiscriminate flirting is one of the signs of unhappiness in the marriage.

Does My Wife Know That I Have Installed a Spyware Application?

No, she doesn’t. Once installed, the mSpy app disappears from sight, making it possible for you to catch a cheating wife without raising her suspicions.

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