Be aware of the basics and advanced aspects of industrial espionage

Many industrialists around the world are concentrating on how to enhance their industrial operations effectively. They have to focus on everything associated with industrial espionage. The industrial espionage is known as corporate espionage, corporate spying or economic espionage. As an owner of the industry, you have to enhance your approach to protect all the valuable industrial information on a regular basis. You can explore and use the best methods to enhance the safety of your data associated with the industrial operations and trade secrets. The following details will explain you various aspects of this form of espionage.

Industrial espionage definition

Industrial espionage is an unethical or illegal theft of any business secret for use by any competitor to fulfill their expectations about the competitive advantage. Many companies around the world are conducting industrial espionage for their commercial purposes. Some countries conduct the industrial espionage for national security purposes.  The main target of the investigation may be the trade secrets like the information about the business plans and proprietary product formula or specification of the company. 

Industrial spies usually seek data that their business can exploit to its benefits. As an insider threat, an industrial spy gives loads of troubles to the business people.  A person who has gained any range of employment with the business with an aim to spy nowadays is a good example for the industrial espionage. Many disgruntled employee trade information for their personal revenge or gain. They make use of social engineering tactics such as tricking employees into divulging privileged information. 

Theft of trade secret 

Many people pay attention to whether the theft of confidential data by industrial espionage is the theft of trade secrets or not. They have to understand and remember that the industrial espionage involved in the theft of confidential data of the business is theft of trade secret beyond doubt. They also keep in mind that the generic term is not protected under the trademark law when it gets a secondary meaning. They must improve their efforts to protect the production techniques and make positive changes in their efforts for the protection of trade secrets extending ideas and their expression. 

Chinese industrial espionage

The overall recognition of the Chinese industrial espionage in recent years is increased. China is alleged to have started the maximum efforts for acquiring the military technology of the U.S. and classified information as well as important trade secrets of top companies in the nation with an aim to assist the long-term military and commercial development in the nation. There are many techniques used to steal trade technology and secrets. Some of these techniques are a network of business, academic and scientific contacts, exploitation of commercial entities and espionage. 

Screening Chinese academics and students is not a solution to the espionage problem. Many countries worldwide think about how to blunt cyber and economic espionage by Chinese people. Some of the main suggestions are restrictions on the universities against working with known or suspect thieves and sharing data with such thieves, no-fly lists, rigorous customs screening, and worldwide travel limits.

Experts in the Chinese espionage cases these days reveal that many residents of the Republic of China have a commitment to collecting some foreign technologies by using the state-owned enterprises, communist party entities, private companies, and select universities. The result of this espionage is a huge loss to the foreign country in terms of the jobs, industrial degradation, and economic and political clout.   

Clarify your doubts about the industrial espionage

If you are a beginner to the industrial espionage and thinking about whether all suspected industrial espionage cases should be treated as civil case investigations or not, then you have to focus on various aspects of these cases as comprehensive as possible. You have to make a better-informed decision and clarify any doubt about the industrial espionage at this time. It is the best suitable time to focus on some industrial espionage examples and get an overview of all problems associated with such espionage.  

Some suspected industrial espionage cases

There are many industrial espionage cases in history. You can focus on the Hilton and Starwood espionage case in April 2009. Starwood is the US-based hospitality company. This company accused its rival Hilton of industrial espionage. Hilton employed ten managers and executives from Starwood after being bought by the private equity group Blackstone.

Starwood accused Hilton of stealing corporate information associated with the luxury brand concepts used to set p its own Denizen hotels. Ron Klein is a former head of its luxury brands group. He was accused of downloading some documents from the laptop to his personal email account. 

The best industrial espionage examples 

Another example is the Cybersitter and Green Dam. Cybersitter is the US-based firm suing some US companies and the Chinese government for stealing its anti-pornography software. This software had been included in the Green Dam program of China used by the state government to censor Internet access of children. The Cybersitter accused creators of the Green Dam software for copying around 3000-line code. 

Industrial spy: operation espionage

The latest updates of the industrial spy: operation espionage catch the attention of industrialists who have decided to successfully protect their industrial data on a regular basis. Industrialists associated with the American manufacturing sector these days have some questions. For example, they want to know how did industrial espionage help industrialize American manufacturing and whether the industrial espionage and competitive intelligence are essentially the same or not. 

The government-sponsored industrial espionage practices worldwide these days play a or role behind international technology and intellectual property theft. Individuals who engage in the espionage violate the laws and sell or possess trade technology and secrets.  

Industrial espionage and competitive intelligence

Industrial espionage and competitive intelligence

In the world of espionage, there are many cases associated with the violation of important laws of the nations. If an intelligence service in one country conducts espionage in a foreign country, then it does not fail to violate the laws in the country. In China, industrial espionage becomes a national sport as many individuals and companies in particular government-sponsored companies engage in espionage practices with the intent of transferring wealth from another company or country. 

The main types of espionage 

The two types of espionage must be addressed. The first type is the espionage physically occurs within the border of the nation. The second type is the espionage conducted from abroad by using cyber espionage. Individuals who engage in the cyber espionage these days enjoy the anonymity and ever-increasing advancements in the technologies to conduct the espionage. 

There are loads of spy apps in our time. However, some of the most popular spy apps are mSpy, FlexiSPY, Hoverwatch, Mobile Spy and Highster Mobile. Every user of these spy apps gets an array of benefits and uses smart techniques to spy the business from anywhere at any time. They are satisfied with the free and premium versions of spy apps available along with the complete details about how to efficiently use spy apps. They get an overview of the smart method to successfully use one of the best spy apps as per their requirements.

Easy-to-follow tips 

If you are an industrialist and searching for the best methods to prevent the industrial espionage, then you have to be aware of the usual targets of the industrial and economic espionage at first. Some of these targets of actions are trade secrets, client information, marketing information, and financial information. 

Many companies these days do not report industrial espionage cases. This is because some valuable reasons like the industrial espionage cannot be easily proved and overall difficulties to hold perpetrators accountable.  Many industrialists consider that the industrial espionage in their industry may negatively affect stocks. They can pay attention to the following details and get enough guidance to find out how to prevent industrial espionage.

  • Conduct risk assessment 
  • Establish an effective security policy
  • Maintain efficient data access policy 
  • Educate employees
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Conduct background check
  • Create the appropriate termination procedure 

Well experienced and dedicated employers in recent times enhance their overall efforts to successfully stop all possibilities of the industrial espionage. They are very conscious about how to invest in resources used to protect their valuable industrial data on a regular basis. They train their personnel to enhance the safety aspects of all categories of data day after day. 

They make use of the employee monitoring applications designed to focus on things carry out by employees during the business hours without any compromise. Though the malicious employee activity is very difficult to detect, an advanced spy app is used by smart employers worldwide to find out such employee. They enhance the overall qualifications of the system administrators and make certain about the efforts of the upper management to enhance the industrial work in different aspects.

They recommend the easy-to-follow employee monitoring methods to anyone who asks about how to prevent the industrial espionage. They think smart and make a better-informed decision to get rid of the possibilities of industrial and economic espionage.

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