How to Spy on Someone’s Computer Without Them Knowing – Tips That Work

Nowadays, modern technology is growing faster and faster, letting us hack someone’s computer no time ever before. You’ve seen it in the movies already – a geeky dude seated remotely in a warehouse typing furiously at his keyboard. And you, of course, are also capable of breaking into someone’s PC.

If you’re a parent, you’re well with your rights to track your kids’ activities when they use their computer. Since you’re responsible for them, it’s only natural to know what they’re up to on their PCs. If you have some doubts about your spouse’s fidelity, you can spy on their computer to find out the truth. The same goes if you’re an employer and own a business – you’d need to monitor what your employees conduct on the business’ computers. It is essential to ensure your employees are working in line with the company’s policies.

Hence, I will be sharing all the ways you can spy on someone’s computer from anywhere in the world. You don’t need technical skills to be like those badass hackers in the movies.

Spy on Someone’s Computer

How to  Monitor Another Computer Without Them Knowing?

Before you begin to spy on someone else’s PC, you need to determine if it’s essential to do so. Instead of full-blown computer spying, you can consider the following:

  • Monitor certain activities. There are websites that your kids shouldn’t be visiting. You can opt to filter their browsing instead of monitoring the entire computer. You can do the same thing for an employee.
  • Monitor certain activities in some apps. You can execute selective monitoring if you want to see an employee uses a specific app.
  • Monitor certain activities in all apps. You can also opt for monitoring what your child does on the Internet or what your employees are doing.

With that out of the way, let’s explore the various ways you can do so.

Monitor Your Child’s Activity

Your kids run the risk of stumbling on websites that may not be appropriate for their age. It is essential to restrict and monitor their activities when they make use of their PCs. Windows and Apple have made it possible to monitor a child’s computer remotely and effortlessly.

Spy on Someone’s Computer

While there are a couple of differences between both operating software, you can typically carry out the following:

  • Select and filter games and applications by placing age restrictions.
  • Hide cuss words from dictionaries.
  • Block laptop cam from running.
  • Block messaging applications from running.
  • Manage your child’s online shopping. 
  • Locate your child.
  • Place time and usage limits.
  • Monitor and block websites from opening.
  • Monitor application usage.

To get started, Windows and Apple would require registering and setting up an account specifically for your child. All the step-by-step information on monitoring your child’s PC can be found on Apple’s and Window’s websites.

Keep Track of An Employee’s Activity

If you’ve got a business running, it is essential to use computer monitoring software to track what your employees’ do during their working hours. You can make use of any of the following:


ActivTrak is a computer tracking software you can deploy to monitor several computers’ activity at once. If you run a business, that’s a plus. ActivTrak is also efficient in delivering an elaborate report on what your employees are doing with their PCs. Some of its features include:

·   Alerts you when your employee activates a specific or unwanted activity on their PCs.

·   Provides time charts detailing the period of time spent using each software on the PC.

·   Monitor several computers at once.

·   Shows you scheduled screenshots of their PC screen, showing their activity.

Spy on Someone’s Computer

Using a web-based Control Panel, you can log in and monitor your employees’ PCs’ activity usage. Setting up is smooth and hitch-free. You also can regulate and set what app will be tagged productive and unproductive for each PC.

Thus, a digital marketer using Facebook may be termed as productive. But it may be termed unproductive when a cashier or line manager uses any social media platform. You can utilize the Reports tab on the ActivTrak platform to view which websites are commonly used.

A free version of this software is available but with limited storage. You can only monitor 3 users at a time. With the premium version for $336/year, you can track 5 agents with limitless cloud storage. If your business is fairly large, you can opt for the $1,920/year to monitor up to 50 users. If maintaining order and productivity in your workplace is of utmost importance, you should opt for this.


If you’re particularly concerned that your business staff is going against policy guidelines, SpectorSoft comes to the rescue. This monitoring software is efficient in handling investigation (both short and long term), and features the following:

·   Monitors and tracks website usage last visited time, and the total time spent on each app and website.

·   Receives and stores email.

·   Take screenshots of each employees’ PC every 30 minutes.

·   Saves keystrokes activity on their PC. However, you can opt to stop the software from recording user passwords on websites.

·   Monitors and records chat from all social media and corporate messaging platforms.

·   Monitors and tracks each file saved to the PC. It can also track the time the file was saved or uploaded to the PC.

·   Takes screenshots at the keystroke of certain keywords. This can also be activated when certain apps or websites on their PCs are opened.

Spy on Someone’s Computer

SpectorSoft also comes with Spector 360 — another more advanced tracking software. Spector 360 provides a more detailed analysis of computer usage.

SpectorSoft apps are paid apps, and you can only get them by calling for a quote. This typically translates to being expensive. But if monitoring your staff to ensure they adhere to company policy, this is the best bet for you.

How to Spy on Someone’s Computer Without Them Knowing?

Away from the corporate world, you can also monitor and track someone’s PC remotely, and without being detected. With the aid computer spy software, you can track another person’s computer usage and receive reports and updates in real-time.

With so many computer monitoring software available, it is vital to use an efficient program. Some of such software include:


As the name suggests, Tattletale is a powerful computer tracking software that you can use to track and monitor someone’s PC usage remotely. It is efficient for capturing computer activity, including social media activities, video chats, web history, and lots more.

Spy on Someone’s Computer

Below are simple steps to set it up:

1. Download Tattletale for your PC. After coming to terms with what and why you need to monitor someone else’s PC, go ahead and download this sophisticated software.

2. Follow the prompts to install the software. Just any PC software, you need to follow the instructions to install it on your own computer. Installing this software requires no technical experience. It is necessary to install the software according to the recommended way. Failure to adhere to it may result in software malfunction. 

3. See playback videos. After installing the software the recommended way, imputing every detail, visit the PC Tattletale website to watch playbacks of the PC screen you want to monitor.

Tattletale runs discreetly on your computer while covertly monitoring the PC you want to track. The risk of getting caught is minimal when you make use of this software.


Realtime-Spy is a leading remote spy and cloud-based software that grants you remote access to a computer you want to track. It works effectively in stealth mode; this makes it difficult for the PC user to detect you. Some of is unique feature include:

  • Receiving real-time alerts from the monitored computer.
  • Having access to real-time screen viewing
  • Managing search logs.
  • Detecting and disabling spyware detectors.
  • Viewing keystrokes and logging updates.
  • Receiving a top 10 reports on apps used and websites visited.
Spy on Someone’s Computer

To get it started, you need to follow these instructions:

1. Install the software. The standard edition of Realtime-Spy is available for $79.95/year, while the plus edition is available for $99.95/year. While the standard edition is meant to monitor one user, you can track 2 PCs with the plus edition.

2. Create an agent program. Realtime-Spy comes with a program that allows you to create and launch a remote install-module. This module will be attached as a file to the email you send to the PC you want to be monitored. Once the user unknowingly downloads and installs the module, their PC activities will be stored on Realtime-Spy’s servers. When you log in to Realtime-Spy, you’ll be able to view and monitor their activities. 

3. Cloak the agent program. The user’s PC may be equipped with a good antivirus that blocks off .exe attachments. However, you can work your way around this via bypassing this problem. All you need to do is save the file inside a Microsoft Word file (.doc/.docx) and attach the document to an email that you will send to the user. If the user opens and clicks on the file, Realtime-Spy will be activated and run at the background discreetly. If the user doesn’t open the file, you won’t monitor their computer remotely. In such cases, you’d need to launch the module on their PC physically.

4. Log in to your Realtime-Spy account. If the user has opened the file, all you need to do is log in to your Realtime-Spy account and get access to their computer. You will be able to monitor the following:

  • Keystrokes. 
  • Emails sent and received.
  • Screenshots.
  • Windows and tabs opened.
  • The various documents viewed by the user and many more from the comfort of your personal PC.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Watching You Through Your Computer?

While it is possible to monitor someone’s PC without their knowledge (as proven through this article), it is also quite possible that someone may already be tracking your PC. It is quite to think that your bank records and login details and several sensitive information may already be collected by someone else.

There are several ways to find out if your computer is being monitored.

Download Anti-Spy Software

One of the best ways to prevent your computer from being monitored is to install an anti-spy program. These programs help to spot spyware on your computer. They not only detect spyware but block them entirely from your PC.

You can make use of any of the following:

While using any of these programs, you will receive alerts if your computer is being targeted. Sometimes, these programs automatically block these impending threats for you. Other times, you may need to prevent them after receiving alerts.

Review and Uninstall Unused Software

Malware and spyware may get into your computer through a software that was mistakenly installed. You could’ve installed a program that you never intended to use. It is important to check your list of programs if there’s a strange software there.

You can remove applications you no longer use from your computer.

Spy on Someone’s Computer

Check If Your WI-FI Is Secure

If you’re using a public Wi-Fi requiring no password to sign in, you run the risk of being monitored by another user connected to the same network. Information such as your login details, uploaded images, and chats may be disclosed to a hacker.

It is essential to make use of a public Wi-Fi network that is secured. If you are already aware that someone is monitoring your PC activity, you can disconnect it from the Internet.

Final Words

You may have your own reasons to control someone else’s computer: be it spying on your children, spouse, or employees, it is essential to know how you can track their computer usage. As you can see, monitoring someone’s computer is a walk in the park when you know what to do. Follow the aforementioned steps and bam; you’re in. 

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