All-Round Monitoring: 5 Best Child Tracking Apps for iPhone

These days parents have a lot of challenges. They need to succeed at work, create a harmonic family and be good at raising kids. The well-being, happiness, and safety of kids are the top 3 priorities of every mom and dad.

Craving to stay in the know about their kid’s news, interests, progress at school and friends, parents spend a lot of time and efforts. They do their best to be at their side at any important moment, guide them or give a piece of valuable advice. However, parents can succeed in all these with minimum efforts. If your kid has an iPhone, the only thing you need for it is to have a child tracking app. Let’s consider in greater depth what child tracking app for the iPhone is.

What is child tracking app for iPhone?

Child tracking app for iPhone is a software that allows parents to keep tabs on their kid’s smartphones. They can track kid’s GPS location, text messages, calls, browsing history, installed apps and other activities to protect kids from explicit content, online predators, fraud, just to name a few dangers they may encounter.
While there are plenty of child tracking apps for iPhone on the market, in this article we will talk about the best ones.

Why parents need child tracking app for iPhone?

80 % of teens prefer iPhone to Android in the USA.

Washington post

The statistics above clearly shows that teens worship Apple iPhones. The recent study has shown that teens spend up to 9 hours on screens, which literally means they have iPhones with them all the time.

Without doubts, spending so much time on screens may have negative on health and well-being. Besides, it makes kids vulnerable to online predators, cyberbullying, sexting, fraud, identity theft and other dangers they may face online.

When it comes to kids’ safety, parents need to impose rules and restrictions on iPhone use. Besides, parents can use child tracking apps for iPhone to simplify their life ensure overall protection.

Top 5 child tracking apps for iPhone

Here is the list of top 5 child tracking apps for iPhone:


mSpy app mSpyLite

mSpy is a leading monitoring solution for iOS and Android. The main benefit of this software is the no-jailbreak solution. In other words, you don’t need to access your kid’s device to install this app. All you need is to know the Apple credentials of your son or daughter. The main features include:


  • available for iOS and Android;
  • can monitor instant messengers like Kik, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and even Instagram and Snapchat;
  • helps to set safe and dangerous areas with geo-fencing;
  • has a no-jailbreak solution.

Cons: doesn’t support desktop monitoring;


Qustodio app mspylite

The Qustodio software is available for iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Android, Kindle and Amazon Fire. Qustodio high-quality features help parents to:

  • Block explicit content;
  • Moderate the usage of games and apps;
  • View online activity;
  • Check texts and calls;
  • Track GPS location;

So, with this app parents can minimize the online threats, reduce risk of unwanted exposure and prevent screen addiction.


  • Compatible with different platforms;
  • has different subscription options to choose from (Family, School, Business);

Cons: doesn’t have geo-fencing.


Spyzie app mSpyLite

Without doubts, Spyzie is one of the most popular apps available on the market these days. It is simple to install and provide a lot of different features to keep kids safe. It is compatible both with iOS and Android and has the next important functions:

  • text and calls monitoring;
  • GPS and geo-fencing;
  • browsing history;
  • screenshots, photos, and videos;
  • voice recording;
  • social apps;
  • clipboard;
  • apps activity;


  • doesn’t require jailbreak;
  • user-friendly interface and simplicity in use;
  • interactive dashboard where all the information is stored;
  • different monitoring options to protect kids;

Cons: not compatible with Desktop version, Blackberry, and other platforms;

Norton Family Premier app mSpyLite

Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier is a popular monitoring app due to its web security applications. This tool allows parents to moderate the screen time and also access their iPhone data remotely. Norton Family Premier can:

  • provide parents with instant access to kid’s location in real-time;
  • has a web-filtering tool to protect kids from explicit or violent content;
  • keep an eye on kid’s conversations to prevent cyberbullying;
  • review kid’s online behavior and block the Internet access;


  • compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phone;
  • relatively small subscription price;
  • develops healthy habits;

Cons: not all monitoring features are available for iOS.

Mobistealth app mSpyLite


Mobistealth is an all-inclusive monitoring app that has all features needed to ensure your kid is safe and sound. It is available for iOS, Android, Windows PC, Mac. Like mSpy and Spyzie, it also doesn’t require a jailbreak to monitor the iPhone activities of your kid. Mobistealth has the next monitoring features:

  • SMS and calls monitoring;
  • GPS location tracking;
  • Instant messengers monitoring (Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line, Kik, Skype);
  • Surround and voice recording;
  • Keylogging;
  • Web browsing;
  • App list;


  • Voice and surround recording;
  • Keystroke capturing;

Cons: To monitor Skype and Viber data, your target device should be jailbroken.

Kid’s safety is the main priority of every mom and dad. As it was already said, there are various child-tracking apps for the iPhone. Spyzie, mSpy, and Mobistealth are those apps that provide a high-quality set of monitoring features without a need to jailbreak your kid’s iPhone. That’s why we recommend using one of them always to have a clue what your kid does on their device. Just choose the one you like the most, purchase the subscription that complies with your wants and needs, create an account and start monitoring.

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