How to Monitor a Cell Phone Without Touching It — An Expert Guide

Spy apps have opened up the possibility of monitoring someone’s activities using their mobile phone. Before their invention, it was quite challenging to achieve such feats without physically following people around. You can now relax on your living room sofa and check up on your child, spouse, or employees’ activities. You can access digital information such as location, call history, emails, chats, media, and more with top monitoring apps.

“You might want to keep track of your spouse’s activities if you feel they are cheating or hiding something from you. As an employer, it might be necessary to keep tabs on employees to ensure they attend assigned business trips or aren’t into anything fraudulent. Monitoring apps can help you protect your child from the negative side of the Internet by providing you with digital parental control. Hence, let’s find out the best apps to monitor a phone.”

How to Monitor a Cell Phone?

Monitor a Cell Phone Without Touching It

When you’re looking to track your child, partner, or employees’ smartphone, you’ll need spy software. Popular apps to monitor someone’s phone include mSpy, SpyBubble, iKeyMonitor, and Spyic. After signing up for spyware, you’ll need the target smartphone’s iCloud credentials for iOS devices, while Android devices will require installation. 

Most spy apps are compatible with all iOS devices and any cell phone spotting Android 4.0 or higher. You can perform phone monitoring without having the target phone with these digital surveillance applications. Yes, remote tracking is possible using a spy app. The software feeds every digital information involving the individual you’re tracking directly to your online account for you to view. 

How to Monitor My Child’s Phone?

Monitor a Cell Phone Without Touching It

The Internet is an indispensable learning tool, a source of entertainment, and an avenue to communicate with others. But its poor regulation means it can also be harmful, especially to kids. With most sexual offenses involving minors often originating from online conversations, it’s only natural that you look to shield your child from such harm. Spy apps provide you with digital control to achieve this goal. 

If you’re looking to track your son or daughter and what they’re up to on their mobile devices, the first step is to find a suitable spy software. We recommend using mSpy if you want a top app for monitoring another phone. It offers flexible plans and superior digital parental control features. There are other spy software apps available for both Android and iOS devices. You don’t even have to worry about jailbroken or non-jailbroken smartphones. Top monitoring apps provide you with a solution to match your target’s cell phone properties. 

If your child isn’t a minor, you should inform them about monitoring their device. After setting up the spy software, you can access your child’s digital information by logging into your online account. Here, using a Control Panel, the spyware displays call logs, shared pictures and videos, social media activities, location, etc.

What Is the Best App to Monitor Your Child’s Phone?

Monitor a Cell Phone Without Touching It

If you’re looking to keep track of your child’s online activities, mSpy is your best bet. This app offers superior digital control features on both its primary and premium packages. You also don’t have to jailbreak your child’s iPhone or root their Android to use this software. Here are some of the features that make mSpy the best phone monitoring spy app. 

  • Geofencing 

This feature helps you monitor your child’s location remotely. You’ll get to set specific geographical zones. If your child leaves or enters this area, the app will notify you instantly. This way, worrying about your child’s whereabouts doesn’t distract you from your work or having fun during vacations. 

  • Time Limits 

Protect your child’s eyes or prevent them from getting unhealthily attached to their devices with the time limit features. You can set a timer or a schedule on their smartphone. When it activates, it blocks access to specific apps on your child’s device. 

  • Chat Monitoring and Keyword Tracking 

You can use this spy app to monitor device chats remotely. Keep an eye out for sexual predators, cyberbullies, or other inappropriate conversations with chat monitoring features. You can also track specific keywords and receive alerts if they ever appear in your child’s online messages.

How to Tell If Someone Is Monitoring Your Phone? 

Most spy apps are undetectable on the target phone. If you are worried about someone monitoring your phone, you have to look out for some of these signs.

  • Drastic Battery Drain 

Is your battery life rapidly deteriorating? This problem could be a result of spyware. Spy software consumes significant power while running in the background. This process subsequently heats your battery even when you aren’t using it. 

  • High Data Usage 

Spyware regularly updates your tracker about your digital activities. This feature is data-intensive, a fact you’ll notice while checking your traffic usage.

  • Strange Background Noises During Calls 

Do you notice strange background noises while making or receiving calls? These interferences aren’t one-off occurrences but repeatedly happen during phone conversations. If you experience these scenarios, there’s a chance someone is spying on your calls.

  • Unusual Device Behavior

Have you noticed some strange behavior in your phone’s performance? Maybe it switches off unexpectedly, and you notice lags in some of its features. Some spy software can slow your device’s functionality drastically.

Experiencing just one of these scenarios doesn’t mean someone is monitoring you. Why? Because these signs sometimes point to a faulty device. If you experience them collectively, there’s a high chance your suspicions are correct; someone may be monitoring your device.

How to Secretly Monitor a Cell Phone?

Monitor a Cell Phone Without Touching It

You’ll need a hidden mobile monitoring app to track someone’s device secretly. If you suspect your boyfriend is cheating on you, it can help you find out the truth. Which places does he visit frequently and lie to you about? Does he make strange calls and acts weird if you are around during those conversations?

An invisible phone monitoring app will provide you with your boyfriend’s calls, chats, and location history. Such information can help you find out the truth about his unusual behavior. For many, mSpy is arguably the best hidden phone monitoring app. It holds this status thanks to its remote-friendly features. This software also offers a no-jailbreak and no installation solutions to iOS users.


How to Tell If Your Cell Phone Is Being Tapped or Monitored by Spy Software?

Here are the common signs that indicate that your phone is being tapped or monitored by the spy software. 
1. Your battery life drains abnormally.
2. Your phone gets hot while in idle mode.
3. You’ll receive strange text messages with signs and symbols. 
4. While making or receiving a call, you’ll notice strange background noises repeatedly. 
5. Your data usage is on the high side. 
6. Your phone behaves abnormally, such as powering down unexpectedly or exhibiting unusual slow performance.

Why Does My Phone Say Network May Be Monitored?

The message “Network may be monitored” can pop on your phone. This notification indicates that you have installed a security certificate from an issuer outside the trusted list. Such warnings point to the possibility that a third party can monitor your traffic data under certain circumstances. Often, you are safe as the situation might be your network provider using an in-house certificate.

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