How to Catch Up a Cheating Partner in Action: Spouse Trap

How to Catch Up a Cheating Partner in Action: Spouse Trap

One of the most unpleasant things in life is to discover that a person you love and live under the same roof with leads a double life. In most cases, cheaters give off some common signs, we usually neglect, like getting late from work or spending more time on their phones than usual. This article is to teach you is to catch a cheater real, what signs to look for and how to catch a cheater in action. Follow us.

15 Signs Your Partner is Cheating

Do you have guts that your best half is cheating you? Don’t jump at nasty conclusion preliminary. Look for these red-flag signs first. Here is the list of signs you need to pay prior attention to:

  • Sign #1. Your partner is glued to the phone – Weird and excessive phone usage is the number one indicator that your partner is cheating on you. If he or she leaves a room every time a phone rings and not willing to share with whom they are talking it may be a sign. Pay extra attention if they carry their device around all the time, as they may be ensuring you don’t see anything you shouldn’t.
  • Sign #2. or it can’t be found anywhere – The other weird behavior is that a person abruptly stops using a phone and hides it from your field of vision. They only seem to be on it when you are not around, in other cases, it is always tucked away in their bag or jacket. If a phone disappears from view, it is also an alarm sign.
  • Sign #3. Your partner is extra attentive – Guilt can make cheaters behave in a lot of strange ways. It doesn’t mean you should be suspicious if your boyfriend brings you flowers, or your girlfriend cooks a tasty dinner. But if your best half behaves nicer than usual and keeps up with other weird behavior, it may also be a sign.
  • Sign #4. or extra sexual – Many people think that if a person is cheating, the intimacy is a thing of the past, but it is not always true. Actually, cheating can make people feel more sexual in general so that they may want more intimacy than usual.
  • Sign #5. They don’t make plans for the future – If your partner blushes off such future plans as marriage, having kids or relocation to another city, it may also be a sign that he or she reconsidered the relationship.
  • Sign #6. They get irritated when you try to confront them – A person who hasn’t cheated is likely to have a reasonable explanation for their suspicious behavior and do their best to reassure you. A cheater, in its turn, may get defensive because you’ve blown their cover. For cheaters, it is common to shift the responsibility and get irritated by your questions. When you are too controlling or suspicious, they try to shut you down by criticizing your actions and blaming you for everything.
  • Sign #7. They spend more money than usual – Cheating doesn’t happen alone. It often includes dinners, drinks, gifts, hotels and other cash expenses. If your best half carry a lot more cash than before, it may be a warning sign that money is going somewhere else.
  • Sign #8. They are more concerned about their appearance – When people are sure in their relationships, somehow they may put fewer efforts in their appearance. So when your partner suddenly starts hitting the gym, shaving or buying new underwear it may be a sign that your best half is back in that early stage with someone else.
  • Sign #9. They stay at work until late at night – Working a lot of overtime may also be a sign that your spouse cheats on you. The best way to check it is to offer to bring dinner by his or her office and see the reaction or arrive without further notice.
  • Sign #10. Or they leave early for work – If your partner is leaving early for work, it may be a sign that they have planned a meeting with their lover for breakfast or in the office. If their lover is also in relationships or married, early morning encounter works out well for both parties.
  • Sign #11. They take business trips alone – If your best half take business trips alone, while before you always were invited along can also be a sign that your partner has something to hide.
  • Sign #12. They are picking fights – Your partner may be trying to get you to dump him or may just be resenting the relationship generally. When people are cheating, it is a common thing for them to become argumentative and critical. They try to make themselves feel better by blaming and acting like everything is your fault.
  • Sign #13. They say “It is your imagination” – Saying “It is your imagination” usually takes place when your cheating spouse is comfortable and fed up with the regular excuses. The laziness of hiding the affair usually occurs after six months or more from its beginning. This is when your partner starts making mistakes and show numerous signs you need to be attentive to. When you notice something suspicious, it is normal to confront your spouse with it.
  • Sign #14. They act too close to your best friend – As often happens, people cheat with those they are closest to. Friends have a lot of things in common as they spend considerable time together. So, it is quite common to find out that your partner has an affair with your best friend.

    Once your partner is attracted to your friend, everything begins with innocent flirting. They have many things in common, and both think they are good for each other. But in fact, it will ruin a friendship as well as two marriages.

  • Sign #15. Your relationship doesn’t work – Normally, cheating doesn’t appear out of anywhere. If it occurs, it means that something in a relationship is wrong. For many people, it is common to look for a happier connection somewhere else instead of improving their own relationship.

    In relationships, you need not only to know the signs of cheating but also not to be over-suspicious as it may only erode the trust. You know your partner better than anyone, so a feeling that something is off often is more important than warning sign check-list. So make sure to follow your gut call.

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#1 Catch a Cheating App

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Catch a Cheating Wife

How to Catch Up a Cheater

To many people, cheating is the worst-case scenario in their relationships. While some couples still come back from an affair, it is one of the things that may destroy trust between two partners, even in long-term relationships. But how to figure out that your partner is not faithful? It is very difficult to strike a balance and pull yourself together, taking into consideration that you don’t want to look over-suspicious and to reflect your paranoia in silly behavior, but also you don’t want to be played around. For sure, you can trust your inner voice, but it is not enough. You need not only to pay attention to the warning signs, but also analyze your partner’s changes and how they manifest in everyday life. If your couch potato suddenly starts to visit a gym six days a week, but before he was not interested in sports, you need to get alerted.

All your partner’s changes in behavior, appearance or personality don’t come out of nowhere, and if he can’t come up with an adequate explanation, it may be a warning sign of his infidelity.

10 Ways to Catch Up a Cheating Partner

When a significant other is cheating, the other partner will somehow instinctively feel it. Due to the red-flag signs or following a gut call, whatever it is, the other person will always know about it.

But before insulting the other person in infidelity, you need to have proofs that he or she cheats on you or see it with your own eyes.

Don’t be suspicious with pointless reasons just because your inner voice tells you your beloved one cheats on you. Very often, girls have too much paranoia and can only spoil the relationship down.

Now it is time to pull yourself up and think about the ways to catch a cheater up. Here are some useful and simple tips and tricks for you to catch a cheater.

  • 1. Notice the signs – A cheating partner will naturally show some changes in behavior. For instance, finds a bunch of excuses whenever you want to meet. Or starts to dress like never before or stays late at work. The other warning signs we already mentioned above.
  • 2. Check his trash folder – Without doubts, you need to respect your partner’s privacy, but checking email trash folder is one of the valid ways to catch a cheater partner. If your significant other is an active email user, you may find a lot of interesting things in their trash box. There you may find bills, pictures, letters and other stuff that haven’t been deleted.
  • 3. Ask about free time spending – Being together all the time can suffocate your relationship. So, it is essential to give each other space to themselves and to be themselves. It is a good chance not only to enjoy yourselves but to have an opportunity to miss each other. But if a person is too secretive about how they spend their free time or too protective to the own space, you need to be more careful as it could be a sign of a cheating person.
  • 4. Ask why he cancels your dates – When your boyfriend has more power than you, it is one of the signs of an unhealthy relationship. For instance, every time you plan meeting he cancels it without explaining the reasons or find silly excuses like having a sudden appointment in the office or helping parents, and it repeats over and over.
  • 5. Drop by without telling him – The best way to catch up a cheater is to drop by at his office or apartment without telling in advance. For instance, to bring dinner and deliver it by yourself. In a normal case, your boyfriend would be happy. But if he is unpleasantly surprised, bewildered or gets angry, he must have something to hide.
  • 6. Peek at his phone – As we already said, if your partner always brings a phone around or simply hides it may be an alert sign that he is texting to the other woman or even several women. Try to have a peek at his phone to check it. But you need to know if a guy is too protective to his phone, he has a skeleton in his closet.
  • 7. Walk in surprisingly – Coming into the scene unexpectedly is an excellent trick to find out what your partner is up to when you are not around. You can check it while you are on a date. Excuse yourself to the restroom and go back unnoticed. You can surprise your bellowed touching his shoulder and see how he reacts. If he tries instantly to hide his phone and look scared, it means that he has something to hide from you.
  • 8. Why did he change passwords? – Quite often a couple exchanges the passwords between each other. Not to invade each other’s privacy, but to prove that they have nothing to hide. If your best half suddenly changes them all without you knowing and refuses to share the new ones with you, it is the next reason to become alert.
  • 9. Ask for a help – After noticing behavioral changes in your partner, have a conversation with someone you trust and who can help you. Avoid talking to your partner’s best friends, as they will always cover their friend and will not tell you the truth even if they know what is going on. Better to have a conversation with you’re his parents, sharing your worries and asking to keep an eye on him for you.
  • 10. Catch him when he lies – Once a cheater- always a cheater. If your boyfriend lies to you once, he will do it endlessly. And sooner or later you will notice the inconsistency in his talks and will be able to catch him.

Whatsapp Cheating App: mSpy and Other Approaches

The Other Ways to Catch a Cheater for Free

  • Set a trap: Cheaters usually cheat when their other half is out of town. Tell your boyfriend (girlfriend) that you need to leave for work for several days and then wait and watch. You may put an audio-recorder or camera in your bedroom and check it later.
  • Watch his cell phone: Ask your partner to make an urgent call, explaining that your device is dead. Then make a fake call and go to the bathroom to check with whom your partner is communicating via calls and texts.
  • Watch his car: Put a long-recording digital tape recorder in your partner’s car (preferably under the driver’s seat) and check it every morning when you are alone. Also, you can track the car’s GPS location. Modern GPS tracking devices are now the size of chewing gum pack, so it is not a problem to hide them. But before you will do it, check the laws in your area to make sure your actions are not against the law and you can record someone in your car if they borrow it.
  • Check computer: Pay close attention to your partner’s computer usage. Check the browsing history to find warning signs or proofs. Also, you may need to install a keylogger to capture the keystrokes your best half types.
  • Check dating sites: If your partner frequently uses dating sites, it is a sign of a cheating partner. Create a fake profile of someone you suppose your partner would be attracted to and start flirting.
  • Be careful with your partner’s friends: Be cautious with your partner’s friends as they may simply cover their friend due to the loyalty feeling. Even if they don’t approve cheating, still they will provide an alibi for your best half.
  • Pay attention to driving habits: Watch the partner’s car odometer to see if there are any extra unexplained miles. Be very attentive to the time your partner leaves for work and time he comes back. For instance, if your partner comes home late, explaining that he had to drive out of town for work, but the mileage on the car shows less than 10 miles driven, you can blame your partner in cheating as his words don’t correspond the reality.
  • Look for the paper signs: Cheating partner’s signs may include more ATM withdrawals, unexplained credit card charges, and payment cheques. Pay attention to date and time. Probably there is a restaurant charge when your partner should be at work?

How Do You Catch a Cheater Online?

Dating or social networking sites are the most popular platforms for cheating. If you think your best half cheats you online, you may catch him with a fake profile, but firstly let’s consider the signs of online cheating.

Signs of Online Cheating

Before jumping to the conclusion that your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, you should look for typical online cheating signs. A person who cheats typically has multiple accounts and usually has at least one account that you never saw. You can check it by searching for his email address, phone number or usernames used in the past.

Cheating partners with only one social networking profile also have specific signs. You might notice that they keep some friends hidden or suddenly add new friends you don’t know. Also, they may not post photos with you or delete your comments from their page.

How to Catch a Cheater Online?

There are several ways to catch up a cheater online:

  • Use a Fake Profile – One of the simplest ways to catch up a cheater red-handed is to create a fake profile of a person you suppose your partner would be attracted to. It is better if a profile will have something to catch your partner’s interest. It can be quotes from his favorite movie or pictures of his favorite singer or sports team. Besides, don’t use an email or username he knows about. If you create a profile using your personal or work email, the truth will easily come out.
  • Look for Photos – Before you will create a fake profile, you need to find pictures of someone you think your partner would like. You can find these photos almost anywhere, including social networking sites and photo stocks. The best variant is to choose photos of your close friend your partner never seen and who lives in another city or country.
  • Take Your Time – You need to understand that catching a cheater with a fake account is neither easy nor fast process. It requires time not to look like a suddenly created profile. You need to add new friends, comments, photos and only then approach to your beloved.
  • Go ahead – Go into action by posting a funny comment on your partner’s page or sending him a short, eye-catching message about something found on his page (photos, posts). Once he answers, send a friend request.

It is more likely that your partner will not do anything inappropriate in the first few days or weeks. Step by step change a tone in your messages to the flirty one and ask about a girlfriend. Once he suggests a meeting or says anything inappropriate, reveal who you are or confront a cheater in person.

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#2 Catch a Cheating App

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How to Catch a Cheater Online with Digital Technologies

How to Catch a Cheater Online with Digital Technologies

In the era of digital technologies to catch a cheater uncensored became much easier. You don’t need to spend days and weeks establishing friendly communication with your cheater, you can simply use spying apps to catch a cheater.

How to Catch a Cheater with Their Cell Phone

These days, cheating is more common than ever before. With dating sites like Tinder, it’s never been easier to cheat a person and get away clean. If your partner has a smartphone (without doubts they surely do), it is very easy for him to sneak around behind your back without and you’d never know it. If you think it could never happen to you, think it over again. According to statistics, in America, 30-60 % of all married people cheat their spouse. But when it comes to dating, this number is even higher. In other words, if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, it is more likely that they cheat on you than stay faithful.

Since online affairs are more challenging to cover up than real ones. How can you be sure your partner doesn’t cheat? It is not possible. But fortunately, there are spy apps to catch up a cheater and shed light on your partner’s unfaithfulness. mSpy is one of those apps, which can help to catch a cheater GPS, text messages, emails, chatting apps and browsing history. So you can easily identify if your significant other is faithful or playing around. Sounds like a blessing? It is a reality.
Wherever you are married or dating you need to be 100 % sure your partner is faithful, especially if you plan to tie the knot or plan babies. Knowing signs of cheating partner and how to catch a cheater iPhone or Android, is essential to protect yourself until it is too late and prevent heart pain in the future.

Tips to Prevent Cheating

As much as we want to think our happy relationships will stay happy forever, the evidence tends to point to the contrary. No relationship is always conflictless, but it is up to you to make it smooth sailing. Here are some useful tips to maintain happy relationships and prevent cheating.

  • Be his best friend: If you want to build strong long-termed relationships, your partner should be your friend first of all. What are the benefits of being friends with your partner?
    • You can be honest with each other;
    • You feel comfortable with each other;
    • You support each other;
    • You believe in each other;
    • You spend more time together;
    • You accept each other as you are;
    • Besides, you can share your ups and downs with your partner and always get his help-hand when it is needed.
  • Find common hobbies: Without doubts, your partner may have the own hobbies which are not interesting for you at all. For instance, shopping or football. But if the other person makes an effort to share the partner’s hobby, her other half would be pleasantly surprised.
  • Be a friend to his friends: Every man likes when his beloved gets along well with his circle, and every woman is happy when her best half does not criticize her best friend. Try to maintain excellent communication with your partner’s friends, who knows probably one day you will need their help.
  • Don’t be a drama queen: Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Don’t start any useless fight due to misunderstandings, it doesn’t worth it. If you don’t like something, have a conversation and clarify the situation. Too much drama in relationships is very exhausting and at the end will lead to breaking up.
  • Always be there for him: Make sure you always ready to give a help-hand when your partner needs it. You need to be the one who lends him shoulder when he is down and the first who toys when he is happy.
  • Create a special bond with your partner’s family: Family is very important for every person. Establish good communication with your partner’s relatives and win their heart. That is when you win over his heart too.
  • Be Independent: Have your own space. It is essential not only to dedicate time to yourself but also a great chance to miss each other. Don’t bother him with such silly things like grocery shopping.
  • Pay compliments: Don’t be greedy and compliment your partner whenever he or she achieves something. Share a joy together.
  • Be smart and intelligent: Smart is a new sexy, so read more and broaden your mind. Always having what to discuss with you, will only heighten your partner’s interest.
  • Never flirt with others: Respect your partner and avoid flirting with another man or woman. Otherwise, it can make your beloved one insecure and in the worst-case scenario can lead to the relationship’s downfall. Be loyal and respect each other.

In this article, we got a view of red-flag signs of cheating and studied the ways to catch up a cheater. No one wants his partner to cheat him, so it is essential to keep your significant other happy and invest in your relationships.

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Norma Jones
Norma Jones

How to retrieve camera or audio for being cheated on


Thank you, Norma Jones, for your question.
You need to install mSpy app then you will have the option to listen to audio or check camera.
Thank you, if you have any other question please write us.


It really works…i have used it for a lot of clients


do you want to catch a cheating spouse i strongly recommend this mspy app!

Buck Johnson
Buck Johnson

Nice app


I just know my husband is cheating with a girl that he has messed around with before. My gut feeling is the strongest it has ever been. I need help on how to caught him.


Thank you, for your comment. Very sad about your situation. But mSpy app can definitely help you with that problem!
if you have any question, please feel free write to us.

Andrea Wilson
Andrea Wilson

I use to have a perfect marriage of 18 years, my husband appears to be the most responsible man on earth ,i never bothered to check his phone or any of his social media profiles because i trusted him so much . but lately i suspected him receiving late night calls whenever we both sleeping ,he comes home late at nights . so i decided to buy the app and all his secretes will be exposed she then told me about a system programmer that helped her exposed the hidden secrets of his husband .

Top Rated Comments

Must-have for single parents. I check my daughter from time to time. Sometimes the timestamps are not accurate, but in overall, it’s fine. Also, I check her keywords and the call history. When you’re far away, it’s way helpful. 5 stars from me.

Nick, single dad

Truck driver, mSpy Basic

I used to worry that my girlfriend would cheat on me. I’m obsessed and just can’t help but watch over her phone contacts. The app works properly, but first I needed to figure out if it was a way for me. I tried out and made sure it was working. Also, love the GPS functionality.

Morris, 33 years old

Engineer, mSpy Basic

I use it to spy on my girlfriend. She is so flirty, and I hate the fact that she might be cheating on me one day. I track everything: locations, text messages, chatting on Instagram and Snapchat, and even emails. Who uses emails nowadays? But I do check them as well. Really appreciate those who created this app. So useful when you’re in relationships! Do not listen to those who say that spying is wrong. You cannot be sure for 100% about the person you’re dating with.

Mateo, 28 years old

Administrator, mSpyTracker

I have to admit the app has a nice pack of features. Tried out their support services. Got in touch by email and folks replied just 10 minutes later. In general, love the idea and the staff is helpful. Giving 5 stars is fair.


Manager, mSpy Premium

A friend of mine recommended me this app. She is a mom as well and knows the struggles we feel when trying to navigate between parenting and work. So, I literally fell in love with its functionality. It’s like being omnipresent in your child’s life and still leave some freedom, knowing that it won’t hurt your baby. I use everything the app provides: the location tracking, apps’ monitoring, etc. Love geo-fences. That’s a genius idea to put virtual boundaries and control them. As a teacher, I know it will teach them to consider boundaries in life.
However, it was hard to figure out how it all worked from the very beginning, so I had to call the support. Now, it’s ok.

Allyson, mother of 2 girls

Teacher, mSpyTracker

We have a particular kid. He is not like others. Super active and sometimes aggressive. So, I have to keep an eye on him all the time. This is why actually I quitted my job. So, I track his way to school and back, check when he is late and stuff like that.
We allow him using the Internet but meantime we check it regularly. The app helps a lot. I’m so grateful for it!

Nina, mother of a boy

Housewife, mSpyTracker

I’ve been using it for 2 years. There were no inconveniences, ever, since I got started. A few friends of mine use Premium for their kids as well.
I verify the location, apps and Internet history. I’m pretty convinced that spying on kids is quite humane when it comes down to their safety and life. Parents, you cannot lean on your child’s discernment of what’s good for them.

Anna, mom of a teen boy

Nurse, mSpy Premium

I hate being fooled. So, I prefer spying on my boyfriend. I used to check directly when he was in the shower or out for jogging. Fortunately, I stumbled upon this amazing app. I’ve been using it for a few months. I know my boyfriend is not currently cheating on me, but I cannot stop verifying it. I have the whole picture of almost everything he does with his device, even when he plans surprises for me and schedules them in the calendar. Anyway, it’s absolutely a great app for people like me (no stigma, guys!).

Claire, 22 years old

Student, mSpyTracker

Such a relief for my family! Love it. One of my kids is a teen already, and we needed something to keep an eye. The app is almost flawless, except sometimes the logs come not so fast as I want them to. But in general, the impression is very positive. My wife checks locations, and I verify sites and messages on Telegram. You know, after all this news about child abusers, I can’t ignore my daughter’s online activity. We’re also in love with blocking installed apps. It’s so helpful for limiting screen time. Anyway, we’re happy to use it.


Father of 3 girls, mSpy Premium

After 2 unsuccessful marriages, I have trust issues. This makes me check my boyfriend’s texts and social media. Once, I barely escaped being caught. I don’t want to lose his trust, but meantime cannot get rid of the thoughts that he might be cheating on me. My exes used to. So, obviously Premium was a significant way out for me. Use it every day. I pinpoint locations, especially afternoon, and verify emails, chatting online, stored photos. I know people are usually judgmental when it’s about spying, but most of them were not in my skin. Anyway, love the app.

Anna, 39 years old

Bank officer, mSpy Premium

I’m a doctor and often take night shifts to provide to my family. We moved to another city and I do not know it well. So, Premium was definitely a solution. Besides checking on my kid remotely, which is great to my mind, I view Instagram and Snapchat messengers, apps, and other stuff the app allows to. Have to admit I cannot imagine my parental routines without it. A huge thanks to those who created it.

Judi, mother of a boy

Doctor, mSpy Premium

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