How I caught my wife cheating

In this article, I share with you my own tough experience while I caught my wife cheating. For me, this was really physiologically difficult to accept the fact that you have lived for four years with your close people, care about her, make a lot of useful things for her, and one moment you are shocked that your wife has fallen in love in another man. What to do in this physiologically difficult and curious situation?

First, I want to tell you about my own painful story about how I caught my cheating wife. Maybe, this will help you in your own life to detect your wife who is going to cheat or has feelings to another man in order to prevent an awful situation and divorce.

As it was mentioned above, I lived with my wife for four years and loved her very much. We had a lot of common and harmonical relationships. My wife works as a cultural manager and communicates with a huge number of artists, writers, musicians, and so on. Her life is full of interesting events, communication, trips, and so on. I should have forecasted that my wife would have an affair first or last. But I loved her so much and was blinded by my passionate feelings.

Once a new idea came to my mind to install a monitoring application on her phone in order to get to know more about her secret thoughts and private life while she leaves a home in order to improve our relationships and bring bright colours into our intimate life.

After the installation of the spying app, I was really surprised when I found out that she was chatting with another guy for a long period of time. First, this was resembling simple friendship without romantic notes and I could relax. But then it started to flow in something strange. And then I detected my wife is writing some strange messages to this man and flirting with him. And then I understood that it was not a simple friendship. This was something more.

After that, I decided to talk to her honestly about our relationships and her new friend. And she promised me that she would never have an affair with that guy or somebody else because she loved me and nothing can’t stand between us. I believed her but I didn’t remove a spying app from her device and I was going to monitor her messages and receiving her call logs.

In several weeks, I read her chat with him and got to know that he invited her to the restaurant after work. That evening she didn’t come home. I called her, but she didn’t answer me for my calls and I really started to get nervous. After that, a couple of hours later in that evening, with my monitoring app, I could listen to the surrounding sounds of her device. How I was annoyed when I heard how somebody was fucking my wife! I was really shocked! This was evidence that my wife was cheating on me. So, I caught wife cheating, what should I do?

I was disappointed and frustrated for a long period of time and was breaking my head over our future relationships. First, I didn’t know what to do in this situation either to file for divorce or save relationships. You aware of how I caught my wife cheating on me and now I want to provide you with some tips about what to do after you caught your wife cheating on you.

Don't let impulse impact you! - mSpyLite

Don’t let impulse impact you!

Now you know that your wife was cheating on you. What to do? The first you want to do is to give up with your wife and file for divorce. But don’t go to pieces! You need to keep calm and give your relationships time. It can impact your marriage positively.

She was unfaithful. Break-up is the easiest way, but what if to give one more chance to your relationships? There are so many things that are fighting against each other, but the main question is, what to do next?

Protect your children from negative consequences

If you have children, it’s very important to hide the fact of cheating. They don’t need to know that their mom was cheating on you. You need to explain to your children that you and their mom have difficult times without giving specifics. After all this situation completed, you will want to look at your children and tell them that you have done everything to save your marriage.

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Have an honest conversation with your wife

In order to be aware of why she cheated on you and what brought about this situation, you need to communicate with your wife and ask her questions as much as possible. This will help you understand which circumstances and problems caused this situation. You need to understand that both you and she interacted in this situation and carry responsibility for it together not only your wife. In addition, you need to tell her what you feel which will help you solve this problem. This can take not one session.

Accept that what she did and you don’t change it anymore. However, you can impact your future! This can be just a crucial moment in your relationships. Nobody knows what is waiting for them in future. Try to identify the ways that you contributed. Think of those things which depended on you and what you could do in order to prevent her affair.

Don’t fall into bad habits

You feel pain and disappointment, but you should realize that bad habits like watching porno, getting drunk, gambling, and so on don’t lead you to the solution of the problem. They just allow you taking a time-out from your real emotions. However, in the morning, you will find yourself empty.
When morning comes, you feel deep loneliness and hurt inside you. It’s better to do sport or yoga, read books and develop some of your skills or get new knowledge. This will impact you positively and help you catch a break from the problem. Put yourself into healthy activities!

Chat to your trusted friend

Find a friend whom you can trust and tell about your problem. This friend needs to be a good listener, level-headed and insightful. Sometimes, it’s much easier to tell your story to the man who will blash your wife. However, you need to realize that you don’t need such kind of friend because you need a fair-minded friend who won’t take somebody’s side and will provide you with a useful tip.

Visit a psychologist or support group

The problem that you and your marriage faced can’t be solved without interaction with a specialist. In this case, your situation needs professional insight.

To conclude, I want to add that this was really disappointing, painful and tough while I caught my wife cheating on me. For a long period of time, I doubted what to do either to save the marriage and relationships or destroy everything that we were building together with such difficulties for this time. And I chose the first option. I chose to save my family in spite of all circumstances and troubles.

This was really a hard decision but I decided to forgive my wife and give her a second chance. And today, when all things fell into place and we restored our marriage together, now I realize that I didn’t do a mistake.

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