How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages with Simple, Cost-Effective Yet Highly Expedient Spyware?

How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

iPhone spy apps are increasingly growing popular because they do deliver on their claims and promises. Top-notch text spy apps for the iPhone have helped pull many people back from the brink of insanity by helping them investigate their suspicions thoroughly.

They’ve also helped parents stop online predators dead in their tracks before they could harm their children. Many employers have also used iPhone spy apps to foil unethical behaviors in their workplace.

However, people with malicious intentions are also looking to exploit the rising popularity of iPhone texting spyware. As such, the Internet is replete with bad iPhone spy apps that expose you and your targets to serious security breaches. To boot, the rising popularity of these apps is also raising more concerns about privacy and security. As such, many of these apps have been marred with legitimacy issues.

But in this review, we’ve conducted a thorough investigation of iPhone spy apps out there today. And after several hours of testing, scouring the web for authentic user reviews, and considering many other vital factors meticulously, we’ve drawn a list of the best iPhone spy apps you can try out.

Why Do You Need to Spy on iPhone Text Messages?

There are many situations in our everyday lives when we might need to spy on someone’s text messages on an iPhone. However, the following are the most common situations when one can consider the use of iPhone spy apps:

  • As a worried parent, you have all the right to protect your children from online predators or cyberbullying.
  • If you are a married person, there is no better way to check your partner’s loyalty than the use of spy apps.
  • As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your employees don’t sell or disclose the company’s confidential data.

The Best iPhone Text Spy Apps

With the technologies maturing and more people talking about the products, it’s easier to choose a suitable text message spyware for the iPhone than in the early days. In order to keep up with the competition, many vendors are even offering free trials of their apps to woo over more customers.

But in many situations, customers are worried less about a spy app’s price tag and more about the functions and features it provides. Vendors are also aware of how important it is to meet their customers’ monitoring needs, and they regularly upgrade the range of features and functions of their software.

These days, you can find pocket-friendly spy apps that provide you with all the spying tools you need to keep abreast with all your target’s phone activities. With features like social media monitoring, call recording, SMS and GPS tracker, and keylogger, these top-notch apps keep you informed about every single move your target makes on their phone.

However, note that the use of these apps is subject to applicable laws in your jurisdiction. In some jurisdictions, parents have the legal backing to deploy these apps to monitor their minors without their consent. But in most places worldwide, it’s illegal to spy on someone with text message spyware for an iPhone without their seeking their consent first.

If you’re in the clear concerning all legal issues relating to the use of spy apps, here’s an overview of the best text message spy iPhone apps you can try out.

1. mSpy – The Best iPhone Spy App

First on our list is the most powerful, versatile, and reliable text message spy app for iPhone out there, mSpy. With nearly 10 years of trailblazing performance, mSpy stands today as a product that has been perfected over several years.

mSpy makes for an unparalleled user experience, providing an unmatched collection of spy features through a seamless user interface, as well as highly reliable 24/7 technical support.

You can choose a quick installation procedure that allows you to set up your monitoring campaign without breaking a sweat. You can also opt for a more complex setup that requires complex techniques like jailbreaking to deploy a much wider range of spying features. You can also choose to hide the app or make it visible to the target, depending on who you’re spying.

You can expect the app to help you monitor your target’s activities on just about every popular social media platform, from Facebook to Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Line, etc. The seamless user interface allows you to access your target’s text messages easily, previous and current GPS locations, uploaded and downloaded multimedia files, browsing activities, key logs, and lots more.


  • A trailblazing track record that dates back nearly a decade ago when smartphones were just getting introduced.
  • Excellent cross-compatibility allows you to deploy the app on just about any type of device, from iOS to Android, Macs, and Windows.
  • A well-rounded set of spying features gives you access to just about every data generated on the target phone, from calls to social media texts, location data, and browser data.
  • Affordable pricing with flexible, multi-tiered subscription plans.


  • Most times, technical care responds with pre-written texts, making it quite challenging to get help for peculiar problems. 

2. EyeZy – A Decent iPhone Text Spy App

Although it doesn’t offer nearly as many spy features as mSpy, SpyBubble is a great spy app compared to most other spy apps today. It provides you with easy-to-use spying features that put you in a good position to intercept crucial information from your target phone.

The app allows you to access various types of data on your target phone with just a few clicks, including iPhone text messages, call records, social media texts, multimedia files, browsing history, and location. You’ll get to see just about everyone your loved ones are interacting with when you spy on texts on your iPhone with SpyBubble.

The app reveals the identity of your target’s phone contacts, Facebook friends, and SMS text senders/receivers. SpyBubble also presents these phone data in comprehensive, easy-to-read reports.


  • Unlimited installations that allow you to monitor as many devices as you want with just one SpyBubble account.
  • A 60-day return policy that allows you to try the app for free for 2 months. You’ll have 2 months to deploy the app before deciding if it’s worth your money.


  • Unlike mSpy, it lacks several advanced features, the most obvious ones being a Facebook monitoring tool and a keylogger.
  • There have been several complaints that SpyBubble drains the target’s battery excessively. Its excessive battery consumption might give you away easily.
  • Unlike most other great spy apps that offer reliable support for free through multiple channels, SpyBubble actually charges an extra $9.95 for what they call ‘Priority Support.’

3. XNSPY – A Basic Text Spy iPhone App 

How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

If you run on a tight budget and wouldn’t mind settling for rudimentary monitoring tools, XNSPY is right up your alley. It charges much lower subscription fees for a much leaner set of monitoring tools than mSpy and many other top-notch spy on texts iPhone apps.

Released in 2013 and has undergone several feature improvements, XNSPY is decidedly a simple spy app. It’s designed primarily as a parental control and employee monitoring tool. Therefore, it focuses mainly on covering kid’s activities and those of workers on the clock. Some of these basic spy features include text messages, monitoring calls, contact lists, Instant Messenger apps, location data, and browsing activities.

The app’s parental control features allow you to regulate the contents your targets can access on their phone, including app content and multimedia content. There’s also an ambient call feature that allows you to listen in on your target’s conversations and environmental cues through their phone’s microphone.


  • Provides real-time updates, sending instant alerts the moment any data is generated on the target phone, from phone calls to texts, social media messages, etc.
  • Comes with unique monitoring features not found even in advanced spying tools, including the watch list alert, which alerts you to specific phone data like messages with specific keywords, SIM card changes, and physical movements.
  • Provides an excellent set of spying tools at a low-end price.
  • Supports offline tracking and data collection. You’ll receive updates on your target’s phone activities even when their phone isn’t connected to the Internet.
  • Provides 24/7 live technical support.


  • Parental control features do not block websites.
  • Customer support is not offered on channels like live calls and email.
  • No free trials are available. 

Take Charge with Great iPhone Text Spying Apps

We’ve meticulously researched all the text spy on iPhone apps overviewed above, and we believe they’re the best spy apps out there for just about anyone. mSpy packs a punch of advanced spying features besides its text message spying feature. SpyBubble provides a decent collection of spy features at a lower price. And XNSPY gives you a collection of mostly basic and a few advanced features at a much lower rate.

What’s more, they’re all compatible with Android devices and PC as well, allowing you to monitor your targets even if they’re using devices other than iOS. SpyBubble enables you to monitor an unlimited number of devices. So you can spy on your targets’ main phone, the one they keep in their drawers, and even their office phones, all at the same time.

What’s more, these text spy apps for iPhones are also affordable, allowing you to get a good bang for your bucks even if you’re on a tight budget.

However, note that it’s your responsibility to ensure that you remain in right standing with applicable laws in your locality when spying on iPhone messages with spy apps. Except you don’t mind facing legal consequences so long as you’re able to put your mind to rest with the information you gather about your loved one’s activities.

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