How Can I Tell If Someone Blocked My Number From Texting?

How Can I Tell If Someone Blocked My Number From Texting?

Breakups are definitely the most dreadful and unpleasant part of any relationship. It’s difficult to get accustomed to life without a particular person by your side. But for some people, dealing with constant relationship drama is even more awful than the separation itself.

Sometimes, even if you know that this is the end, you need to vent and let the other person understand what you have to say. But what if your ex blocks you? When you can’t reach the person you care for, the important words are left unspoken. And who knows maybe your unspoken personal issues may ruin your future relationship?

Telling what you really think is essential. It helps people to understand each other better and avoid repeating the same mistakes. That’s why we are here to tell you how to text your ex even if they blocked you.

How To Know If Your Ex Blocked You?

With modern smartphones and devices, you can block anyone from texting/calling and reaching you. But, if you can easily block someone, how to know if someone blocks you?

It depends on the operating system of your smartphone.

  • iOS – If you try to send a message on the latest iOS (iOS 9 and later), it will still say Delivered. But, if your ex blocks you, they won’t receive a message from you. Although, if you try to call the number, you will hear the message like “The person you are calling is unavailable.”
  • Android – If you try to reach the Android device, you will immediately be sent to voicemail. You may also hear a message The number you are calling is temporarily out of service.”
How To Text Your Ex, Even If They Blocked You

How To Text Your Ex, Even If They Blocked You?

If you feel pressured and stressed about being unable to tell your ex what you think, the solution is to talk to them. Even if they block you, you have a chance to reach them. With the help of SpoofCard service, you can contact anyone who added you to blacklist.

How does it work? With SpoofCard you acquire another caller ID and can call/send text messages to your ex keeping your number hidden. SpoofCard helps you to overcome the restrictions and reach anyone who blocked you.

What can you do with SpoofCard?

  • Call – Your read phone number won’t be visible once you call someone with SpoofCard. The person will only see the number the service gave you.
  • Text – Send your ex a message from spoof number! They will receive any text from you, but your personal number will be hidden from them.

How to use SpoofCard to text your ex if they blocked you?

  1. Open the SpoofCard app
  2. Choose SpoofText
  3. Choose New SpoofText
  4. Type the phone number of your ex
  5. Type the phone number you want to be displayed instead of your real one

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Blocks You?

Ending the relationship people often add their ex-partners to the block list. But why such things happen? And is there a way to avoid being blocked?

To answer these questions, we have looked for the answers on Quora. Here are some thoughts of Quora users.

People don’t like anything that is hurtful to them, including experiences. They tend to block the experiences because as we know, it often causes sadness, unworthiness, and i-am-wrong feeling.
Elvira believes that by blocking you, your ex is showing that they want more distance. They obviously want to separate themselves from hatred and drama by blocking their partner.

Elvira, on negative experiences

A block is just a block. You may be blocked right now, but that doesn’t mean you will be blocked forever, Take this time to meditate on what went wrong in the relationship and how you can carry over the lessons you learned from it into the next relationship, whether it is with the same person or a whole new love interest.

Alyna encourages users not to lose their nerves

Of course, there is no better option to explain your feelings than to tell your ex about them in person. But avoid becoming a stalker. Give your ex time and freedom to consider their decision to block you. Showing them, you don’t care you will actually raise their interest and make them contact you faster. With the help of spy apps like mSpy or Spyzie, you can always find out what your ex is up to and protect yourself from hasty decisions.

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