How to Hack Twitter Account: The Most Efficient Ways to Do It

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world right now. It has become the top online interaction app for communication and sharing news and information. One of the main reasons why people use Twitter is the fact that it allows interaction between ordinary users and famous ones. Nowadays, everybody is on this microblogging platform, from presidents of different countries to students, celebrities to corporate organizations, news desks, etc. There have been several cases where significant events in the world have been announced on Twitter. It’s no wonder that the app has millions of users worldwide.

Much more than a news sharing platform, Twitter is also used to keep in touch, share pictures, videos, and other information. You can even “like” and share tweets from other people, and meet new contacts too. However, like several different social media platforms, some dangers come with being on Twitter. Your Twitter account can be monitored, broken into, and stolen. This can make you lose valuable information like messages, contacts, and so much more.

If your loved one or child is using Twitter, they can be susceptible to cyberbullying, phishing attacks, and other dangers. For this reason, it may be a good idea to know how to hack Twitter and protect your personal information.

If you’re interested in knowing how to hack a Twitter account, this article is for you.


Don’t use the information in this article for malicious reasons. We don’t encourage hacking Twitter for profits, but rather for good intentions like recovering your account. The information in this article should only be used when necessary.

How to Hack a Twitter Account?

Step 1: Send Yourself A Password Reset

Since its creation in 2006, Twitter has become the preferred app for many people to interact with the world. But before we go into how you crack a Twitter account, let’s see some other reasons why people hack Twitter. In most cases, people break into this social media platform for the following reasons:

  • To recover a stolen/locked account.
  • To protect their loved one.
  • To keep an eye on a suspicious employee.

Now to how you can break into a Twitter account. It’s never easy to crack a social networking account. Twitter developers work round-the-clock to find and block loopholes that may allow breaking into accounts. However, there are still some ways you can try. They include:

Using a Monitoring Tool

This is the best way to get into another person’s Twitter account. By simply installing a monitoring app like mSpy, you can get unrestricted access to seeing all other people’s mobile activities.

Try Virus Hacking

While searching for ways to break into a Twitter account, you may come across this method. It involves sending a link that contains a virus to the account to be hacked. Once the user clicks on the link, the virus enters the phone. It then relays to you all the information about the user, including login details. Although this sounds attractive, the truth is, it hardly ever works.

Getting Access to the Linked Email Account

Another option worth trying is accessing the person’s email. If you get locked out of the account and you have access to the linked email, this method is perfect for you. By accessing the email account linked to the Twitter profile, you can reset the social media platform’s password. However, if you don’t know the password and lack access to the email linked to the Twitter profile, this option won’t work.

How to Hack a Twitter Password?

Get Control Over Twitter Account By Entering Username

If you have forgotten your password, or trying to hack someone’s Twitter password, here are some ways to go about it.

Try a Password Reset

For recovering your account, you can try a password reset. With this option, Twitter will send a link to help you reset the password to your linked email. You can simply access your email and recover the account. However, if you’re trying to do a Twitter password crack for someone else’s account, you can also try resetting the password. If you have access to the person’s email account, you can receive the reset link, create a new password, and delete the link message from the person’s email.

Use Keylogger

Hacking a Twitter account password will be difficult if you don’t have access to the person’s email. Then, you’ll need to use a keylogger app. Keylogger apps record and report to you every word typed on the target phone. With this tool, you can capture the person’s email credentials and use it to crack their Twitter password.

Use a Password Hacker App

Another way to crack a Twitter password online is by using a password hacker app. There are several apps out there that offer password breaking services. These apps work by making guesses of possible password combinations until the right one is gotten. However, most of these apps only work when the person’s password is “weak” and easy to guess. An account with a stronger password will take ages to crack using password hacker apps.

Use a Spy App

The fastest and most convenient way to hack someone’s Twitter account is by using a spy app. The spy apps offer full mobile monitoring and easy access to someone else’s Twitter profile. Top spy apps, like mSpy, come with a keylogger feature that tracks everything the other person types on the target device. With mSpy, you can also monitor other social media apps, call logs, text messages, media files, etc.

How to Get Someone’s Email from Twitter?

Sometimes, you may want to contact a Twitter user for something, maybe more official, via email. There are some ways you can get someone’s email address from their Twitter account, including:

Send a Direct Message

You can send a personal message to the person requesting a direct email to reach them.

Check Their Bio

Some people put up their information on the user description (bio) on their profile pages. You can check if the person’s email is listed there.

Use an Email Finder

Some email finder tools offer services that help people find other users’ emails. With the user’s name and/or company name, an email finding tool may help you get the right email address.

Spy Apps

With a cell phone tracking app, you can get all the details associated with a Twitter account, including the email. Whether you want to get someone else’s password or email, using a spy app makes everything easier.

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