The Whole Truth About Mini Spy Cameras

As technology development only gets more dynamic and faster every day, we are presented the new devices and gadgets that are meant to make our lives better. One of the inventions, the mini spy camera, continues to be one of the most controversial gadgets of the 21st century.

What at the beginning seemed like a useful device for recording an important event, now transformed into a significant security concern. Security cameras are everywhere now — they’re in supermarkets, schools, gas stations, offices, cafes, and parks. Being watched everywhere we go, we are accustomed to the thought that cameras help to ensure security. Still, many people find it a violation of their privacy. Let’s find out more about mini spy cameras and consider how they ruin the concept of public safety.

What Is Mini Spy Camera?

The size of electronic devices is shrinking exponentially. The smartphones get thinner and foldable; the headphones are now the size of the button. Cameras have also undergone specific changes in their size. A not long time ago, cameras were large and easily detectable. And if you are now turning around looking for the camera watching you, you may even not notice one. That’s because some of them may be the size of a pin.

One can easily buy a mini spy camera online. There are plenty of different types of them, and you can choose the best option for the affordable price. The cheapest though won’t last long. Screw camera is one of the main types of the smallest mini spy cameras. The name of the camera implies that this tiny device can be easily hidden in a screw. Sounds impossible? 

Pinhole cameras are also small devices that are used for spying. If someone manages to camouflage it, you will barely find it. Both pinhole and screw cameras can be found in public places. Someone can put it inside empty soda can, in a hand watch and even pen. So, if you go inside some public space, be it a bathroom or changing room, watch out to detect a strange object left by someone. Better inspect the place if you don’t want to be watched.

The Most Common Places For Mini Spy Cameras

Here is the list of objects, where mini spy cameras are often found. 

  1. Clock/hand watch 

Usually, clocks and hand watches are left on the bedside table. The hand watches are always on, so if the camera’s inside, it will track you the whole day. That’s why it’s a perfect object to put a mini spy camera into.  

  • Smoke detector 

You can find a smoke detector in any room or building. Not many people observe their smoke detectors, so it’s one of the safest places to conceal a camera.

  • Pen

Pens are so thin and small that it seems impossible to place a camera inside. But there are special tiny models, which are called pen cameras. If you use a pen instead of a digital device to write something, better check its lid for a small spy.

  • Outlet 

Although the outlet is not an as comfortable place to hide a camera, as others mentioned above, it is sometimes used as camera hiding. Some models may even look like a power board or pivot plug.

Why People Use Mini Spy Cameras?

Internet is full of websites where one can purchase cheap spy cameras. Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay sell different types of cameras, which can serve several purposes. Some people buy such tiny devices to ensure personal safety and detect thieves. Others may apply them to spy on other people.

There are many videos online, which are recorded in changing rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and other intimate places, where there should be no camera at all. That’s why you need to observe every such place whenever you go to make sure you aren’t being watched by perverts.

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