GPS Trackers for Kids: Are They Worth Your Money?

Parents go the extra mile to keep their kids safe. They make sure their kids play around secure areas, monitor their physical and mental well-being, and watch over them. And a big part of making your kids safe is knowing where they go when you’re not with them. It’s easier to watch over kids when they are bigger and can have their phones. But when it comes to younger kids without personal phones, the case is different. How can parents keep an eye on the movement of their younger children?

Smaller children can easily get lost in crowds, wander off during family picnics or from the schoolyard, and sometimes miss their ways. For this reason, parents tend to worry more about keeping an eye on their smaller kids. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to do so. Our world is now in the digital age, and there are unique and simple ways to track kids’ locations. One of these remarkable ways is by using a GPS tracker for kids.

GPS trackers for kids have started gaining substantial ground in the market, with more parents opting for this option. Usually, GPS trackers are mainly attached to keys, cars, and even properties like phones. However, there are some trackers specially designed for use on children. But are they essential? Below, we’ll tell you why you need to use a GPS tracker for your child and everything you should know about kids’ trackers.

Why Do You Need a Kid Tracker GPS?

These easy-to-use devices can always provide information about your kids’ whereabouts. With a kid GPS tracker, you no longer have to worry about where your child goes. The best GPS trackers are usually small and not intrusive. Your child will be able to carry it around without any issues, even at school.

Some other reasons why you may need to use GPS trackers on your kids include:

  • Monitoring School Movements

You’ll find a GPS tracker app useful for keeping an eye on your children’s movements from home to school and vice versa. The trackers can also show you any stops they make on the way.

  • Ensuring That Your Kids Are Where They Claim to Be

As children grow into the teenage ages, they start to explore on their own more and try new things. With a tracking device, you can always ensure that your child is actually at the friend’s house they claim to visit.

  • Monitoring Dangerous Areas

There are always places that parents don’t want their kids to be. Tracking can let you know when your child leaves the designated safe geographic areas and enters a dangerous area.

  • Finding a Missing Child

In cases of abduction or getting lost in malls, large crowds, or events, a GPS tracking tool can come in very handy.

  • Giving Your Children a Sense of Independence

This tech is also perfect for people that still have to work after school hours. Rather than asking your child to stay indoors every time, you can give them the freedom to visit or play with nearby friends and monitor their movements via the tracker.

There are a few people that question the ethics behind tracking kids’ movements by parents. However, these products are made to give all parents peace of mind concerning their children when they are apart.

Kids Location Tracker

There are several ways to track a child. As we mentioned earlier, if your child has a phone, you can follow the device to know their whereabouts. Smartwatches with GPS positioning features can also help parents get the location of their children. However, for smaller children, kids’ location trackers make knowing their locations much easier.  

With several types of location tracking devices for kids in the market, you can choose the one best suited for your needs. Some trackers come with extra features like panic buttons, cellular connections to allow for 2-way communication and SOS calls, cameras, and message-sharing features. There are trackers in the form of simple smartwatches younger kids can wear, and clip-on trackers attached to backpacks or inner pockets. There are also trackers with screens and those that are screenless.

How to Select the Best Tracking Device for Kids?

With the several options of kids tracking devices in the market, choosing the best one can be a bit confusing. But there are some simple factors you can consider when selecting your preferred tracker for kids. These criteria include:

  • Simplicity 

A primary determiner in the tracker you choose should be its ease-of-use. The location tracking device should be easy to use by both the parent and the child. You don’t want a tracker with too many buttons that’ll confuse your children.

  • Features

Several GPS devices offer more than just location tracking. Some offer parents features like SOS panic buttons, two-way calling, voice recording, and even image capturing. With a few tools, you can even set geofencing zones so you’ll get notified if your child strays anytime to a dangerous area.

  • Durability and Design

When choosing, consider how you want your child to carry the tracker around. Do you want it worn as a wristwatch? Or a clip-on? Or just a simple device you can slip into your child’s coat pocket? Also, confirm properties like its ability to withstand the rough playground life, and even water.

  • Performance

Ensure that the tracker you choose provides accurate details on the person’s location even when they are in motion. You don’t want a locator that’ll inform you about your kid’s location 10 minutes after they have left there.  

  • Price

Most tracking devices require the user to pay monthly access fees before they can use it. Ensure that you confirm your preferred GPS tracker charges and that it’s affordable before purchasing the hardware.

Final Thoughts

The best GPS tracker should be easy to hide and blend well with everyday clothing. Adding this tool to your parenting “team” can go a long way in giving you one less thing to worry about as you work.

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