Never Lose Track of Your Children’s Location with the Best Family Tracker App for iPhone

As humans, we are predisposed to caring for our loved ones, especially their safety. We constantly have to worry about who our kids are talking to online. With the increased rate of online theft and predatory activities, it’s not uncommon for us to look out for ways to keep our family members safe.

The best way, arguably, to guarantee the safety of your loved ones is installing a family tracker app on their iPhone. That way, you can monitor every one of their conversations online, track their location, and check out who they’re talking to.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve carefully reviewed the best iPhone family tracking apps. Read through to discover the right one for your tracking needs.

How Do You Track a Family Member’s iPhone?

A simple search on Google will reveal many results on how to track the family iPhone. While some of this info offers valuable help, others are outright hacking and other unsafe processes.

The safest ways to monitor the iPhone of a relative include using the in-built “Find My iPhone” feature on the device and installing an iPhone Family Locator. These methods offer you a convenient way to keep an eye on your family members and keep them from danger.

iPhone Family Locator App

If you’re merely interested in tracking your loved one’s whereabouts, your best bet is the “Find My iPhone” app on every iPhone device. Google Maps also offer a quick and effective way to stay updated on a loved one’s location.

Find My iPhone

The “Find My iPhone” app makes a great way to find family members’ iPhone. It uses the GPS feature to track the location of the phone at any point in time. All you have to do is activate the location sharing feature on your iPhones.

When you’re ready to track, just tap “Find My iPhone’ on your device and voila! You get the person’s exact location. However, if the person’s ‘location sharing’ is turned off, you can play a sound on the phone from your own iPhone. The shrill sounds that come on can let you track the phone if it’s close by.

Google Maps

With the advent of smartphones, keeping tabs on one another has become so much easier. With apps like Google Maps, you can even see the real-time location of those you care about. Available for both Android and iOS, Google Map Location Services keep you at rest on your family’s whereabouts.

With this feature activated on your iPhone, you can share your location with the family. They also can share their location with you. For this to work, you and your loved one have to be signed in to Google Maps. You also need to be added to each other’s contact list.

If you’ve emailed them or Hangouts before, you don’t have to bother about that. The next step would be to activate the Location Sharing Feature on your phones. To do that for iPhones:

●  Open your Google Map and tap on the menu icon.

●  Select Location Sharing – Add People.

●  Choose how long you intend to share your location. This option is always set to 1 hour by default, but you can choose the “Until I turn this off” option.

●  Click on Select People, and enter the email address of the loved one you want to share your location with.

●  Confirm and save. Your family will then be able to see your real-time location on their Google Map.

For iOS, there are other settings you’ve to effect before the Location Sharing can work. First, turn the Google Map Location access to Always. Then activate the Background App Refresh setting.

However, if you need more than an app that just tracks your loved ones’ location, you have to consider using an iPhone family tracker.

Family Tracker for iPhone

If you don’t want to use free options available, you can opt for advanced spying solutions.

1.   mSpy

mSpy, for all its incredible features, is a must-have iPhone app to locate family members. The app allows you to track your loved ones’ phone activity and ensure their safety. mSpy provides reliable data on the current GPS location of your child’s or partner’s iPhone. You also get to see the places the person has visited, and the frequency of visits.

mSpy iPhone tracker goes a step further with the Geofencing feature. You can set virtual boundaries for your kids, and get alerted when they go beyond the predefined area. That way, you can easily monitor them and make sure they’re not where there aren’t supposed to be.

Other features of the mSpy tracker for iPhone include access to incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, and social media conversations. You also get to see the device’s web history, media files, and data from installed apps.

Tracking your family’s iPhones with mSpy is an easy three-step process. First, choose a subscription that suits your needs. Second, set up the app on the iPhone you want to track. Third, log in to the Control Panel and start tracking the iPhone from your specially-assigned dashboard.

2.   FamiSafe

FamiSafe is a reliable location tracker that helps parents get real-time data on their children’s whereabouts. Like mSpy, the app also allows parents to view their kids’ phone activities. That way, parents can control the kind of contents their kids can access, making FamiSafe an excellent parental control app. Also, the app offers features that allow guardians to keep on check the amount of time their wards spend on the phone.

With the FamiSafe family locator for iPhone, you can keep tabs on your loved ones’ location history. With geofencing and safe zones, you can prevent your wards from going to unsafe places. If you want to get daily reports of the target phone’s website history, app usage, and screen time, FamiSafe makes a valid consideration.

You can register to use the app via the website or download the app from the App Store. Then install the app on your kids’ iPhones and yours as well. You can then connect and track the devices from the secure web portal or FamiSafe app.

3.   Glympse

Glympse offers a convenient way to share your location with family and friends. With the app installed on your loved one’s phone, you can easily request their location at any given time. The best thing about this app is that you don’t need to have the app installed on your phone. They can simply send a Glympse to your phone, letting you know exactly where they are.

4.   Life 360

Life 360 was specially designed by its developers to help families stay closer to one another. With this family locator app for iPhone, you can guarantee the safety of your loved ones. A single tap gives you the real-time location of your family member. If you need to get to their location, Life 360 provides easy-to-use navigation features. There’s also a Driver Safety feature that shows your driver’s actions when you aren’t there.

Life 360 gives your family a private space where you can ensure everyone is where they need to be. The Advanced Location Sharing Feature allows you to keep tabs of your loved one’s favorite routes. You can view the journeys they’ve made, and their stops along the way. When you’ve arrived at a particular location, you can simply click on the Check-in tab. Doing this alerts everybody that you’ve arrived safely.

The Personalized Places feature lets you add your family’s top locations like schools, homes, and work. When any of your loved ones get to these locations, you receive a location. That way, you can tell if they aren’t where they’re supposed to be at a particular time. In case of an emergency, you can easily send an alert of your location to everyone else in your circle. All it takes is a single tap.

One of the most outstanding features of Life 360 is Family Driving Safety. You get to monitor everyone’s behavior behind the wheels. That way, you can enforce safe driving habits for the whole family. The app gives you snapshots and detailed reports of your Circle’s driving. You get to see things like overspeeding, chatting while driving, and other unsafe habits.

To begin tracking the location of your family, download the Life 360 app. Set up your private family circle. Add everyone’s most visited places. You’re good to go.


Keeping tabs on your family’s location is more than an issue of trust. Many a time, it’s about ensuring their safety at all times. Whatever your reasons may be, you have plenty of options for location sharing and tracking.

While the built-in “Find My iPhone” feature of iOS devices remains an excellent option for many people, there are other apps that offer much more advanced features.

Of these plethoras of tracking apps, mSpy remains the best option for millions of people worldwide. Even it’s free basic plan offers you a convenient and effective way to track your loved ones’ location and monitor every one of their phone activities.

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