What Is the Stealthiest App for Tracking Kids?

Parenting is incredible. The joys of seeing your kids’ playing around, their faces alight with beaming smiles. This feeling has no equal. But there are frightening moments too.

Have you ever been worried because your kid was acting out of character? Or your heart began racing in fear because you had no idea where they had gone? These are times no one wants, but the truth is, they happen. Today, children get exposed to different forms of dangers, which their parents may know nothing about. These could be in the form of cyberbullying, unethical activities, cyberstalking, etc.

Keeping track of your children’s online activities is sometimes one of the best ways to protect them. At every turn, you’ll know what they’re doing and their location. So, how can you stealthily watch over them without their knowledge to avoid appearing intrusive?

If that’s your next question, this article is for you. Learn how to monitor your children’s activities through a tracking app for kids.

Child Tracking App: What They Can Do?

Child tracking apps help you keep a record of your kids’ activities and the locations they visit. Wherever they may be, you can keep a continuous tab on them in real-time. You can also set up the phone tracking app for parents on their mobile devices since they rarely go out without them. Some features of these apps include social media monitoring, emails, call history, text messages, geolocation, etc.

As long as your kid’s smartphone is on, you can keep yourself informed about their activities and be aware of where they are.

Different Apps to Track Kids’ Phones

Due to technology’s rapid growth, there are currently varieties of apps to keep track of kids. However, choosing the right monitoring software may prove difficult if you don’t know what to watch out for. The following are some of the best apps to track your kid’s phone.

1. mSpy

mSpy is currently one of the top monitoring applications in the mobile monitoring industry. There are a couple of apps that offer you, as a parent, extensive security monitoring features. mSpy ranks higher than most.

It is a monitoring application that parents can use to keep a tab on their kids’ activities. The app runs stealthily in the background and tracks your child’s phone calls, text messages, web history, and social media apps. Through your web or mobile-based dashboard, you’ll not only be able to monitor usages, but you’ll also be able to set restrictions for specific apps and block unwanted calls. Also, mSpy offers GPS tracking services, which keeps you informed about your child’s location and location history.

Unlike most tracking apps, mSpy is expressly compatible across platforms. You can download it on your laptop or smartphone to monitor your children’s mobiles — iOS and Android devices are both fully supported.


  • Ease of Set-Up and Use

mSpy is very easy to set up. Without any technical knowledge or skill, you can install it on your device in 5 minutes. The app also has an easy-to-use Control Panel, indicating information about all activities on the tracked device.

  • Customer Support

mSpy’s 24/7 multilingual support sets it apart from competitors. You can reach out to any of their customer support personnel or directly to any department you desire.

  • Unique Security Features

Besides the app’s basic offers, mSpy also offers additional security features born from innovative solutions, beyond most monitoring apps’ limits. These include keylogging, monitoring, and controlling access to installed apps.

  • Stealth

The app is designed so that it’s virtually unnoticeable as it runs as part of your background apps. The app is so well-hidden that it doesn’t even show up in the device’s app manager. You can rest sure that your teenager won’t be able to figure out that you’re keeping tabs on them.

  • Compatibility

As a parent, you can track your kids from your laptop or mobile device. The target device could also have varying operating systems such as iOS and Android.


  • Single Device Monitoring

mSpy device monitoring is limited to a single device. At the same time, the family kit has a three-device limit. This attribute puts a specific limit on how many kids your monitoring plan covers.

  • Price

Every target device requires its subscription. This requirement increases your overhead expenses if you have to monitor several children.

2. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is a simple monitoring application that tracks a target’s use of its smartphone. This phone tracker app for parents and employers offers high-quality access to device information such as call history, call recording, message tracking, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp tracking, and geolocation.

However, the application’s core features primarily monitor usage without enforcing security policies such as site filtering and prohibition. The software supports a variety of devices, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Android.

Founded in 2002, Hoverwatch is a reliable parental control solutions expert and today is one of mSpy’s closest competition.


  • Free Trial

With Hoverwatch, you can get three days of free trial to test some of the app’s monitoring features. The free trial helps you to ascertain the app’s acclaimed features before you make payment.

  • User-Friendly

The app has a simple, easy-to-navigate interface. There are no complicated gestures and maneuvers, and you can use the app easily each time.

  • Multiple Device Monitoring

Hoverwatch offers subscription plans that allow you to monitor multiple devices at the same time. With one account, you can track up to 5 devices.


  • No Unique Control Features

Unlike monitoring applications, Hoverwatch doesn’t offer any unique security features. Also, the app is solely for monitoring, and you can’t restrict the target’s access.


XNSPY is a non-intrusive parental monitoring app that lets you know who your children are exchanging calls and chats with. This feature is essential for encouraging better phone usage and protecting them.

With this excellent app, you can discreetly monitor all their online activities, pore through saved images and videos, track their email and location, and do much more. What makes it more fantastic is its availability at budget-friendly prices and excellence at providing trustworthy information.

Nonetheless, XNSPY is non-intrusive because, like Hoverwatch, you can’t filter and restrict calls and app usage. XNSPY is solely for monitoring.


  • Budget-Friendly

XNSPY offers budget-friendly subscription rates. Its rates are some of the cheapest among monitoring apps.

  • Variety of Additional Features

Besides standard parental control monitoring features, XNSPY also includes other security features such as call recording.

  • Compatibility

XNSPY app is expressly compatible across various mobile operating systems, including Android and iOS.

  • User-Friendly Interface

XNSPY is one of the most accessible trackers to use. It has a user-friendly interface that improves user experience.


  • Absence of Restrictive Features

XNSPY is strictly for monitoring. The app has no restrictive and filtering options, thereby limiting parental control.

  • No Trial-Period Offers

There are no trial offer options to test out the app’s offered features.

4. Spyzie

Spyzie is a web-based mobile monitoring solution, which you can use to track your kids in real-time. With this app, you can do all your monitoring with your web browser. You don’t have to download and install any application or software on your phone or computer.

Spyzie keeps you informed about everything, including WhatsApp chats, device call history, browser history, pictures, and other social media platforms. Sensitive Information Alert is one of the many unique features that can help you keep track of abnormal activities on your kids’ mobile.

You can set up Spyzie easily on any mobile OS — from Android 4+ to iOS 8.0+ devices.

However, its website is currently under maintenance, which indicates that the brand experiences some trouble.


  • No Jailbreaking or Rooting Required

With Spyzie, you don’t need to jailbreak or root your device to use it.

  • Variety of Tracking Features

Buying the Spyzie’s Ultimate Edition subscription plan gives you access to a wide variety of unique monitoring features, including the SIM card change detection, call recording, app blocker, and usage restrictions.

  • Stealth Monitoring

Spyzie’s state-of-the-art design allows it to track devices without the user’s awareness discreetly. They won’t be able to control or uninstall the apps too.


  • Limited Tracking for iOS Devices

Spyzie’s tracking of iOS devices is limited. If your kids use an iPhone, you won’t be able to monitor their social media accounts. Therefore, if you ask questions like “how can I track my teenager’s iPhone,” Spyzie may not be the ideal app to use.

  • No free trial offers

Unlike some parental control apps, Spyzie offers no free trial.

  • No Special Features for Basic Subscription

Spyzie’s Basic subscription doesn’t offer powerful mobile monitoring features. You may be forced to resort to upgrading into Ultimate Edition for full functionality.

5. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is one of the most trusted mobile monitoring apps. It’s popular among parents who want to protect their kids from specific indecent exposures, cyberbullies, and online predators. With its sleek and user-friendly interface, Highster Mobile is easy to use. You can discreetly monitor the activities of your children on their Android and iOS devices.

Highster Mobile is entirely trustworthy, and it offers several standard monitoring features like apps similar to it. However, Highster Mobile also adds a stealth camera feature, which you can use to monitor live events of your target’s device. You can take pictures without your kids being aware.


  • Easy Installation

You can download and install Highster Mobile in less than a minute without a need for rooting, jailbreaking, or technical knowledge.

  • User-Friendly Interface

Highster Mobile interface has a sleek and aesthetically-appealing design. Information and features are strategically displayed for ease of use.

  • Affordable Price Offers

Highster’s price offers are pocket-friendly. They’re also a one-time payment without hidden charges along the way.


  • Poor Customer Support

There is no live chat support for users, and this could result in unnecessary delays in getting solutions to your concerns. You can only reach out to customer representative agents via email or phone.

Kids Tracking App for Parents: Takeaway Message

There are numerous benefits to parental monitoring apps, especially with the rampant rise in mobile device usage. It’s now easier for children to become victims of cyberbullying or even get involved in unethical activities. Keeping track of your children using these apps helps you be a more vigilant parent. With a better understanding of their activities, you can better guide them and set required boundaries for their protection. They won’t only be better for it; your mind will also be at peace.

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