Cheating On An Online Exams: Can Your Instructor Detect It?

Cheating On An Online Exams: Can Your Instructor Detect It?

For the past years, online learning has been displacing the usual way we study. With access to the Internet, students can find out all the information they need and deepen their knowledge about specific subjects. Tutors and professors can monitor the progress of each student to make sure the children understand complicated topics and perform tasks in time. 

No wonder, more and more educational institutions apply online exams to test the students’ knowledge. But can you get caught cheating on an online exam? That’s what bothers the minds of the pupils. Find out whether you can get caught while cheating during the online test.

The Surprising Results

Let’s assume that you succeeded in cheating on your online exams and got a good grade. Although, if you had terrible performance throughout the year, your tutor would suspect you of cheating. 

You may not notice it, but teachers and professors usually can predict the grade you’ll receive for the final examination. They control your homework submission and observe what difficulties you face when presenting projects and assignments. And they surely can know what to expect from you at the end of the term. 

Of course, students cram hard before the exams and can indeed show surprising results. But, usually, it’s impossible to learn everything you have studied during the course in a couple of days. So, if you manage to cheat on an exam and overperform, your perfect results may give the show away.

Anti-Plagiarism Software

Internet is an excellent source of information. And most of the teachers and tutors know about the temptation of their students to find an essay online and copy or rewrite it. Though it can’t be that easy.

As modern learning systems implies submitting lots of essays and other pieces of writing, professors now use plagiarism detection software to check the written projects. For example, Turnitin is one of the frequently-used plagiarism checkers, help professors examine the vast amounts of writings. 

Plagiarism is the real evidence that you’ve been cheating during an online exam. If your essay or any other part of the test is copy-pasted, your hopes of receiving a good grade will be dashed.

Your School May Use Canvas To Spot You

A lot of schools and colleges apply different systems to conduct term exams. One of them, Canvas, is a very popular platform, which has a quiz log. The log may help teachers find out whether you left the exam and opened another tab to google answers or not. After the exam is over, professors and instructions can look at the log to prove that someone was cheating.

Although not many educators often do that – check the log – they can indeed demand to examine the quiz log if they suspect you. If your grade doesn’t reflect your overall performance or your test is too perfect, they may want to check whether you didn’t find your answers elsewhere. 

Some cases don’t leave another choice than to check all students (even those who usually succeed in tests). For example, if the whole class did surprisingly well at the test, the instructors would request the quiz log to detect the cheaters. 

Online Exam Proctoring

Sometimes a student can pass online exams at home. Although it seems like a home you have more chances to cheat, modern educators did everything to prevent it. Schools and colleges often use proctoring to leave students no opportunity to get away with academic dishonesty.

Proctoring is defined as an online system, which is applied to ensure the authenticity of a student who takes an online exam. Proctoring often requires the use of additional tools, such as, web-cams, which monitor the device of the student and can show all their actions. This method raises some privacy concerns, as there are a lot of students who cannot concentrate while being monitored the whole time.

Proctoring is one of strictest ways to prevent cheating, and not many educational institutions use it nowadays. But if you are going to pass the proctored exam, you may get caught easily. The system will monitor your laptop or computer, so you won’t be able to google anything. You may consider using a crib sheet to take a look at key points or equations quickly.

Custom Browser

Customer browser is another method schools, and other institutions apply to make sure you are not cheating on an online exam. Customer browser prevents kids from opening other tabs, so they can’t look up for answers.

Your school may use the Respondus LockDown Browser. Not only it prevents you from googling the answers, but it also doesn’t allow students to access notes or other programs on the laptop. Although not many educational institutions invest in such restrictive browser, it may be installed on the school laptops for the final exams.

Is It Possible To Cheat On An Online Exam?

While there are so many restrictions, can you cheat on an online test without being caught? Actually, you can. It may sound boring, but you can keep all your tips and clues in your head.  If you manage to revise all that you’ve learned during the year thoroughly, the online exam won’t be such a challenge. 

And if you still want to take some notes with you on the exam, better prepare good old cheat sheets. Even if you have to use a custom browser or Canvas system, they won’t notice a little piece of paper with important points.

Cheating On An Online Exams: Can Your Instructor Detect It?
Cheating On An Online Exams: Can Your Instructor Detect It? 1

For the past years, online learning has been displacing the usual way we study. With access to the Internet, students can find out all the information they

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