Best Couple Tracker iPhone Apps to Catch Your Spouse Red-Handed

There’s no better feeling than being in a relationship with the person you love. Everyone wants to enjoy emotional bliss, whether in their marriages or while still dating. However, there is something that threatens the joy in every relationship — and that hurdle is a lack of trust. If you don’t trust your spouse for one reason or the other, you may end up worrying about a lot of things.

Lack of trust can build up a lot of tension, and you end up spending all your time suspecting your partner’s actions and movements. For this reason, several relationships without trust have ended up being unhappy relationships. Also, several couples look for how to instill higher levels of confidence in their relationships.

If you’re in a serious relationship, you can prevent any future heartaches by taking some steps to confirm your partner’s loyalty. One of the best verifying methods is by using a couple tracker app for iPhone and Android. A couple tracker app will tell you all you should know about your partner at any given time. “How?” you may ask. This article will tell you all you need to know about tracking apps for couples. Let’s get right into it.

What Is an iPhone Couple Tracker?

Overview of apps to find the best free couple tracker for iPhone

A couple tracker is an application that allows you to keep an eye on your spouse wherever they are. Whether your partner is at home, at work, close to you, or far, the app lets you know all their activities. If you and your spouse are iPhone users, it makes it easier to monitor each other’s actions. With these tracking apps, you’ll get updates of your partner’s activities in real-time, even their movement details. iPhone couple tracking apps come with several features that you’ll find very helpful.

The features you can get with these apps include:

Monitoring call history and text messages

Checking who your spouse is in regular contact with is a great way to know what they’ve been up to. With these apps, you can see their call logs and all the SMS sent and received on their phones.

Social media monitoring

Going through your spouse’s social media accounts is made more comfortable with a tracker app. So you can check and confirm any suspicions you may have online.

Location history

Do you feel your partner has been lying about their whereabouts? You can confirm using a tracker app. They use the iPhone GPS to monitor the movements of your spouse in real-time.

Stealth Monitoring

You gain access to the information from your spouse’s phone from wherever you are. With these apps, you don’t need physical access to the phone being monitored. What’s more? The apps can work in stealth mode. So whether your partner knows or not, the app will spy on them efficiently.

Is There an iPhone Tracker Free App?

As an iPhone user, you know that using an iPhone can be expensive sometimes. You have to pay for most of the apps and other perks. And with all the fantastic features couple tracker apps offer, you may be wondering if you can find a free one to use. The truth is, several iPhone tracker apps are free to use. With most of the apps, you can get at least the basic tracking features for free. But for advanced features, you’ll have to pay for it.

Overview of Apps to Find the Best Free Couple Tracker for iPhone

When you want to monitor the activities of your spouse, here are some apps to consider using:


This app is one of the best spy software in the market. mSpy tops our list for its extensive monitoring features it offers couples. With this app, you get access to features like SMS and call tracking, instant messaging, and location tracking. You’ll be able to see your partner’s browsing history, event log, and even monitor emails. You can easily catch a cheating spouse with this app. mSpy can be used remotely, making it the best app on this list.


PhoneMonitor is another popular free iPhone cheating spouse app tracker. It gives you access to everything on your partner’s phone, including pictures, videos, and social media. You’ll also be able to track calls, text messages, and wherever your spouse goes. It works perfectly with an Android device too.


Spyzie is another excellent couple iPhone monitoring tool. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require tech knowledge to navigate. It allows you to have remote access to your target device and track all the phone activities. The features of this app include monitoring SMS, calls, location, voice memos, event logs, etc.


This app is a bit unique from the first 3 mentioned. It’s a couple tracker in the real sense of the word as both partners would need to have the app on their phones. However, CoupleTracker is an efficient tracking app and offers features like location recording, call recording, etc. The best thing about this app is that it’s completely free of charge.


FlexiSPY is a fantastic couple tracker for iPhone and Android users. Offering just as many features as the other apps on this list, FlexiSPY stands out for its ease of use. It has a user-friendly interface and comes with an inbuilt keylogger app. So besides the usual tracking, you can quickly get all your partner’s passwords too.


This app helps you curtail any inappropriate behavior from your spouse. Like CoupleTracker, it has to be on both phones to work. mCouple allows you and your partner to see everything that happens on each other’s cell phones, from interactions via calls, texts to social media chats, you can spy on anything you want.


There’s no point in being in a relationship where there is no trust. Having to deal with a cheating partner, or one who hides things from you can be very painful. And since no one wants to experience heartache, it’s best to find a way to keep an eye on your spouse. With an Android or iPhone app to spy on your partner, it’ll be easier for you to know what they have been up to. Stop worrying about what your spouse has been doing! Simply select any of the excellent apps listed above and start tracking their activities.

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  1. It’s so sad when your spouse is having an affair with your best friend, I noticed my Husband was getting too close with my friend, he chats in private, makes secret calls and always so glued to his phone, I tried so much but couldn’t have physical access to the phone. I had to look for alternatives, I almost gave up until I stumbled onto some great recommendations about mSpy.


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